Monday, March 28, 2011

Haruka - Choice

„No… don’t come closer…” – Haruka was looking at her captors with fear. She came here to save Michiru, but fell into their trap instead. She wasn't afraid of fight, but to her shock, she found that her powers weren't working on them. Uranus tried to beat them with her hands and legs. She was strong, anyway. But not strong enough to beat bunch of thugs. After some blows, she was on the stone floor with her outfit torn in some places. She could see lust in their eyes and their intentions were clear. She tried to withdraw, but there was wall behind her.

"Come on, dyke, strip, so we'll fuck you gently!"
"I'd love to teach that lesbian whore how to make love with a man!"
"I wonder if she's a virgin?!"
"Gotta crush these tits in my hands!"
"Let's rape her at the eyes of her lesbian lover!"
"I'm gonna fuck her ass!"

Haruka was listening to these comments with growing fear. Being aware that they can be really brutal, she finally rose on her legs and started to undress slowly. She just hoped they won't beat her anymore.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Minako and Makoto - Show must go on

"Come on, lick her, shove your tongue deeper into her tight, slutty fuckhole, you blonde bitch! What are you waiting for? Wanna get more spanking? No? Then give that big breasted bitch best cunnielingus in her miserable life. Our viewers are expecting good and sexy show of two fuckin lesbian bitches in heat, so don't you dare to fail their expections. Moan louder, you tomboish whore, let people hear how you like being licked by another lesbian bitch. Or you want to have not only your nipples being pierced but your clitty as well? So, do not waste precious time of our customers and give them show that they'll never forget. You slutty hole is already soaking wet with you naughty, pussy juices".

These words were as much humiliating as the situation Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter were in. They were captured by the thugs and sold into whorehouse. Owner quickly found that these two have lot of potential for much more kinky things than simply whoring. That's why he made to make lesbian bdsm show every evening. Many guys on the audience and much more behind the webcams were watching them doing naughty things together. Minako submitted very quickly, but Makoto had stronger will. To break it, she was usually playing submissive one and Minako was her mistress. And after every evening, Makoto was getting more and more addicted of lesbian sex. She knew that even if the Sailor Moon and rest of the crew are gonna free her someday, she'll be a lesbian till the end of her life.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ami - Cock addict

Ami was vigorously stroking two fat cocks pointed at her face, being aware that she's gonna have another cum bath soon. Inside her pussy another big cock was digging a tunnel, stretching her tight fuckhole to the painful degrees, but she didn’t care about it, as long as she had something inside her. Above her head were other dicks, waiting for handjobs and blowjobs. Sailor Mercury couldn't resist, she was addicted for dicks. Most of her sailor senshi friends had a boyfriends but she was a single. Being a bookworm and medicine student stole most of her time. She never had enough time to meet any boys. But, like all women, she had taste for sex, of course. So every evening she was changing into Sailor Mercury and working on the streets as the hooker. Guys loved her and she always had lot of customers, ready to offer her their cocks. Ami liked to take some of them at once. Since they were paying for this, she had no rights to complain. And after every night her pussy was satisfied with gallons of cum inside her. None knew about her night escapades, so she was safe. But from time to time she was thinking if she should ask another senshi to go out with her. The more, the merrier.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ami, Minako, Makoto - Tentacle time

Imprisoned deep under the ground in the pit full of tentacles, three inner senshi were moaning wordlessly as their bodies were violated by the numerous slimy tentacles. It was a week since they were thrown there. Sailor Mars and Sailor Moon meet different, yet equally cruel fate. Ami, Minako and Makoto were taken here, to become mothers for the next generation of demons. Powerless and broken, none of them was able to resist never ending tentacle rape. Makoto already gave up; she was numb and indifferent, no matter what was happening to her. Huge breasts of Sailor Jupiter were filled with milk. Ami, from the other hand, was still struggling, trying to keep her free will. She knew that she couldn't fight the tentacles, but she was doing her best to keep her sanity. Tentacles noticed that and Sailor Mercury was meeting much more cruel and brutal treatment than her two fellow senshi. Tentacles were forcing her to drink more of their liquids, since they were making human minds weak and submissive, Minako was crying, since she knew that there was not help for them. She believed that sooner or later they'll be rescued. But days were passing by and no help came. Sailor Venus could feel tentacle's offspring growing inside her. Lustful moans of Makoto were only making her situation worse. Minako was at the edge of breaking and she knew that sooner or later she'll become mindless sex slave and breeder, just like her friend.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Minako - Last and first

- And here's the last one of these sluts - thugs thrown Minako on the floor. Her uniform was torn. She was bond with hands behind her back and her legs were cuffed in metal shackles. They also gagged her. Captured Venus could only look at her fellow scouts, lying there, also bound and gagged. Rich russian mobster was looking at his new slaves with lust. Since he saw them in the TV for the first time, he wanted to have all these girls only for himself. He paid a lot to Japanese yakuza for capturing them and sending girls to his country. Finally, after long waiting, they were finally his, bound and powerless, only at his mercy. And he was merciless, like all former KGB workers. His sadistic smile made Minako to tremble from fear. She was most courageous from all sailor scouts, she was fighting many dreadful enemies in her life, but this man was making her feel so small and powerless. She just wanted to disappear. He noticed her fear and grabbed her leash. With grim smile he decided that this blonde will be first he's gonna tame tonight. Her fearfull eyes were turning him on.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Haruka - Watching is fun

Bound to the old, wooden chair, stripped from her outfit and gagged with a piece of old rag, Sailor Uranus could only watch as the demons were having their time with her comrade and lover, Sailor Neptune. Michiru was moaning loudly as the huge, green tentacles were screwing her without mercy, spreading her holes to the painful degrees. Sandy blonde was watching at this with some kind of morbid fascination. It was cruel, but also extremely arousing for her. She couldn't stop her body from getting aroused. Her pussy was getting moist and her nipples were stiff and hard. At the beginning she tried to not look ah Michiru's debuchery, but it was stronger than her.  She knew that when they'll finish with Michiru, they'll take her. Shiver run down her spine when she imagined all these tentacles raping her tight holes at once. But secretly, she longed for that. And cries of Michiru, filled with pain and desperation, were turning her on even more. She hoped that it won't be long till she'll take her place and do to her everything that that they did to Michiru.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Minako - Paying the Installment

Minako was trying to relax a bit, but it was impossible with that hard, fat dick inside her womanhood. She was doing her best to get used to that feeling, but she couldn't. That guy was literally tearing her apart. It was like having baseball stick plunged inside the pussy. But blonde had hardly any other choice. Taking the steps on the career stairway needed some sacrifices. That guy promised her photo session for some very popular magazine. This was a chance that Minako couldn't miss. But he had his price and Minako was already paying third installment. Grunting loudly, he was screwing her with visible smile on his face. His big cock was penetrating the tight pussy of former Sailor Venus. It was third time they were doing this. He knew that Minako will finally find that he is cheating her. But till then he wanted to fuck her as often as he could. And since blonde was doing this willingly...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Usagi - bussines is bussines

- Usagi, have you got no shame? Don't you think that these clothes are too revealing?
- And you're saying such things, Rei? Your red miniskirt barely covers your ass.
- At last, I have panties.
- Really... I'm curious which one of us will get more Johns tonight.
- Me, of course, I'm sexier than you, Usagi.
- My charm is too powerful. I won last night thanks to that.
- Thanks to your slutty image. I'm sure that some well mannered guys would rather like to spend their time with elegant lady like me, not with some cheap slut...
- Elegant lady? Good joke. What about these red fuck-me heels on your feet?
- Better than lack of panties, odango whore. Ok, shut up, I can see such handsome and rich looking man coming here. I bet he's gonna to buy me a drink.
- We'll see, Rei, we'll see... Hey mister, looking for some nice company for tonight?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rei - Gang bang

Rei was sweeping porch of the Hikawa shrine. It was late evening at the cold, autumn day. Sky was already grey and wind was waving leafs all around. Young miko was almost finishing her job, when she heard a voice. There was lone guy standing next to the entrance of the shrine. He was young and kind of handsome, she thought.
- Sorry, miss, may I ask you about the way? I think I'm lost
- Of course, how can I help you? - said Rei and approached him, putting her broom away.
- I'm looking for Juuban Shopping Centre.
- It's not very from here, You just have to go there and mphmmm!!! - Rei's words were cut as someone grabbed her from behind and stuffed piece of material inside her mouth. Guy who was asking her, quickly grabbed her hands. They carried struggling miko at the back of the shrine, into the bushes. There were some other guys waiting for them.
- Here she is! - said one of them - What a hot piece of shrinemaiden. I had a lust for her since I saw her for the first time - he torn her white outfit, revealing her huge tits. Seconds’ later big cock went deep inside Rei's pussy. She wasn't a virgin, but it was still painful. Another rapist led his dick to her mouth.
- Don't even think about biting my cock, whore or I'll kick you to the pulp - he said, forcing her to suck his hard manhood. Rei had no choice. She couldn't see Mimette, hiding behind the tree and watching that scene. She hypnotized these guys to rape that girl. And she they were paid to play not only with Mars but with the rest of the senshi as well. She was sure that some good gang bangs will break them much faster than normal fights. Helpless Rei was moaning as the cum was filling her holes. Mimette looked at her watch. She planned at last hour for raven black haired girl.