Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Minako - Getting new blouse

Hi, pretty boy! Mmmm, you look kinda handsome, I like it. Wanna go out with me? Come on, you won’t be disappointed, trust me. I can see you can’t take eyes of my boobies. You like ‘em jigglin’, right? You don’t have to answer, I can see it well enough. No, it’s not a problem for me, I like when guys look at me like a hungry beasts. They’re eating my body with their eyes, just like you now. Well, you know, you can watch as much as you want, but I bet you wanna touch as well, right? No no, nothing goes free, life if hard, as much as you’re getting hard now. Isn’t my ass feels nice against your lap? I just saw a pretty blouse in the shop next street. If you’ll be it for me, I’ll let you do with me anything you want. And I really mean anything? Deal? I knew it. So let us go now, he he he!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Inner Senshi - An offer

Let me introduce my whores, gentlemen. Lower Blonde is Usagi, she loves cock sucking. More, she’s a milf, if you like that stuff. Brunette next to her is Rei, she’s an expert when it comes to tit fuck, she really can do miracles with her tits. Right beside her is Ami, she’s a student of the medicine. As you can guess, she knows everything about anatomy, so there’s no hole she can’t take your cum. Second blonde is Minako, her specialty is anal sex. She’s still damn tight, after all these countless ass fucks. And the last one is Makoto. She’s a masochist, so you can torment her as much as you like. I think that the best idea is to take her with any other girl. She’s also skilled with lesbian sex. Of course, you can buy all of them, they’ll eagerly serve you all night long, like a good sluts.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ami and Rei - Bet

Rei and Ami entered the room. Big, bald guy was sitting naked on the huge bed. His skin was bit tanned. Both scouts had their sailor scouts uniforms, just like they were told to.
Ami found herself mesmerized by the huge manhood of that man. She swallowed, looking at it. That big, stiff pole made Usagi, Mako and Minako it’s sex slaves. She never thought it is possible. Sailor scouts had strong will. But she saw her friends dressed in scanty outfits, begging that man to fuck them. It was worst view in her whole life.
Rei’s palm was clenched on Ami’s. She was sure that they’ll survive this. She, most independent one along with the wisest one, will win this try. There’s no way she could lost to the simple man. He had huge cock, she had to admit, but he was simple human. How could he turn her friends into his fuck slaves?
Man licked his lips, looking at the two girls in front of him. He was more than happy that everything went according to plan. Sailor Venus, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mercury were his slaves already and these two were the last one. Their bet was simple: he’ll tell them where the secret lair of the demons is but each of them had to spend a night with him. After the night, none of them wanted to leave him.
“Make my cock ready with your mouth”, he said, pointing at his semi stiff manhood. Ami and Rei approached him and kneel. Using their tongues, they begun to lick his dick, making it wet with their saliva. Rei begun to lick his balls, while Ami kissed his shaft. He was caressing their heads with his palms, while they were doing their job.
Rei took each of his balls into her mouth, giving them good bath with her saliva. His hairy ball sack tasted vile, but she tried to ignore that taste. While doing this she found something strange – her pussy was getting moist. It was strange, because she found whole thing rather disgusting than arousing. But she couldn’t fight it.
Ami was kissing his cock, since the back to the tip, planting her hot kisses on it with passion mixed with disgust. Blue haired scout hated that strong, intense smell of man’s body. It was filling her nose. She didn’t notice that her nipples were already stiff and her panties were getting wet with her juices.
Suddenly, man grabbed them by their heads and moved them up. His hard cock was between their tits now.
“I want you to kiss each other while fuck your tits!”, he said. Ami looked into Rei’s eyes. Their lips meet each other and soon they started to kiss. It was long, wet kiss, with lot of tongue work.
“Yes, release your inner lesbians…”, whispered the man, fucking their breasts. He knew that they were already in his power. His cock was covered with powerful drug. Its goal was to melt away woman’s will and increase her libido. While two scouts were kissing with passion, sharing their saliva mixed with drug, he started to caress their bodies. It was even better than with the previous ones…
It's been 15 minutes later. Ami and Rei were standing with their legs spread wide. Cum was all over their faces. Both scouts were moaing like a bitches in the heat, begging man to fuck them. He smiled, probing Ami's warm fuckhole with his dick and caressing Rei's cunt with his fingers.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Minako - Fan's toy

„No! Don’t you dare to do it!!! Please!! You said you’re my biggest fan!!!”
“Yes, Minako-chan, I’m. That’s why I’m gonna be your first man! It’s my dream to take your virginity”
“But… you can’t… I… I let you fuck my tits and… I even… gave you… blow… job…”
“You’re so cute when you’re angry, Venus. I love your blushing face but I think you look even better with this fire in your eyes. It’ll look great on the movie!”
“Movie… what movie?”
“Your own movie, of course. I’m recording every second of your little fun here.”
“Wait… you don’t mean…”
“Of course, I’ll even let you watch it. You look so pretty with my dick inside your mouth! It’s gonna be big hit in the Internet!”
“No! Anything but this! I’ll do anything, just don’t spread this movie!”
“Anything? Ok, so I want you to beg me for being fucked!”
“As you wish… ready or not, here I come!!! Let’s pop Venus cherry!”
“You’re so tight, Minako!!”
“Hurrrrrt!!! Ghhh… it hurrrrrts! Stop it!!!”
“Save your screams for later, my blonde goddess! I’m gonna take your anal virginity as well!”

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Minako - Tit job

Blushing from embarrassment, Minako was licking the tip of the hard cock with her pink tongue. Blonde wouldn’t do this in her normal state, but her situation was far from normal. Thugs she wanted to catch took little kid as a hostage. They promised that they’ll let the kid go if she’ll give them a tit job. Sailor Venus was sure that they were bluffing, but she couldn’t risk kid’s life.

Minute later kid was free and away, while Minako was on her knees, caressing huge cock stuffed between her huge breasts.Her outift was torn on her chest, revealing her huge breasts. She was more than sure that her boobies were bigger than Mako’s. She was quite proud of them, but not now. Other thug was taking photos with his cell phone, while golden haired senshi kissed the dick of his pal.

Suddenly, semen shot on her face and the tits as well. White, sticky goo sprayed her hair too. Minako tried to wipe that ugly thing off, but then second thug grabbed her and moved her head to his dick, saying that it’s his turn now. Sailor Venus sighed and started her work again.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Rei - In the armchair

"Very good, Rei, very good... continue.. let this little toy make your pussy burn...", mr. Okino was sitting right in front of Rei and looking at the sailor scout who was making her bare pussy moist with a buzzing sex toy. When he found that she is a sailor scout, he promised to keep her secret for himself, but she had to visit him every week in return. He promised again, that he won't touch her, but he ordered her to do many lewd things in front of him, always in her sailor mars outfit. There were times when he was making her so aroused that she was about to ask him to fuck her. But it never happened, he always told her to stop before reaching climax. He knew that sooner or later this bitch will crawl on her fours to him, asking for being fucked. He was very patient. That's why he enjoyed her getting horny on the armchair. Of course, he had every second of her action on his computer, recorded with secret camera.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Makoto - Fucked in the public

 Makoto moaned loudly as the invisible demon was fucking her in the Centre of the park. People gathered around her, looking with disgust mixed with contempt. For them she looked like a horny girl in scant outfit who acted like typical exhibitionist. They could not see huge cock penetrating her defenseless pussy over and over.

She was called “Slut”, “Nympho”, “Bitch”, “Horny chick”, but it wasn’t as painful as her pussy being rammed by this large piece of meat. Makoto was humiliated like never before in her life. She wanted to protect those people, but she ended as the mere toy for the demon. But still, it wasn’t worst. Worst was just about to happened.

“Hey I know her! Isn’t it that Kino girl who lives nearby?”, someone asked. Makoto closed her eyes, hoping to become invisible or something. It was impossible, none should recognize her! But some people started taking photos of her with their cellphones. Demon came and shoot his cum inside her. Loud, animalistic moan left Mako’s mouth when huge orgasm rocked her body. Cellphones were recording everything. Mako wasn’t sure if she’ll be able to show her face in the public anymore… 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rei - No choices

 "Ok, sailor slut, you have your choice. You can struggle, and we will fuck you hard and brutal all night long. We'll beat you and fuck you again into total submission. We'll cover your body with cum, fill all your holes with it. But you can stand up, give us nice strip tease, then suck our dicks and serve us with your slutty body. You won't safe your virginity, but you won't be beaten like a total shit. Choice is yours."

Listening to the demon's words, Rei knew that she had hardly any choice. She slowly stood and started to undress her outfit, trying to make it sexy and hot. Demons were looking at her sexy body with growing lust. They were laying, of course, their order was to beat her up and make sure that she won't be problem anymore. But her useless efforts were making whole thing much more funny. Soon she fell down on her bare knees and started sucking their cocks...

Friday, September 14, 2012

Ami - Mortal Danger

Ami was doing her best to not moan or cry when monster was raping her. She was holding a rope in her clenched teeth. And this rope was attached to the blade of the guillotine. If she’d open her mouth, she’d be decapitated instantly. Earth was conquered and she, just like her friends, was kept here. Dark Kingdom didn’t care much about captured senshi. Ami wasn’t sure if any of her friends was still alive. She had to thought about herself first. Since she was taken to these dungeons, monsters were raping and torturing her. Blue haired girl managed to keep her sanity, but she wasn’t sure how long she’ll be living. Every day her life was in mortal danger. Every day could be her last day. Nobody care about her much. Demons knew that there were many other human girls they could rape and torture as much as they like.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Makoto - Dickgirl

Makoto was fighting with surprisingly strong demon. At the begging she was sure that it’ll be piece of cake for her, but as the time passed by, she begun to notice that demon is stronger than she thought. She started to wonder if she shouldn’t call for help, but then demon attacked. Powerful blast of energy hit Mako straight between her legs. She fell down on the cold pavement. Something strange was going on with her. Her clit was getting bigger and bigger, feeling uncomfortable under the tight costume. It started to hurt, so Mako pushed the down part of her costume of to see that there was huge cock! In the same time milk started to leak out of her nipples, making dark stains on her costume. She was too surprised to notice the demon approaching her from behind.
Before Mako could react demon grabbed her tits with his strong hands and started to squeeze them. Demon's dick pushed itself into her defenseless ass. Mako moaned when she was penetrated with unhuman, demonic power. She could do nothing to resist. Her newborn dick was getting hard with every thrust. Poor senshi could only cry and watch as it started to shoot sperm in the same time when demon came inside her ass.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ami - Afterschool Activities

 „Come here, big boy, I’ll make you feel good”, smiled Ami with her most seductive smile ever. She doesn’t like whole idea, but it was getting more and more interesting. She never guessed that her neighbor’s son was looking after her since ages. But he was way too shy to even ask her out. Lucky for him, his dad was not only much straightforward but also rich enough. He simply asked Ami if she’ll make his son a man if he’ll pay her enough. Ami was shocked at first, but she he said how much he’s about to pay, she changed her mind. Calculating quickly, she discovered that it’s perfect way to earn some money for the future. Her mom wasn’t poor, of course, but Ami wanted to have her own money as well.

Their first time wasn’t very good, but it’s been their third time and boy was slowly getting better and better. At the begging Ami was just doing mechanically everything, but she slowly get used to it. More, she started to like their weekly meetings. She didn’t know that boy’s dad was already thinking about their marriage. That’s why he told his son not to use any condoms. He was sure that if Ami will get pregnant, she will be forced to marry his looser son and become his wife and mother to their children. And if she'll disagree, he could always blackmail her with some photos he took during her "dates" with his son.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Usagi - Afterschool Activities

„Please… you musn’t… Stop…”, whispered Usagi when stranger was moving his hand inside her panties, stroking her wet womanhood. She couldn’t believe how fast she was getting aroused. It’s been her third time playing a victim for a man who had groping fetish. With her back pushed to the wall, she tried to act ashamed and humiliated as much as she could. But her body was reacting fast. Her nipples were already hard she secretly wanted him to play with them. But the man was interested only in her pussy. His two fingers were moving inside, making her juices to flow.

Usagi was more than sure that it was easiest way to get extra money. Mamoru was still overseas, so she was alone. She wanted him to return as fast as possible. But still, she was a woman and had some needs. She found a way to get both money and some fun. There were many men who wanted blonde like her to play innocent, ashamed girl. Since both sides were satisfied, Usagi could think about new pair of jeans. She was sure that Mamoru will like ‘em when he’ll be back…

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rei - Afterschool Activities

„Please… feel free to watch… for 500 yen you can touch my panties… 100 more and you can rub my pussy through the material…”
Rei was breathing hard while she was saying these humiliating words. It wasn’t easy for to act in such disgraceful manner. She was known from her elegance and pride. But since Hikawa shrine was getting poor, she had to find other way to get money. Her grandpa was getting older and she was the only who could run the shrine. So…
“Blowjob… but… Ok, 2000… 300 more and I’ll swallow… no, no sex, I’m still a virgin… What? 20 000 for my virginity? Wait, let me think… 40 000? You agree? Ok, let’s meet tomorrow at my shrine. But remember, safe sex only. 50 000? Ok, you don’t have to use condom”.
She was more than simply surprised that that man offered as much for taking her virginity. Only thing that she needed was a pill now. Rei knew that there were men who liked to have sex with pregnant girl, but she wasn’t ready for nursing a child. She fell on her knees, sucking man’s cock and wonder if it will become her daily routine.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Minako - Afterschool Activities

Minako blushed, when her teacher looked at her round, perky breasts. She was standing in front of him, naked, save to her boots and her red ribbon. He had strange fetish of making her wear nothing more but them we they were together. She covered her womanhood with her palm. No matter how many time she was undressing for him, she always feel guilty and ashamed. When he told her for the first time than he can do something with her bad grades in return of showing him her body, she was sure that it’s good idea. At the beginning he was only watching and it wasn’t bad. But when he started to touch her, to caress her legs, arms, then her breast, she decided that she doesn’t like it. Sadly, she hardly had any choice, since her grades were really bad. And now he told her to kneel and to unzip his trousers. Minako was thinking if she should say “no” this time, but she was too far to just withdraw. Using her manicured fingers, she started to unzip his zipper, ready to give him her first blowjob ever.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Makoto - Afterschool activities

“Do you like… my bloomers, sir?”, asked Mako with shy voice, wiggling her butt. She didn’t like this situation. In fact she was ashamed like hell. Being independent and dominant was her usual self. But since her classmate discovered that Mako is actually Sailor Jupiter, she decided to blackmail her and earn some money as well. Since that time Mako had to meet the guys, mostly older than her. And it was one of this days.
“Yes, they’re very sexy. But I think I’ll like what’s inside them much more. Come on… what’s your name again?”
“It’s Makoto, sir”, she bit her lips. That man even didn’t care about her name. All he was interesting about was her body. She felt terrible. Like a thing, not a human.
“Well, ok, Mako-chan, let’s go that magazine there, we’re gonna make good inspection of your PE uniform.”
“As you wish, sir”, Mako knew what he was going to do with her. She only hoped he’s not into anal sex, like many perverts she had to serve before. Man put his palm on her firm ass and pushed her forward. Normally, Mako would slapped every man who’d try to do it, but today she had no choice but let him caress her round buttocks.
“I like your ass, Mako-chan… I can’t wait to nail it…”
Mako sighed with resignation. Seems that that wasn’t her lucky day at all. She just hoped that this will be fast. There were two more guys she head to meet today, after all.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Setsuna - Ride a horse

"Arggghhhh!!!! Pleaseeeee! It hurts!!! So much!!!! I'll tell you anything!!! Just stop it!!!!"
"See? I told you it will work fine. My special horse works miracles. Ok, bitch, first I want adresses of all sailor sluts!"
"Huhh.... not them... not... arghhhhhh!!!!"
"Still stubborn? Give her more weight then!"
"Aye, sir!!"
"Guuuhhh!!! It's gonna split me in two.... kuhh... huhhhh... Ahhhhh!!!! No more! No more!! Noooooo!!!!"
"You know what I want, bitch..."
"Yes... here they are... just don't make me..."
"Tell me and you we will finish your ride"
"Ok... please, listen..."
"Come on, note them all. And hurry, I want you boys to bring all of them here."
"You promised.. you'll let me..."
"Oh yeah... Take her out boy and carry to the dogs cage. My dobermans haven't such a bitch since agaes..."
"Nooo!!! Nooo! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Outer Senshi - The Wall 2

"Guuuhhh.... Please... no!!! No morrrrree...", moaned Michiru, as the second enema came inside her ass. She hadn't enough strength to keep calm and brave face anymore. It was too much for her. Her ass was filled with water again and she knew that sooner or later she'll be forced to shit it out. Beside her was her lover, Haruka. She tried to remain silent, but her face was filled with pain and desperation. Sandy blonde hoped that she'll be able to struggle for both herself and Michiru, but was getting harder and harder with every second. She never experienced anything such humiliating like this.

"Ghhh... hrrr...", only wordless groans left her mouth, when her ass was filled as well. She wanted to encourage her friends, but it was useless. Her problem was to keep everything inside her. She didn't want to give her captors another view of herself shitting the water out. Her brave face was making them laugh. They knew the ways to make her do it, no matter if she wanted it or not.

Sailor Pluto was on the loosen position since the beginning. After the first enema she already wanted next. She tried to hide the pleasure and delight from her comrades. But her captors discovered it quickly and gave her bigger enema this time. Her whole body was trembling and green haired woman knew that she'll soon get climax again. She was ashamed, but there was nothing she could do - only submit to her inner urges.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Haruka - Waiting

„Ghmmmmm!!!!! GHMMMM!!!!!”
„Damn, we gagged that bitch and she is still mumbling something!”
“I think she’s angry because we’re raping her girlfriend.”
“You think so… Maybe she just wants to join us?”
“Nope, she’s a lesbian, I guess that raping her will be even funnier.”
“Damn, I never had a lesbian before.”
“But you already have… The one you’re fucking in the ass now is lesbian as well.”
“So that’s why she was struggling so much…”
“Yes, but seems we corrected her. Look how she’s sucking my cock.”
“I think she was a lesbian because she never had a real man before.”
“Yeah, let’s end with her and take this blonde dyke.”
“Oh yeah, just let me cum last time… Oh yeah… Ok, enough with this green slut, let’s start with blonde…”

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Makoto - Bitch breaker

„Come on, slut, try harder!”
„Ugh… but it… won’t… fit…”
“If it’s not, we’ll have to make it fit! Down you go, bitch!”
“Guhhhh…. Nghhh….”
“See? It’s going inside, like it should! My bitch breaker always works miracles on the stubborn bitches like her!”
“Ghhhh…. Arghh….”
“Why you stop, stupid slut? Move up and down! This is your training, not a play!”
“But… I…m… sailor…”
“Shut the fuck up! You’re not a sailor shit anymore, you’re just a fuck toy who belongs to her master and her only goal is to learn how to use her body to please the men. Move your fuckhole up and down bitch breaker, or I’ll move it to your sorry ass!”
“No… please…”
“So stop complaining and move faster. I wanna see your fat tits jump! Yes, that’s the spirit… You have to accept it all inside your sorry fuckhole, otherwise, you won't be able to serve your masters well. But you can do it, can't you? You will be nice whore, I bet.”

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Inner Senshi - Sailor Sluts

„Please let us take good care of you!”, shouted all five girls when their first customer entered the room. Five sailor scouts, dressed in scanty, revealing outfits, smiled to him, ready to serve.
After the Queen Beryl defeated them, her minions spend lot of time training five girls for their new profession – sailor sluts. Their only goal now was to serve queen’s men. It’s been long time before they accepted their fate, but eventually they found that Earth is lost and they can’t do anything to change it. Dark Kingdom was victorious.
Sailor Moon was eager to fuck this man. Her previous lover, Endymion, was now Beryl’s husband. Her heart was broken and she didn’t care about anything. She just wanted a man, no matter who was he.
Sailor Venus was always a nympho. She accepted her new fate easily. Dressed in playboy bunny outfit, she loved anal sex more than everything else. She was already excited and couldn’t wait for a good fuck.
Sailor Jupiter’s outfit was bit less revealing than the others. She had a dominant character and even as a slave she showed lot of stubbornness. That’s why she became leader of the sailor sluts. Her job was to take care that they all were obedient and willing. It didn’t mean that she wasn’t fuck slave like the rest. Her specialty was tit-fuck.
Sailor Mercury was different than the rest of the pack. Thanks to her high intelligence she wasn’t totally broken. She managed to keep her sanity and logical point of view. But the minions of Dark Kingdom infected her with a virus and made her cum obsessed whore. She was in constant dilemma between her shame and her physical needs.
Finally, Sailor Mars was already licking her lips. She became professional cock sucker and her sucking skills were the best. She wanted to take the dick of this man between her crimson lips as fast as possible.  

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Outer Senshi - The Wall

Loud cries and moans of Inner Senshi echoed in the small room. Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna were imprisoned in the wall. Half of their bodies were on the one side of the wall, while the second half were on another. They were naked. 

„Unngggghhhh… It’s… so… bigg…”, moaned Haruka, while her ass was object of brutal attack. Somebody was pushing his cock into her tight asshole, making sandy blonde moan from pain. She couldn’t stand it anymore. Sailor Uranus wanted to keep her brave face, but anal rape broke down her spirit in the quick time.
“Ohhh… ohhhhh…”, her girlfriend, Michiru, wasn’t in better condition. Tears were running down her face while some unknown man was fucking her pussy, pushing his cock all the way inside her. He was so big that she couldn’t believe he was able to get inside her tight womanhood. Michiru heard screams of pain coming from her girlfriend’s mouth.
“Gahhhh… hurrrrrrts… so much…”, dark skinned Setsuna had two huge dildos inside her, one in her pussy and another in her ass. Their double work was effective and merciless. Time guardian was brave but now she was ready to do anything just to stop it.

“Smile to the camera, you bitches!”, someone shouted and strong hands grabbed them by their hair, rising their tears covered faces up. Haruka couldn’t believe they were recording all these things. They closed their eyes, but it couldn’t help much.
“When you’ll done with them, bring the enemas!”, someone shout to the people on the other side of the wall.
“No… everything… but not…”, Michiru tried to say something but then her face was slapped with open palm.
“Shut the fuck up, you big breasted cow! We’re gonna milk these udders of yours soon!”.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Usagi - In the hands of fan

„I’ve been dreaming of fucking Sailor Moon all my life! It was my best fantasy”, moaned fat guy, while his dick was penetrating tight pussy of Usagi. He was returning home late, when he found unconscious senshi in the park. There were signs of the battle all over. He guess she just fought the demon and lost her senses during the fight. Wasting no time, he carried her to his flat and put on his bad. Her body, covered by the tight spandex fuku, was ten thousand more times erotic than her ever thought.
At the beginning he was just rubbing her body through the material, thinking that he’ll let her go when she’ll wake up. But his manhood went hard almost instantly. Horny as hell, he grabbed her and spread her legs, tearing her outfit. Usagi cried and opened her eyes, when her pussy was violated. She lost her virginity after the first hit. Still too weak to resist, she started to cry and beg him to stop. But he was deaf for her words. He had to fuck her.
It’s been worst time for Usagi in her life. She’s been violated numerous times that night. Her fucked her in many positions. Her ass, cunt and mouth accepted lot of his sperm. She was afraid that she might get pregnant. At the morning he was still at her, totally tired but satisfied more than ever in his entire life.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Minako - Clubbing

Having cum smeared all over her pretty face, Minako was kinda happy that she don’t have to look into the camera with her eyes. Mask wasn’t big, but it was hiding a bit of her identity, at last. Always better than nothing, especially if she wanted to be a sailor scout after this. She agreed to go to this club and check it by herself to find the nest of the demons. There weren’t any demons… only a bunch of horny guys. They were sure that Minako is their girl. She was doing her best to convince them that they’re wrong, but she had bad luck. Someone promised them girl in sailor uniform for that night.
Minako couldn’t count the number of the blowjobs she had to give them. She was sure than even Ami wouldn’t be able to count them gallons of cum she had to accept inside her. Night was about to end and she was confused. At the begging she hated this, but now she found sex with many guys at once rather addictive. She even let them records everything, save to her eyes. Minako said good night and promised that she’ll return… but not alone. She was wondering if any of her friends will join her next night. When she was leaving the club, she noticed something next to the doors... a pair of red heels that she recognized quickly. Loud moaning was coming from the room nearby... Minako smiled.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Rei - On the floor

“Suck me, you dirty whore! Suck! This is the only way you can get your food, you bitch!”. Rei get used to such words. Since queen Beryl conquered Earth, she made sure that her sworn enemy, sailor scouts, were regretting that their lives were spared. Rei Hino aka Sailor Mars ware placed in the queen’s castle. Covered with demon gel, she was glued to the floor for good. She couldn’t use any of her powers and the only way to get something to eat was to eat pussies or suck cocks of the queen’s servants. They loved to tease her. When she was starving, she had to beg them for that. Sometimes Rei was thinking if death wouldn’t be better, but she still had a hope that someday she will break free. She didn’t know that other scouts were captured as well and suffered cruel fates of Beryl slaves.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ami - Overused

„I think we overworked her… Look at her, she looks like a broken toy…”
„I guess she is… but you can see, her body is not broken at all”
“We fucked her all night long, I bet she’s pregnant if she wasn’t on the pill”
“Who cares? Come on, help me”
“What are you doing?”
“I’m gonna carry her to my car”
“What? Don’t you think we should leave her here?”
“It’d be waste. I’m gonna wash her clean and feed with a special mixtures of drugs. Trust me, she’ll forget about everything. It will make her much more obedient and calm. Don’t you remember how she was screaming while we were fucking her?”
“How can I forget…”
“Ok, she’ll be very good and willing to do everything we’ll tell her. Ok, grab her arms, we need to hurry before she’ll return to her senses.”

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Setsuna and Hotaru - New Work

„Do you like our bodies?”, Setsuna asked shyly, as they walked inside. She and Hotaru were both nude, save to their scant panties. These were the rules they had to obey. Sailor Pluto was afraid of her younger protégée. Sailor Saturn wasn’t ready for such things, she knew. But…
“Yes, I like ‘em”, said pimp, looking at them. He was already fucking both girls in his imagination, but he had to stop his thoughts now, “As we agreed, you’re gonna work for me since today, right?”
“Yes, sir”, Setsuna answered, she blushed when he said the word “work”. She knew that it meant whoring, selling their bodies for money. Since he discovered their secret identities, they had to pay him money to keep their secret for himself. But when Setsuna’s account become empty, she had to find another way to get the money. Haruka and Michiru were on tournee on the other side of the world, so…
“You’ll be very profitable whores, I’m sure of that”, pimp smiled, “As for you, Setsuna, you’re gonna be a stripper too, men would like to see you making pole dancing.”
“Yes, sir”, she nodded.
“You, Hotaru, gonna work in your school uniform. There’s lot of horny guys who would love to fuck a schoolgirl.”
“Yes, sir”, Hotaru was deeply embarrassed.
“But first, I need to test your skills…”
“Our skills…”, Setsuna’s face was puzzled.
“That’s right. So, Setsuna, you’re gonna give me a lap dance first. Hotaru, wait there, you’ll be sucking something soon…”

Monday, May 14, 2012

Ami - Lesson

„When do you finally learn to swallow everything, you fucking bitch!”, whip crossed the air, biting into Mercury’s soft skin once again. Ami cried from pain. It’s been sixth time she’s been whipped since she was kidnapped and sold into this brothel. First time it was some kind of “welcome whipping”. Second, when she started to cry and call her captors with foul words. Third, after her first attempt to escape. Fourth, when she resisted the whoring. Fifth whipping came after her second failed escape.
This time she was punished because she couldn’t swallow the cum. Her belly was resisting, she had to puke. Blue haired genius still couldn’t accept such degradation. She wanted to be a doctor, not a whore.
“I think we have no other way but to make you get used to the sperm”, slaver brought the hose and attached the tip of it to the o-ring in Ami’s face. “You’re gonna drink the semen as long as you’ll love the taste.”, he said with evil smile and started the machine. With the eyes grown from fear and disgust, Ami saw big glass bottle filled with bull semen. Machine started to pump it straight into her mouth…

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Setsuna - Student's pet

„Our sensei is such a horny slut”, one her Setsuna’s students spread her legs wide, having excellent view at her sexy lingerie. She was already moaning, feeling their hands on her, crawling all over her body, caressing her vulnerable places. She couldn’t help it. Boys were mature and had their needs. And since she didn’t wanted them to assault any of the girls in the school, Setsuna offered her body to satisfy them three times in the week. At the beginning it was awful, but very soon she found it nice.
“Open your mouth”, commanded another stud and forced his dick between her prefect lips, forcing dark skinned beauty to give him a blowjob. Somebody caressed her pussy through the material of her satin panties. Wet, dark spot appeared on them. Fingers were twisting and turning her nipples.
“Please… fuck me…”, Setsuna’s body was burning from desire and all she needed was a cock inside her moist womanhood.
“Beg for it! Beg for it like a slut!”
“Please… give it to me… I can’t live without your hard dicks… I love them… I’m sperm addicted whore!!!!”
“Seems we trained her well. All right, let’s sandwich her!”

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rei - Fire vs Water

„What are we gonna do with her? No matter how hard we beat her, she remained silent. We still don’t know where the other sailor sluts are hiding and what are their real names.”
“You are morons. Beating her will do no good here. We need to work in different way…”
“But boss told us that he want her remain virgin. You know, slavers are paying much more for a virgins.”
“Yeah, I know, but did I say anything about popping her cherry? She’ll be a virgin, I swear. There are many ways to break the pride of the stubborn bitches like her. Yes, I’m talking ‘bout you, slut. I’ve heard you’re fire user. So, what is the best thing to fight fire? Water, of course.”
“But what water can do here? You want to drown her?”
“You’re really a moron. Of course not. First, I’m gonna make her drink lot of water. Then I’m gonna give her some nice enemas. All we have to do then is waiting. She’ll tell us everything, you’ll see. Look, she's already sweating, just from listening about it. I knew that this will tame the whore. Ok, where I put this o-ring gag..."

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ami and Mako - breeding machines

„Enough fighting for you, bitches”, Eudial was laughing, looking at the two sailor scouts she captured, „You gave us enough troubles, so it’s time for your redemption. Both of you, whore, will be breeding machines. Your cow-like bodies will be perfect to give lives to the new generation of demons. They will all inherit your powers, so none will be able to defeat them. Even your fellow senshi! Sooner all later they’ll all end here, with their bellies filled with the demon seeds, just like you”.
Ami was shocked when she heard that words. She was looking at Makoto. Strong, independent will of the brown haired senshi vanished. Sailor Jupiter was trembling, her swollen belly looked like in the 9the month of pregnancy. It was easy to find that the birth was only matter of days. And Ami wasn’t in better situation. It was first time she wasn’t sure if her genius mind will be enough to find the way out before it will be too late.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Minako - Swallowed

Struggling with all her might, Minako was doing her best to free her body from the iron grip of the slimy monster that tried to suck her into itself. But no matter how hard she tried, her all efforts were fruitless. Slowly but inexorably demon was swallowing her. Lower part of her body was already inside.
Minako, aware that her life is in danger, was kicking furiously, but elastic body of the demon accepted all her kicks without a problem. Tentacles were playing with her perky boobies. Another tentacle pushed itself into her open mouth, cutting her screams and making her to suck it. Sticky fluids were covering body of struggling Sailor Venus.
Losing her strength, Minako was still fighting, but with every second she was getting weak. Tentacles pushed themselves between her legs, penetrating her pussy and ass together, making her body convulsing from pain and pleasure. Unable to resist this feeling, Venus was sucking tentacle inside her mouth, feeling that her end is coming…

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Rei and Minako - Idol debut

- That’s good! Give yourself some tongue action, bitches. Our customers are paying for this! This will tease them perfectly. I’m sure they will make a big line to get your debut DVD, girls.

Rei and Minako were kissing each other with passion mixed with contempt. They hardly had any choice. Jobless after school, both girls were looking desperately for any kind of work. Minako always wanted to be an actress so she finally get an idea to find a work in this industry. She had no talent, but she had hot body, just like her friend.

Finally, they found a guy who promised them that he’ll help them to earn some money. That’s how they made their first idol dvd. Rei and Minako were ashamed of that, because whole movie contained them in scanty outfits, showing their bodies. At the end they had to rub against each other and make some lesbian kisses. Minako really hoped that this movie will sell well, because director told them that he’d give them a roles in the porn movie if their idol career would break down.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Minako - Almost done

- I think we’re almost there. There’s not much fighting spirit in this bitch anymore. I doubt she will ever resist if we’ll made her suck our dicks. It will be funny to see her face when she’ll realize that every single moment of her defeat and humiliation was recorded and will be published in the web.
- But boss, can we fuck her now?
- Not yet. I want her to spread these sexy legs for us willingly. It will be much better to show her slutty side. She’s known as the heroine. Let’s show the world her real face. When people see she’s really a nympho, they’ll lost all respect for her. Every time she’ll show herself in public, she will meet only contempt and disrespect. It’s gonna be my best revenge ever.
- So what now?
- Now? Bring me the enema we prepared for her. This will break her will for good. No one can be much fighter after this.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Rei - Victim of revange

"Here, Moonslut, see, what happened to your friend?"
"Rei?? Rei!!!! What... what you did to her, you monsters?!!"
"She burned two of my men into crisps while capturing. You can understand that rest of guys was very, very angry. I let them avenge their comrades. Of course, I didn't intend to hurt her badly, none destroys valuable stuff. But I give her to them for three days. As you can see, they didn't waste their time. She tamed, I'm sure of that. Can you hear her voice?"
"More... more... more cocks..."
"It's terrible! Please, let her go..."
"But why? She finally learned her place as good cumwhore. You will be next, now strip this dress and have this latex suit."
"No, pleaseeeee!"
"Boys, come, help me with Moonslut. Take Mars to her room, you're gonna give some training to her queen now."

Monday, February 6, 2012

Inner Senshi - Sailor Preggos

"We're hiring those bitches since months. Seems that the prohibition of condoms wasn't good idea at all. Look at them, they're all preggos. And those bellies! I think that they all gonna have a twins. At last, Minako and Makoto gonna have them for sure."
"Not  a big surprise after counting the number of men they screwed, boss. I doubt they can tell who are daddies of their kids."
"So, what do you think we should do now? Abortions? Some customers like fuck pregnant girls, but not the most of them."
"I have better idea boss. Let them carry these babies and born them. We can take them away then. None of these bitches will try to escape anymore, knowing that we have her kids. And we can always make these babes take the place of their mothers when they grown old. It's a double profit. And it’s not over. After giving birth, they all gonna have milk for some time. I bet there are people who will pay a lot of money to suck mother’s milk from their tits.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rei and Minako - Shining Star

"Mmmm... Rei... yesss... yesss..."
"Come on, Minako... you're such a tease..."
"Please... rub my tits harder... I can't stand it..."
"You like when someone plays with your lewd body while people watching at you?"
"Yesss... it's so humiliating... but I love it..."
"Mmmm... that's nice... let me lick your neck a bit... I love your smooth skin..."
"I'm... getting wet... please, Rei, touch my..."
"Not so fast, not so fast... gotta play with you little more before I'll let you cum, my blonde slut. Just smile to the camera now and show how much you like when other girl is caressing your body."
"Ohmmm... Rei... Rei... yessss..."
"He he he... You're so easy to arouse... just perfect for a porn actress, Minako. Well, you always wanted to be a star, weren't you? I'll help you to be a shining star of porn, just give me time..."

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mako and Ami - Size does matter

"My God, Ami, you've got bigger talents than I. How did you make them so big? Please, tell me now!", Mako grabbed Ami's tits. Ami blushed, she couldn't tell her best friend that she was forced to have breast enlargement surgery. One of her teachers, who discovered her secret identity, was screwing her from a long time, but he thought her breasts are too small for him. That's why he paid for surgery. Ami, with breasts as big as Pamela Anderson, looked kinda grotesque, but he liked fondling these huge udders.
"Oh Mako, I'm just drinking lot of milk", said Ami to her best friend, "Don't you know that milk makes breasts growing?"
"No, I don't. Mmm... I don't like milk much, but I love the feeling your soft boobs in my hands. Let me play with them more"
"Please, Mako, stop it! You're making me feel..."
"Oh yes, I'm gonna make you moan, Ami!"

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ami - Teacher's pet

"Nice tits, Ami-chan", said Ryo-sensei, twisting her nipples between his hands, “I’m sure boys are looking at them all the time”. When he found that his best student, Ami Mizuno, is Sailor Mercury, he was sure that blackmail her will be great idea. And he wasn't wrong. Ami become his pet the second after he told her that he knows her secret identity. His first idea was to play with her in school in her scout uniform, of course. Ami obediently transformed and kneel on the floor, while Ryo ripped top of her costume and begun playing with her boobies. They weren’t big, but nice and perky. Her soft moans were arousing him. He noticed dark path between her legs - Ami was getting moist thanks to his caress. Ryo smiled. He was sure that very soon she'll be begging him for good fuck. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Michiru - Traitor's punishment

After her glorious victory, Galaxia wanted the revenge against the traitorous Neptune. She revived her from the death but soon after Neptune found that being dead was probably better than living in the state like this. She was thrown in the pit full of tentacle monsters. Powerless, Sailor Neptune couldn’t defend her against hundreds of tentacles ravaging her body all the time. At the begging she was crying for mercy and forgiveness, but very soon she found that she can’t expect such feelings from queen Galaxia. Evil queen was approaching the prison many times, feeding her eyes with the image of the beautiful body being covered by tentacles. Neptune was no more; there was only empty, broken sea shell, whose body was raped by the tentacles all the time.