Monday, August 27, 2012

Makoto - Dickgirl

Makoto was fighting with surprisingly strong demon. At the begging she was sure that it’ll be piece of cake for her, but as the time passed by, she begun to notice that demon is stronger than she thought. She started to wonder if she shouldn’t call for help, but then demon attacked. Powerful blast of energy hit Mako straight between her legs. She fell down on the cold pavement. Something strange was going on with her. Her clit was getting bigger and bigger, feeling uncomfortable under the tight costume. It started to hurt, so Mako pushed the down part of her costume of to see that there was huge cock! In the same time milk started to leak out of her nipples, making dark stains on her costume. She was too surprised to notice the demon approaching her from behind.
Before Mako could react demon grabbed her tits with his strong hands and started to squeeze them. Demon's dick pushed itself into her defenseless ass. Mako moaned when she was penetrated with unhuman, demonic power. She could do nothing to resist. Her newborn dick was getting hard with every thrust. Poor senshi could only cry and watch as it started to shoot sperm in the same time when demon came inside her ass.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ami - Afterschool Activities

 „Come here, big boy, I’ll make you feel good”, smiled Ami with her most seductive smile ever. She doesn’t like whole idea, but it was getting more and more interesting. She never guessed that her neighbor’s son was looking after her since ages. But he was way too shy to even ask her out. Lucky for him, his dad was not only much straightforward but also rich enough. He simply asked Ami if she’ll make his son a man if he’ll pay her enough. Ami was shocked at first, but she he said how much he’s about to pay, she changed her mind. Calculating quickly, she discovered that it’s perfect way to earn some money for the future. Her mom wasn’t poor, of course, but Ami wanted to have her own money as well.

Their first time wasn’t very good, but it’s been their third time and boy was slowly getting better and better. At the begging Ami was just doing mechanically everything, but she slowly get used to it. More, she started to like their weekly meetings. She didn’t know that boy’s dad was already thinking about their marriage. That’s why he told his son not to use any condoms. He was sure that if Ami will get pregnant, she will be forced to marry his looser son and become his wife and mother to their children. And if she'll disagree, he could always blackmail her with some photos he took during her "dates" with his son.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Usagi - Afterschool Activities

„Please… you musn’t… Stop…”, whispered Usagi when stranger was moving his hand inside her panties, stroking her wet womanhood. She couldn’t believe how fast she was getting aroused. It’s been her third time playing a victim for a man who had groping fetish. With her back pushed to the wall, she tried to act ashamed and humiliated as much as she could. But her body was reacting fast. Her nipples were already hard she secretly wanted him to play with them. But the man was interested only in her pussy. His two fingers were moving inside, making her juices to flow.

Usagi was more than sure that it was easiest way to get extra money. Mamoru was still overseas, so she was alone. She wanted him to return as fast as possible. But still, she was a woman and had some needs. She found a way to get both money and some fun. There were many men who wanted blonde like her to play innocent, ashamed girl. Since both sides were satisfied, Usagi could think about new pair of jeans. She was sure that Mamoru will like ‘em when he’ll be back…

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rei - Afterschool Activities

„Please… feel free to watch… for 500 yen you can touch my panties… 100 more and you can rub my pussy through the material…”
Rei was breathing hard while she was saying these humiliating words. It wasn’t easy for to act in such disgraceful manner. She was known from her elegance and pride. But since Hikawa shrine was getting poor, she had to find other way to get money. Her grandpa was getting older and she was the only who could run the shrine. So…
“Blowjob… but… Ok, 2000… 300 more and I’ll swallow… no, no sex, I’m still a virgin… What? 20 000 for my virginity? Wait, let me think… 40 000? You agree? Ok, let’s meet tomorrow at my shrine. But remember, safe sex only. 50 000? Ok, you don’t have to use condom”.
She was more than simply surprised that that man offered as much for taking her virginity. Only thing that she needed was a pill now. Rei knew that there were men who liked to have sex with pregnant girl, but she wasn’t ready for nursing a child. She fell on her knees, sucking man’s cock and wonder if it will become her daily routine.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Minako - Afterschool Activities

Minako blushed, when her teacher looked at her round, perky breasts. She was standing in front of him, naked, save to her boots and her red ribbon. He had strange fetish of making her wear nothing more but them we they were together. She covered her womanhood with her palm. No matter how many time she was undressing for him, she always feel guilty and ashamed. When he told her for the first time than he can do something with her bad grades in return of showing him her body, she was sure that it’s good idea. At the beginning he was only watching and it wasn’t bad. But when he started to touch her, to caress her legs, arms, then her breast, she decided that she doesn’t like it. Sadly, she hardly had any choice, since her grades were really bad. And now he told her to kneel and to unzip his trousers. Minako was thinking if she should say “no” this time, but she was too far to just withdraw. Using her manicured fingers, she started to unzip his zipper, ready to give him her first blowjob ever.