Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rei and Minako - Shining Star

"Mmmm... Rei... yesss... yesss..."
"Come on, Minako... you're such a tease..."
"Please... rub my tits harder... I can't stand it..."
"You like when someone plays with your lewd body while people watching at you?"
"Yesss... it's so humiliating... but I love it..."
"Mmmm... that's nice... let me lick your neck a bit... I love your smooth skin..."
"I'm... getting wet... please, Rei, touch my..."
"Not so fast, not so fast... gotta play with you little more before I'll let you cum, my blonde slut. Just smile to the camera now and show how much you like when other girl is caressing your body."
"Ohmmm... Rei... Rei... yessss..."
"He he he... You're so easy to arouse... just perfect for a porn actress, Minako. Well, you always wanted to be a star, weren't you? I'll help you to be a shining star of porn, just give me time..."

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mako and Ami - Size does matter

"My God, Ami, you've got bigger talents than I. How did you make them so big? Please, tell me now!", Mako grabbed Ami's tits. Ami blushed, she couldn't tell her best friend that she was forced to have breast enlargement surgery. One of her teachers, who discovered her secret identity, was screwing her from a long time, but he thought her breasts are too small for him. That's why he paid for surgery. Ami, with breasts as big as Pamela Anderson, looked kinda grotesque, but he liked fondling these huge udders.
"Oh Mako, I'm just drinking lot of milk", said Ami to her best friend, "Don't you know that milk makes breasts growing?"
"No, I don't. Mmm... I don't like milk much, but I love the feeling your soft boobs in my hands. Let me play with them more"
"Please, Mako, stop it! You're making me feel..."
"Oh yes, I'm gonna make you moan, Ami!"

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ami - Teacher's pet

"Nice tits, Ami-chan", said Ryo-sensei, twisting her nipples between his hands, “I’m sure boys are looking at them all the time”. When he found that his best student, Ami Mizuno, is Sailor Mercury, he was sure that blackmail her will be great idea. And he wasn't wrong. Ami become his pet the second after he told her that he knows her secret identity. His first idea was to play with her in school in her scout uniform, of course. Ami obediently transformed and kneel on the floor, while Ryo ripped top of her costume and begun playing with her boobies. They weren’t big, but nice and perky. Her soft moans were arousing him. He noticed dark path between her legs - Ami was getting moist thanks to his caress. Ryo smiled. He was sure that very soon she'll be begging him for good fuck. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Michiru - Traitor's punishment

After her glorious victory, Galaxia wanted the revenge against the traitorous Neptune. She revived her from the death but soon after Neptune found that being dead was probably better than living in the state like this. She was thrown in the pit full of tentacle monsters. Powerless, Sailor Neptune couldn’t defend her against hundreds of tentacles ravaging her body all the time. At the begging she was crying for mercy and forgiveness, but very soon she found that she can’t expect such feelings from queen Galaxia. Evil queen was approaching the prison many times, feeding her eyes with the image of the beautiful body being covered by tentacles. Neptune was no more; there was only empty, broken sea shell, whose body was raped by the tentacles all the time.