Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Minako and Rei - To serve and submit

Minako and Rei were learning how to give perfect blowjob since a really long time. After being caught, depowered and sold into sexual slavery, girls weren't thinking about anything else but how to please their masters. At the beginning, they were thinking about escape, but it was past. Their meals were filled with aphrodisiacs and drugs, so soon they become nothing more but cock hungry bitches in heat. Their pussies were getting wet at the first sight of male. And when someone show them a dick, then there begging to let them suck it off. Their masters liked to play bondage games, but soon they found that there's not much fun when their slaves are absolutely obedient. When there was no resistance, there was no fun as well. They decided that they need to buy new toys and these broken two will be kick out on the streets to whore themselves for money. That was something that Minako and Rei were prepared for good. 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Makoto - Watching

- This babe is pretty hot. Can I fuck her now?
- No, I want at last one of them untouched. I checked her and you can't believe it - she's a virgin. Rare find these days.
- No way... such busty bimbo?
- Yes, but her hymen is still untouched. Maybe she was using these boobies to please her boyfriends instead, or preferred anal? I don't know. But you have to understand, virgins are most wanted. This gonna double her price. I'm sure that some rich, African, Russian or Arabian bastard will pay bucks for having an honor of deflowering Sailor Jupiter himself. It's a rare chance, after all. So, keep your dick out of her. We have four other scouts.
- Too bad... but ok, I'm gonna fuck Sailor Venus again. I cum inside her four times already.
- I'm gonna fuck Sailor Mars in her ass. But you know, when you'll be fucking Venus one more time, just look at Jupiter's face. She's damn scared, seeing her friends being roughly raped over and over.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Hotaru - Mistress Saturn

"All right, Sailor Sluts, kneel in front of your new mistress. You mere beings who tried to defeat me, you'll face my wrath now! Such pathetic weaklings... I can't believe you even tried to fight me... and you Venus, you managed to hurt me... to hurt goddess... You will pay first. Take your chains and bound yourself with them. That's right, make them squeeze these boobies and run through your worthless cunt. I'm gonna make them move now. What a lovely screams... Mercury, you are wiser, you should know that fighting me was useless... Sit on this metal pole and rub your dirty pussy against it as fast as you can. Deeper! Jupiter, these huge breasts of yours should be prohibited. Squeeze them. Harder! Come on, moo for me! Thanks to my magic, they'll be lactating soon. Mars, take this wooden cock and fuck your fat ass with it. Moon... come here and lick my boots, let your friends see how obedient slave their leader is..."

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Inner Senshi - Sleeping

- I love sleeping gas. Little of this, and everyone are in the la-la-land.
- These five are pretty cute.
- Of course. I was following them all the month. When I found that they're going at the beach every Saturday, I decided it will be best place for attack. When they were all dressing their swimsuits, my sleeping gas made them very cooperative, as you can see.
- Yes, I can. What are you gonna do now?
- First, we have to undress them. That's why I choose this place, it won't be very hard to rip these swimsuits off them. Then we have to bound and gag them. Next we're gonna wait till midnight. Boxes are waiting behind the cabin, just like my truck at the parking lot. We have to carry them there very quickly. I don't want anyone to see us.
- And then?
- We have to think. We have five pretty girls. We can keep two, one for each other. Do you want any?
- Yes, this blue haired one makes me hard and ready.
- I'm gonna keep brunette. Love her ass. Gonna train her to be my private sex slave. She seem to have big mouth, so it will be funny.
- And other ones?
- There are many ways. I think that all of them gonna be send far away. Brothels, Go-Go clubs and such places will pay for them, I'm sure.