Saturday, March 8, 2014

Minako and Makoto - Mistress Venus

„See? I told you that I’m stronger now! Isn’t it clear for this pea brain of yours, Mako-chan? Since I joined Black Moon Clan, I became stronger than any of the Sailor Scouts! You’re no match for me, you fat titted cow! I’ll make you one of us soon, but first I’m gonna give you a lesson you’ll never forget! Can you feel my heel digging into your fuckhole, you bitch? Tell me you like! Come on, tell me! I wanna listen to your slutty moans, you cunt! It’s been long time since I had to listen your big words! You’re always so proud of your udders! I’ll milk them dry soon and turn them into empty sags! Scream for me! Scream for your new mistress! Call my name, you bitch! You'll licking my heels and my pussy soon! This is your end, Jupiter! I’ll make sure of that!”

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Rei and Minako - Challenge

Since they started to work in that brothel, Rei was jealous. Minako was much more popular than her; she got twice more customers and guys used to give her lot of tips. She was doing her best to be better whore than the blonde, but she never managed to beat her. She even thought about turning her raven black hair blond, but pimp forbade her. He wanted to have sluts with all hair colors. And he already had two blond sluts, since Usagi was working in his whorehouse as well. So he told Rei to keep her hair black.
But Rei really wanted to become more popular. She already beat Jupiter and Moon. Even Mercury had fewer customers than her. Of course, they were all still very popular and men loved to have their time with former sailor scouts. But the fact that Minako was still more popular made Rei angry. One day she decided to challenge Venus.
Standing next to the entrance of the brothel, both long haired girls kept their legs up. Dressed in their sailor outfits, they presented their naked pussies, trying to gain bigger attention and get more guys. From time to time one of them had to go up with a customer, but when she did her job, she was back there, to get another. Minako already had 10 johns, while Rei got only 8. But night was far from over and former Sailor Mars was sure that she’ll finally show who's the biggest slut here.