Saturday, December 25, 2010

Setsuna - Hardships of popularity

School nurse Setsuna Meioh closed her medical room and walked down the long school corridors. It's been a year since she started to work as a school nurse. She liked that job. It was late autumn and night was falling very quickly. There was already dark outside, cold wind was shimmering in the trees. She left the school and walked between the gym and school building, lit only by single lantern, when suddenly gloved hands grabbed her around the waist and dragged her into the bushes between these two buildings.

Masked attacker slammed her against the cold, brick wall. He forced Setsuna's hands behind her back, binding her wrists together with adhesive tape. Sailor Pluto opened her mouth to scream for help, but then man pressed another strip of adhesive tape over her mouth, then he pinned her to the brick wall with his body. His gloved hands were working underneath Setsuna's purple blouse, squeezing and milking her big breasts.

"I was looking at you since a long time, Setsuna sensei. You're teasing all the guys around!", he breathed to her ear, tugging down her black bra, roughly pinching Setsuna's swollen nipples. "You're very popular among the guys here. But it's gonna be me who'll have you first".

Setsuna moaned into her tape gag. She wanted to rip her bonds apart and kick him away with her Death Scream, but the moment she did her secret identity would be revealed, the boy sliding her panties down would expose her to the world. She had to keep it in secret, at all cost.

"Nice panties, bitch”, he sighed, sniffing her panties, then shoving them into his pocket. Squatting over the grass, the attacker hiked up dark skinned woman skirt, he licked Setsuna's buttocks, covering her cheeks with his saliva. Spreading Pluto's long legs apart, he licked the green haired senshi’s beauty's pussy. She sobbed into her tape gag, tears shinning in her dark eyes as rapist sucked on her clit, then lapped her wet vulva.

"I can see you’re getting wet already, sensei! I knew you’re gonna like it", he said with vile smile, licking Setsuna's trembling thighs and tasting her juices. Setsuna couldn’t believe it. She had always secret crush on Mamoru and wanted him to be her first man. Instead of this, she became victim of some horny guy. Was he one of the students? Probably so, but she had no trails. Struggling with her bonds, she was trying to break free. 

Getting back to his feet, the attacker removed her dress, then he enfolded Pluto’s waist, his breath ragged and hot on the nape of Setsuna's neck as he rubbed his swollen cock head over the opening of dark skinned woman's wet pussy, then pushed his dick through Setsuna's pussy, penetrating the time senshi’s womanhood. Setsuna cried to her gag as her hymen was torn.

Pluto struggled between the brick wall and her attacker while the rapist humped her bobbing ass, slapping her buttocks with his thighs. Setsuna pressed her already red cheek against the cold wall, clenching her tearing eyes shut as the unknown man raped her without mercy.
But worst was just to come. Rapist pulled his huge member out of her wet pussy and stuffed it between Setsuna's big ass cheeks. Her dark eyes went open wide, she screamed into her sticky gag as her attacker raped her tight rectum, going inside Setsuna's squeezing sphincter, the dark skinned woman's raised ass rocking underneath the rapist's huge cock. It was painful. She lost her virginity at both holes that night.

Pluto's spread-eagled legs jumped when rapist took his cock away from her well fucked anus. Pushing Setsuna down onto her bare knees, he ripped her tape gag, then forced his semen-drenched member inside Pluto's mouth. She moaned around his cock running down her throat, she sucked on it until her attacker moaned and shoot his sperm down Setsuna's gulping throat, straight into her belly. He left last shot for her face, leaving white trails all over her cheeks and lips.

“I’ll see you someday soon again”, he said before he left, disappearing in the darkness of the night. Pluto coughed, she spit the semen out of her mouth, and then she wiped her face clean. Freeing her hands from the tape, she gathered her clothes.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ami and Mako - Interruption

Oh, Usagi, you should knock before entering one's bedroom, don't you think? Look at poor Ami, she's all red. Oh, I agree she's cute when she's blushing, but damn, you could just knock. He he he, I can see you're blushing as well. What's up? Is it first time you see her topless? What? Is it wrong that we were sleeping in the same bed? Why Ami is naked? You're asking too many questions, odango atama. Just mind your own business, or Rei and Setsuna steal your precious Mamoru.  Oh, I think I said too much. Look Ami, how angry our princess become. Ami? Oh come on, don't cry, please, have a drink, it's a cocoa I made just for you. But I think you can't say that our first time was bad. You're sweet and this little... Oh, Usagi, you're still here? Huh, I think it leaves me no choice. Where did I put this rope, ball gag and handcuffs...?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mako and Minako - Before an auction

"Stop struggling, bitches", said the first slaver. They were preparing Makoto and Minako for their auction. Time was running fast, customers were waiting and girls were still struggling. They bound 'em with solid ropes, making sure that none of them escape. Their breasts were exposed and tied as well in the most painful way. Bottoms of the uniforms were removed, making their womanhoods visible for everyone. Guys stroked their pussies a bit, making them wet and ready. Most of the customers were willing to "check" the stuff before buying. "Test drive" was free for all. Both girls still had some spirit, especially Mako, who was cursing her enemies loudly. Slavers were happy; they knew that there are customers that liked to buy such big mouthed, stubborn girls. They liked to train them hard as well. Minako was crying, having really bad feelings about their upcoming fate. And she was right. Both slavers revealed their dicks and begun to stroke them against senshi's bare legs. It was their ritual of luck. They wanted to get lot of money for these two chicks.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Usagi - Tentacle terror

Driven by some crazy, non-human lust, tentacles quickly grabbed surprised Usagi. They torn her clothes, leaving her boots and gloves untouched only. Sailor senshi, chained to the wall, were looking with shock at the debauchery of their princess. She came here to free them. And when she was just about to break their chains, bunch of tentacles shoot out of nowhere and caught her. Usagi was doing her best to free herself from the moving terror, but she couldn't. Tentacles brought on her knees. Two of them quickly wrapped themselves around her breasts, squeezing them painfully. Usagi started to scream and then other thin tentacles entered her mouth, raping her orally. Two were holding her mouth open wide while third was moving in and out very quickly, leaving slimy trails of white ooze inside Usagi's mouth. But worst was about to come. Lot of tentacles slide under her panties and begun to probe her pussy. Usagi could only moan when her womanhood was penetrated by these ugly things. This was terrible; she was raped in front of her best friends who couldn't help her. Sailor senshi were witnessing debauchery of their leader in silence. Ball gags were keeping their salivating mouth closed. Tentacles begun to spray their liquids into Sailor Moon's defenseless pussy. Madness shone in the Crystal Tokyo queen's eyes. They were impregnating her! She wasn’t pregnant yet, but she knew that she's gonna had a child in the future. But what's now? Is Chibiusa gonna be born from such terrible act?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Mako - Show

"Welcome, sir. Have a sit. Oh, it's you again. It seems that you become my permanent customer. I'm moved; I always thought it's only Ami who has such faithful customers. Mmmm... Thinking about it makes me wet already. Let's turn the music on, I'm gonna strip for you, very, verrrry slowly. Now, piece by piece, I'm stripping my senshi outfit. Oh, these stockings? Yes, they weren't original piece of my senshi costume, but guys like them. You like them too? What, you want to buy them? Bad, naughty boy... but ok, I don't mind. Let me strip my panties. Have a good look at my pussy. See it's bald as a child's face. And it's wet already. I'm gonna stroke it slowly with my fingers, playing with my clitty. Oh yesssss... so goood... I think I'm kinda exhibitionist. There, there, I can see that bulge in your trousers. Here, have my panties, rub them against your rod. Oh, you're so big. I think I'm getting hungry... for this hard cock of yours..."

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rei - working woman

"I'm sorry, but I have a break now, so you can't have me now, sir. Oh please, there are many other girls here, why do you want me so bad? Well, I know I'm a sexy and charming, my long legs and black hair are making guys crazy, but come on, why don't you take Mako? She has biggest boobies here. That's why we all call them her "talents". Can you imagine what she can do with them? Or Ami, she's brilliant. She has mind as great as her body, she loves rape plays, being dressed in her school uniform. You're not into this stuff? Maybe Haruka and Michiru then? Threesome with two hot lesbians? No? Damn, I said I have a break. No, I'm not gonna give you a blowjob, I'm drinking juice, see? Even in this brothel, we have a rules. And break is a break. Take Minako, she's a nympho, she'll give you best sex here. She'll let you fuck her in the ass too. You don't like blondes? Then Usagi is not an option too. Hell, why me? All right, I give up, let's go. But you'll pay extra, right? You're gonna pay double for my work during the break. Geez, it's not a problem for you? You're really stubborn boy. Here's my room. So, let me see what are you hiding in these trousers..."

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mako - Conquered

When Makoto returned to her senses she was in small, dirty room, tied to a chair. Her captor, tall, fat man in black mask had set up lights and cameras targeted into her. Some parts of her outfit was ripped of her, giving him perfect view at her beautiful body

"I'm gonna introduce you into world of adult movies", he said, licking his lips in obscene manner, starring at shocked senshi.
"God, no...", she thought to herself with the utmost dread she had ever experienced, "He can't..." 

“Oh my God... please, it hurts... please no... I’ll do anything, tell you anything, just don’t do this...”, she begged as he stood and lifted up her pelvis to meet his. He plunged his spear up into her defenseless womb, thrusting it out and in and began banging away like a sledgehammer.

“No... no... nooooooo!!! Don’t, please...”, sobbed the now defenseless Sailor Jupiter as she was being raped for the first time.  He leaned over and began to nibble on her nipple. Even as her mind screamed no, she could feel her body begin to betray her, especially when he began to rub her clit with one finger as he moved in and out of her.

“No! I can’t come... Please...", she cried. It only served to make him to move faster and faster as she began to breathe harder. He could feel her begin to get wet and quickened the pace as she cried out.

“I own you now, sailor slut”, he whispered into her ear, kissing and licking it. It was one of her most sensitive erogenous zones. It was all too much for Sailor Jupiter. It was too good.

“Ohhhhh.... Ughmmmmmmm!!!!”, she moaned wantonly as she came again and again and finally once more time as she felt her captor spray his sperm into her. Mako’s mind was in a panic. She had become so sure of herself never being beaten, she had failed. She wasn’t on the pill, and her mind screamed out as she felt this guy spraying his seed into her.

It was captured on camera for all to see: Sailor Jupiter face turned into mask of lust as man continued to fuck her like an animal, his pelvis slamming against hers.

Man continued to fuck Sailor Jupiter for several hours, capturing every second of her debauchery on the cameras. Then he left her there. She was beaten, captured and raped. She couldn’t move because she was so exhausted. Her body was covered with cum, her thighs were crusted with dried cum, her finely trimmed pussy was wet and matted with man’s cum. Bruises were across her breasts, buttocks, thighs and face. There was dried blood where her lip had been cut. As Makoto lay there, naked, beaten and bruised, man entered the room again.

“Tell me, what's your real name, Sailor Slut?”, he asked. Makoto lay there, shocked. Suddenly, masked man grabbed her by the neck and lifted her up, ramming her against the cold wall. “Tell me, bitch”, he demanded.

“Please, anything but that, I...can’t...”, she tried to defend.

“Well, this gonna be funny then,” smiled man as he spread her pussy. As he rammed his member into Makoto, she groaned. Then he took a syringe and gave her a shot.

“What... what did you do?”, Mako asked.
“It’s an aphrodisiac, slut. It’ll turn you into sex starving animal. It's called "Love crack" because you will do anything for sex once you’ve had this inside you”, he smiled pushing his cock into her.

“Ohhhhhhhh...  Ohh! Ohhh! Ohhh!”, Makoto tried to resist the orgasm building inside her, but she couldn't. Man took her nipple to his mouth and began to suck the tip of her "talent". It was enough to push her over the edge as she started to produce screams of pleasure.
“Sooooooo goooooddd!!!! Fuuuuuuck meeeeeee!”  she screamed madly.

Man had her on all fours, fucking her in front for the cameras that were still set up, then on top of her, her on top of him... Makoto had to accept his dick inside her mouth and inside her ass. She was cumming all night long. Finally, he pushed her on the floor. Sperm was oozing out of her holes.

"Pleasssssee.... fuuuuucccck meee... Neeeeeed it sooooo baaaadddd!", she was moaning, as the cum mixed with saliva was leaking out from her open mouth.
"What's your name, slut?", he asked.
"Makoooooootoooo... Kinooooo... dick, pleeeeaseeee...", she moaned, revealing her true identity for her without any hesitation. She betrayed names of other senshi, their addresses and everything he asked her.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Mako - Pleasure of defeat

„All right, I admit that I lost” – Mako was lying down on the street; her outfit was torn in few places. Female youma was starring at beaten senshi with deep contempt. Sailor Jupiter was known as the strongest of all sailor senshi, the one who loves fighting. But in that battle, she was weak like a little child. Bruises were all over her skin. Her captor caught her by her brown ponytail.
“Lick my heels!” – She ordered and Mako had no choice but to do it. She hated it but there was small part of her that found such submission not only pleasurable but also arousing. Mako cleaned both boots of her conqueror and looked up with obedience into her eyes. She wanted to buy some time, wait till the rest of the senshi arrive. But it wasn’t all. She enjoyed being treated like this. When youma hiked her skirt, revealing her pussy, Mako knew what to do very well. Soon wet sounds of licking were heard all around. She gave youma three orgasms before she heard familiar voice.
“Mako! What are you doing!?” – it was Sailor Mars who came with other senshi.
“Oh, that’s you guys…” – Mako smiled – “Well, she forced me… at last, I think she did”.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ami - pet

Wagging her but, Ami obediently followed her new master. She still had marks of his whip on her ass and tits. He was cruel, but she was stubborn one. She knew that hard training was necessary to break her will and turn her into good pet. When he caught her, she was struggling with all her might, doing her best to remain sailor senshi. He had no choice. She was kept all nights in bondage with huge vibrators inside her pussy. He gave her neither food nor drink, only his semen, calling this "high protein diet". Every time she tried to say something without addressing him as a "Master" and herself as a slave, she was receiving solid spanking. Finally, after a week, Ami understood her new situation and get used to it. Now, when the month passed by, her master decided to show her to his friends and let them taste his slave. Ami wasn't very enthusiastic, but he used his best argument to convince her.
"Good morning, masters", she said when she was brought to the room with the guys, "I'm Slave Mercury and I'm willing to serve you in every possible way. I hope you won't be disappointed from my service".

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Haruka and Michiru - Ready to serve

„Welcome sir in our club. We’re here to make sure you’ll be satisfied. My name is Michiru and this is my friend Haruka. Oh yes, of course, you can call us “Michi” and “Ruka”, or any other way you’ll find good. Our job is to make you feel good, after all. You’re asking about our relationship? How to say… well, we’re cousins… he he he… and you may guess, there are people who believes in that bullshit. No, we’re not relatives. We’re lovers. Surprised? You shouldn’t be, sir. Ruka, don’t make such a face, this nice man surly has nothing against lesbians, M’I right, sir? See, Ruka, he even want us to show him to we make love. Isn’t it nice? So, let’s star, give me a kiss. Mmm… nice, sir, she can do awesome things with her tongue, you have to believe. Oh, Ruka… Not so fast…  You’re too eager, let’s give our sir little show, yes, rub your breasts against mine… Sir, you want us to come closer? Of course, I understand it’s hard just to sit and watch…”

Friday, December 3, 2010

Minako - Bad luck

"Nooo! Nooo!", cried Minako as the boys sandwiched her. Venus couldn't believe. She was fighting to free them from the demon's spell. She almost won when after one sign of the beaten demon, his victims approached surprised Sailor Venus. She tried to fight them, but she was no match for bunch of young boys. She couldn’t use her powers on the either, 'cos she doesn't wanted to kill any of them. Soon they ripped her fuku and entered screaming senshi from both sides. She lost virginity in both holes at once. Now they were fucking her while her enemy was looking at everything with grin smile. Tears were running down Minako's face when the hot sperm was leaking out from her ass and pussy. She begged them to free her, but they were deaf for her cries. Soon the second round was started. Long moans of raped senshi were heard as the hard cocks were screwing her.  

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mako - Revenge

Girls from her class never liked Mako. With her big breasts, she was always on top and boys were comparing other girls with her. Mako was proud because of her "talents". This was making her female classmates angry. Finally, they decided that it's time to punish this busty girl who always steals their boyfriends. After the late night party, one of them put the sleepy pills into Mako's drink. When she was sleeping, they took her away, to the one of the poorest parts of the city. She was tied with leather straps and stripped naked. They wrote "bitch" on her face and "rape me" just above her pussy. Gag was added, just to make sure that she's not gonna call for help.
When they returned at morning, they found Mako literally covered with sperm. Her belly grown to enormous size thanks to the gallons of semen she accepted inside her. Someone pierced her nipples with big, metal rings. Countless marks of rapes were written on her legs. Mako was looking at them with empty eyes. They smiled to each other, knowing that she won't be problem for them anymore.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Haruka - decision

"Spread 'em wider, slut", murmured man to Haruka's ears, "You can't be fine sex slave when you can't take all dick inside your fuckhole, understand?"
"Yes, yes...", moaned Haruka when his large dick was getting deep inside her pussy. Blonde dyke couldn't believe that she was giving her body to them willingly. She was lesbian and sex with males was disgusting for her. But she had no choice. Her lover and fellow sailor senshi, Sailor Neptune was in front of her, bound and gagged. Their captors told Haruka that they will leave Michiru untouched but under one condition: Haruka will do anything they'll ask. She had to become their sex slave for the night. It was hardest decision sandy blonde ever made. But she wanted to protect Michiru and cost wasn't important. So she lay down her body on the dirty mattress and let them violate her in all possible ways. She hoped that they'll keep their promises and don't touch Michiru.