Saturday, March 8, 2014

Minako and Makoto - Mistress Venus

„See? I told you that I’m stronger now! Isn’t it clear for this pea brain of yours, Mako-chan? Since I joined Black Moon Clan, I became stronger than any of the Sailor Scouts! You’re no match for me, you fat titted cow! I’ll make you one of us soon, but first I’m gonna give you a lesson you’ll never forget! Can you feel my heel digging into your fuckhole, you bitch? Tell me you like! Come on, tell me! I wanna listen to your slutty moans, you cunt! It’s been long time since I had to listen your big words! You’re always so proud of your udders! I’ll milk them dry soon and turn them into empty sags! Scream for me! Scream for your new mistress! Call my name, you bitch! You'll licking my heels and my pussy soon! This is your end, Jupiter! I’ll make sure of that!”

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Rei and Minako - Challenge

Since they started to work in that brothel, Rei was jealous. Minako was much more popular than her; she got twice more customers and guys used to give her lot of tips. She was doing her best to be better whore than the blonde, but she never managed to beat her. She even thought about turning her raven black hair blond, but pimp forbade her. He wanted to have sluts with all hair colors. And he already had two blond sluts, since Usagi was working in his whorehouse as well. So he told Rei to keep her hair black.
But Rei really wanted to become more popular. She already beat Jupiter and Moon. Even Mercury had fewer customers than her. Of course, they were all still very popular and men loved to have their time with former sailor scouts. But the fact that Minako was still more popular made Rei angry. One day she decided to challenge Venus.
Standing next to the entrance of the brothel, both long haired girls kept their legs up. Dressed in their sailor outfits, they presented their naked pussies, trying to gain bigger attention and get more guys. From time to time one of them had to go up with a customer, but when she did her job, she was back there, to get another. Minako already had 10 johns, while Rei got only 8. But night was far from over and former Sailor Mars was sure that she’ll finally show who's the biggest slut here.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Haruka - Taming

Ha ha ha! Dyke or not, who cares, they’re all the same! Put the cock in their pussy, fuck them hard and they’ll be crying like a little bitches, no matter how they try to act strong. Wait a bit boys, when I’ll finish with her, she’ll be much more obedient than she was. I remember she was very bossy. Not anymore! Come on, slut, open your mouth and take another cock inside! See how she blows? It’s just stupid cunt. All of them dream of being taken roughly, but they’re afraid to say it louder. We’re just making her hidden dreams come true!
If anyone of you likes, you take her ass. Oh, you’re too busy with her lover? I see, that green haired bimbo looks hot. But I prefer taming this blonde slut. There’s nothing better than showing bitches their place.When I'll finish with her, she'll be spreading her legs for anyone who'll ask her to do it. And she'll be doing it well, but I'll let her lick my cum from her lover's fuckhole.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Contest! Cuntest! Cumtest!

Because I'm in the good mood... first person that will post the title of the doujinshi from picture used in "Rei - last one stand" comes from, may suggest a picture that I will use in one of the upcoming captions.
Rules, just like last time - no Saturn, Chibiusa, Sailor Stars or gore, vore... You know, guys, So, come on!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Rei - last one stand

Sailor Mars looked at the next cock hanging close to her head. She sighed, still having doubts about it. How many she already sucked? Seven? Nine? Ten? She lost her count after sixth dick. Loud slurps were heard in the room. It was Sailor Jupiter. She was so skilled in cock sucking that Mars was almost jealous. Giving head was always humiliating for her, she never liked it. But today she wasn’t in position to choose.
She and Jupiter were last remained scouts that managed to keep their sanity after being caught by the band of demonic thugs. Mercury, Venus and Moon already lost in the never ending cycle of sex, climaxes and cumshots. She had to be strong; to be able to safe them all. Jupiter wasn’t very far from being lost as well; Mars could see sparks of arousal dancing in the eyes of the brown haired girl. Soon she’ll be the only one…
So she had to please their captors, to keep them sure that she’ll be obedient sex slave and never resist. Opening her lips, she accepted big cock, wondering about best way to escape from that terrible place. Demon caressed her black hair, while her tongue was dancing around his cock. She had to find a way to get out of this place before…
“Cocks! More cocks! Please!” she heard Jupiter’s voice, filled with lust and madness. So, she was the only one sane now…

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sailor Scouts - Home, sweet home

Esmeraude entered her room. The green haired woman, dressed in black looked around and enjoying the view. After the glorious triumph of the Black Moon Clan, her lover, prince Demand had become the new ruler of Earth. He wanted to execute their sworn enemies, the Sailor Scouts. But Esmeraude asked him not to and promised that she would take good care of them.

When they heard that their lives would be spared, the Sailor Scouts become happy. None of them could imagine what Esmeraude had in mind for them, however. If they had known, they’d probably choose death. Soon after their pardon, they were lead, one after another to a special room where Esmeraude's henchmen were working on them, making the girls suitable for their new lives. Now, Esmeraude could look at the efforts of the whole process.

Sailor Jupiter was naked, on her knees and elbows. A wooden top with a big Jupiter symbol was placed on her supported by her head and feet. Her brown hair was kept in a single braid and bound to her feet. In her mouth was a penis shaped gag that kept her busy and also functioned as a feeding tube. Jupiter’s eyes were blindfolded. She had six inch, black heels on her feet, chained to them. Black, leather gloves clad her hands. A golden chain was linking her puffy nipples. She also had plugs in her ears, so she couldn’t see nor hear anything around her. Strongest of all sailor scouts had been reduced to a simple table. Her strength was used to keep the heavy, wooden table top on its place. Who could find a better way to tame such a fighting-love girl?

Two chairs stood next to the table. One of them was Sailor Mercury. She was on her back with her knees on her chest and legs up. A plushy, soft blue cushion with the Mercury symbol was placed on her thighs and bound with her back with two, solid belts. The belts were also keeping her hands close to her hips. Her legs, both in fishnet stockings functioned as a support of the chair’s back. A leather mask with zippers on in front of her eyes, nose and mouth covered her face. The most intelligent of the Sailor Scouts was reduced to a mere chair. Even her famous, amazing IQ couldn’t find the way to escape.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Minako - What's her speciality?

„So, you’re a friend of those two cunts we fucked yesterday? I’ve been sure that someone will try to rescue them. Well, it’s too late now, they’re both tamed and they suck cocks like whores in the heat. Blue one is great when it comes to deep throat. Ponytail slut is better in titjobs, she loves jerking dicks and having her face smeared with semen. And how about you, blonde bimbo? Are you an ass slut or something? We’re gonna check. Boys, prepare usual aphrodisiac and let’s start with that cunt. We’ll see what’s her best side. I claim her ass, and you?”