Sunday, July 29, 2012

Makoto - Afterschool activities

“Do you like… my bloomers, sir?”, asked Mako with shy voice, wiggling her butt. She didn’t like this situation. In fact she was ashamed like hell. Being independent and dominant was her usual self. But since her classmate discovered that Mako is actually Sailor Jupiter, she decided to blackmail her and earn some money as well. Since that time Mako had to meet the guys, mostly older than her. And it was one of this days.
“Yes, they’re very sexy. But I think I’ll like what’s inside them much more. Come on… what’s your name again?”
“It’s Makoto, sir”, she bit her lips. That man even didn’t care about her name. All he was interesting about was her body. She felt terrible. Like a thing, not a human.
“Well, ok, Mako-chan, let’s go that magazine there, we’re gonna make good inspection of your PE uniform.”
“As you wish, sir”, Mako knew what he was going to do with her. She only hoped he’s not into anal sex, like many perverts she had to serve before. Man put his palm on her firm ass and pushed her forward. Normally, Mako would slapped every man who’d try to do it, but today she had no choice but let him caress her round buttocks.
“I like your ass, Mako-chan… I can’t wait to nail it…”
Mako sighed with resignation. Seems that that wasn’t her lucky day at all. She just hoped that this will be fast. There were two more guys she head to meet today, after all.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Setsuna - Ride a horse

"Arggghhhh!!!! Pleaseeeee! It hurts!!! So much!!!! I'll tell you anything!!! Just stop it!!!!"
"See? I told you it will work fine. My special horse works miracles. Ok, bitch, first I want adresses of all sailor sluts!"
"Huhh.... not them... not... arghhhhhh!!!!"
"Still stubborn? Give her more weight then!"
"Aye, sir!!"
"Guuuhhh!!! It's gonna split me in two.... kuhh... huhhhh... Ahhhhh!!!! No more! No more!! Noooooo!!!!"
"You know what I want, bitch..."
"Yes... here they are... just don't make me..."
"Tell me and you we will finish your ride"
"Ok... please, listen..."
"Come on, note them all. And hurry, I want you boys to bring all of them here."
"You promised.. you'll let me..."
"Oh yeah... Take her out boy and carry to the dogs cage. My dobermans haven't such a bitch since agaes..."
"Nooo!!! Nooo! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Outer Senshi - The Wall 2

"Guuuhhh.... Please... no!!! No morrrrree...", moaned Michiru, as the second enema came inside her ass. She hadn't enough strength to keep calm and brave face anymore. It was too much for her. Her ass was filled with water again and she knew that sooner or later she'll be forced to shit it out. Beside her was her lover, Haruka. She tried to remain silent, but her face was filled with pain and desperation. Sandy blonde hoped that she'll be able to struggle for both herself and Michiru, but was getting harder and harder with every second. She never experienced anything such humiliating like this.

"Ghhh... hrrr...", only wordless groans left her mouth, when her ass was filled as well. She wanted to encourage her friends, but it was useless. Her problem was to keep everything inside her. She didn't want to give her captors another view of herself shitting the water out. Her brave face was making them laugh. They knew the ways to make her do it, no matter if she wanted it or not.

Sailor Pluto was on the loosen position since the beginning. After the first enema she already wanted next. She tried to hide the pleasure and delight from her comrades. But her captors discovered it quickly and gave her bigger enema this time. Her whole body was trembling and green haired woman knew that she'll soon get climax again. She was ashamed, but there was nothing she could do - only submit to her inner urges.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Haruka - Waiting

„Ghmmmmm!!!!! GHMMMM!!!!!”
„Damn, we gagged that bitch and she is still mumbling something!”
“I think she’s angry because we’re raping her girlfriend.”
“You think so… Maybe she just wants to join us?”
“Nope, she’s a lesbian, I guess that raping her will be even funnier.”
“Damn, I never had a lesbian before.”
“But you already have… The one you’re fucking in the ass now is lesbian as well.”
“So that’s why she was struggling so much…”
“Yes, but seems we corrected her. Look how she’s sucking my cock.”
“I think she was a lesbian because she never had a real man before.”
“Yeah, let’s end with her and take this blonde dyke.”
“Oh yeah, just let me cum last time… Oh yeah… Ok, enough with this green slut, let’s start with blonde…”

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Makoto - Bitch breaker

„Come on, slut, try harder!”
„Ugh… but it… won’t… fit…”
“If it’s not, we’ll have to make it fit! Down you go, bitch!”
“Guhhhh…. Nghhh….”
“See? It’s going inside, like it should! My bitch breaker always works miracles on the stubborn bitches like her!”
“Ghhhh…. Arghh….”
“Why you stop, stupid slut? Move up and down! This is your training, not a play!”
“But… I…m… sailor…”
“Shut the fuck up! You’re not a sailor shit anymore, you’re just a fuck toy who belongs to her master and her only goal is to learn how to use her body to please the men. Move your fuckhole up and down bitch breaker, or I’ll move it to your sorry ass!”
“No… please…”
“So stop complaining and move faster. I wanna see your fat tits jump! Yes, that’s the spirit… You have to accept it all inside your sorry fuckhole, otherwise, you won't be able to serve your masters well. But you can do it, can't you? You will be nice whore, I bet.”