Thursday, November 29, 2012

Inner Senshi - An offer

Let me introduce my whores, gentlemen. Lower Blonde is Usagi, she loves cock sucking. More, she’s a milf, if you like that stuff. Brunette next to her is Rei, she’s an expert when it comes to tit fuck, she really can do miracles with her tits. Right beside her is Ami, she’s a student of the medicine. As you can guess, she knows everything about anatomy, so there’s no hole she can’t take your cum. Second blonde is Minako, her specialty is anal sex. She’s still damn tight, after all these countless ass fucks. And the last one is Makoto. She’s a masochist, so you can torment her as much as you like. I think that the best idea is to take her with any other girl. She’s also skilled with lesbian sex. Of course, you can buy all of them, they’ll eagerly serve you all night long, like a good sluts.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ami and Rei - Bet

Rei and Ami entered the room. Big, bald guy was sitting naked on the huge bed. His skin was bit tanned. Both scouts had their sailor scouts uniforms, just like they were told to.
Ami found herself mesmerized by the huge manhood of that man. She swallowed, looking at it. That big, stiff pole made Usagi, Mako and Minako it’s sex slaves. She never thought it is possible. Sailor scouts had strong will. But she saw her friends dressed in scanty outfits, begging that man to fuck them. It was worst view in her whole life.
Rei’s palm was clenched on Ami’s. She was sure that they’ll survive this. She, most independent one along with the wisest one, will win this try. There’s no way she could lost to the simple man. He had huge cock, she had to admit, but he was simple human. How could he turn her friends into his fuck slaves?
Man licked his lips, looking at the two girls in front of him. He was more than happy that everything went according to plan. Sailor Venus, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mercury were his slaves already and these two were the last one. Their bet was simple: he’ll tell them where the secret lair of the demons is but each of them had to spend a night with him. After the night, none of them wanted to leave him.
“Make my cock ready with your mouth”, he said, pointing at his semi stiff manhood. Ami and Rei approached him and kneel. Using their tongues, they begun to lick his dick, making it wet with their saliva. Rei begun to lick his balls, while Ami kissed his shaft. He was caressing their heads with his palms, while they were doing their job.
Rei took each of his balls into her mouth, giving them good bath with her saliva. His hairy ball sack tasted vile, but she tried to ignore that taste. While doing this she found something strange – her pussy was getting moist. It was strange, because she found whole thing rather disgusting than arousing. But she couldn’t fight it.
Ami was kissing his cock, since the back to the tip, planting her hot kisses on it with passion mixed with disgust. Blue haired scout hated that strong, intense smell of man’s body. It was filling her nose. She didn’t notice that her nipples were already stiff and her panties were getting wet with her juices.
Suddenly, man grabbed them by their heads and moved them up. His hard cock was between their tits now.
“I want you to kiss each other while fuck your tits!”, he said. Ami looked into Rei’s eyes. Their lips meet each other and soon they started to kiss. It was long, wet kiss, with lot of tongue work.
“Yes, release your inner lesbians…”, whispered the man, fucking their breasts. He knew that they were already in his power. His cock was covered with powerful drug. Its goal was to melt away woman’s will and increase her libido. While two scouts were kissing with passion, sharing their saliva mixed with drug, he started to caress their bodies. It was even better than with the previous ones…
It's been 15 minutes later. Ami and Rei were standing with their legs spread wide. Cum was all over their faces. Both scouts were moaing like a bitches in the heat, begging man to fuck them. He smiled, probing Ami's warm fuckhole with his dick and caressing Rei's cunt with his fingers.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Minako - Fan's toy

„No! Don’t you dare to do it!!! Please!! You said you’re my biggest fan!!!”
“Yes, Minako-chan, I’m. That’s why I’m gonna be your first man! It’s my dream to take your virginity”
“But… you can’t… I… I let you fuck my tits and… I even… gave you… blow… job…”
“You’re so cute when you’re angry, Venus. I love your blushing face but I think you look even better with this fire in your eyes. It’ll look great on the movie!”
“Movie… what movie?”
“Your own movie, of course. I’m recording every second of your little fun here.”
“Wait… you don’t mean…”
“Of course, I’ll even let you watch it. You look so pretty with my dick inside your mouth! It’s gonna be big hit in the Internet!”
“No! Anything but this! I’ll do anything, just don’t spread this movie!”
“Anything? Ok, so I want you to beg me for being fucked!”
“As you wish… ready or not, here I come!!! Let’s pop Venus cherry!”
“You’re so tight, Minako!!”
“Hurrrrrt!!! Ghhh… it hurrrrrts! Stop it!!!”
“Save your screams for later, my blonde goddess! I’m gonna take your anal virginity as well!”

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Minako - Tit job

Blushing from embarrassment, Minako was licking the tip of the hard cock with her pink tongue. Blonde wouldn’t do this in her normal state, but her situation was far from normal. Thugs she wanted to catch took little kid as a hostage. They promised that they’ll let the kid go if she’ll give them a tit job. Sailor Venus was sure that they were bluffing, but she couldn’t risk kid’s life.

Minute later kid was free and away, while Minako was on her knees, caressing huge cock stuffed between her huge breasts.Her outift was torn on her chest, revealing her huge breasts. She was more than sure that her boobies were bigger than Mako’s. She was quite proud of them, but not now. Other thug was taking photos with his cell phone, while golden haired senshi kissed the dick of his pal.

Suddenly, semen shot on her face and the tits as well. White, sticky goo sprayed her hair too. Minako tried to wipe that ugly thing off, but then second thug grabbed her and moved her head to his dick, saying that it’s his turn now. Sailor Venus sighed and started her work again.