Thursday, April 28, 2011

Setsuna - Fallen Guardian

Holding her broken staff in her trembling hands, Sailor Pluto was looking at her enemies with growing fear. She had no idea where they came from and what was their goal. She was fighting with them, defending the Gate of Time, but she lost. They were too strong, even her "Death Scream" couldn't beat them. Her clothes were shattered, her staff was broken, and she was beaten to the ground. Invaders surrounded her, looking at the beaten senshi with contempt. She no idea if they wanted to kill her or not, but she was sure that they had some vile plans about her.
"Come here, slut", said one of the invaders ,"Suck my dick, or I'll force that staff of yours deep inside your sorry ass."
Pluto understood. On her fours, she crawled to the guy and took his big cock into her palms, caressing it with her fingers. She had to contact other girls, told them what happened. But soon her mouth was filled with huge, alien cock. She could see other aliens walking through the Time Gate. She couldn't stop them. She failed as the guardian. All she could do was sucking the cock. It was her punishment.

Makoto - Black Moon Victory

After the final victory of Black Moon Clan Demand and Esmeraude were talking about the fate of the captured sailor senshis. All of them had some potential to be good sex slaves... almost all of them, because Jupiter was stubborn and strong willed girl. Even if her fellow scouts lost their will and grace, she still struggled. Demand understood that she won't be good slave.
Esmeraude decided to turn Jupiter into breeding machine for the army of demons. They needed more soldiers for upcoming wars and Jupiter was perfect mother for them. Strong, hard and with electric powers, she should give birth to lot of precious soldiers of Black Moon. They threw her into the pit of demons. Jupiter was struggling even there, but when the month passed by and Esmeraude visited her, she could see not sign of previous stubbornness in the eyes of the captured senshi.
Jupiter was hanging, being hold by the sharp, iron claws, while the demon's cock was pumping her pussy hard. She gave birth to the six demons now. Her offspring was growing hard and Esmeraude knew that sooner or later they will be fucking their own mother, forcing her to give birth to their brothers.  

Monday, April 25, 2011

Ami - Breaking

Bound with ropes, Ami was trembling from growing fear. She had no idea where she was or who captured her. But whoever did this, was expert with bondage. Ami couldn't move her body, but feel no pain. Still, she was afraid of what might happen to her. Blue haired senshi couldn't use her powers to free herself from that terrible trap. She could only wait.
"All right, boss, she's ready" - she heard a male voice as well as steps. Some people came inside the room she was in. Their eyes were gazing at bound beauty. Ami could feel their eyes on her. They were starring at helpless senshi with perverted smiles. But thanks to the darkness around her, their faces were invisible for her.
"Proceed with breaking her" - low, grim voice gave a command. Light filled the room, forcing Ami to close her eyes. Some hands touched her, groping and caressing her body, undressing her from her sailor senshi uniform. She knew what was going on and started to cry as the first cock entered her pussy. But soon her mouth was filled with another dick. Long night, full of pain and cruelty, was about to begin.

Haruka and Michiru - Punished

"No, please master, we will be good today. We will do anything you want from us, we will please your guest with our bodies and do everything they'll tell us to do. I promise, I will not beat or bite anyone, no matter what they'll do to Michiru. Yes, that's promise. Just don't whip us again. My back is all red and poor Michiru still has problems with sitting. We will be good, obedient slaves, willing to serve our master. Just please, take the whip away. May I suck your cock in excuse for my bad behavior yesterday? I shouldn't hit your guest, I know. I just couldn't stand watching him raping my precious Michiru. But it was first and last time I was acting like this. Next time I will help her to spread her legs wider for him. I will even lick her pussy after. You have to trust me, master. Is it ok? Look, there's no more anger and hate in my eyes, only obedience. Give us one more chance before selling us to this dirty, cheap brothel in Bombay".

Monday, April 4, 2011

Minako - Caught by surprise

"Venus crystal power, make... auughhh!!!" - Minako couldn't finish her transformation formula, because monster grabbed her from behind and made her wand to fall from her hand on earth. Shining rod fell down and it's light faded away. Monster wasted no time, he immobilized struggling senshi, being sure that she won't be able to break free from his hands. Minako yelled and kicked, but creature was stronger enough to do anything it wanted with captured Sailor Venus. Blonde could feel long, warm, slimy tongue caressing her face, leaving wet trail of ugly saliva on her pretty cheeks. It was so disgusting, but she couldn't escape from that touch. Creature started to undress helpless girl, preparing her for long and painful mating session. It was sure that she will be perfect breeding machine, ready to give birth to a hundreds of young monsters. 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Usagi - Waking up

"Yeoooowww..." -  Usagi yawned, when she woke up. She slowly opened her eyes to notice something strange. First, she was naked. Second, she wasn't sleeping in her bed. Third, it wasn't her room as well. Fourth, there was some old man sleeping beside her! What happened? She still had parts of her Sailor Moon outfit on her. She tried to leave the bed, but then that man turned to her and grabbed her by arm.
"Don't go, slut, I want second ride"
"What... I don't wanna!! No! Don't touch me!!" - Cried Usagi, as man forced her on the bed and sat on her.
"Ahhhhh!!! Ahhhh!!!" - She was crying when his stiff cock parted her pussy lips.
"What's going on?" - He asked - "You were very happy yesterday?"
Yesterday? She was at the party with her friends. Did she drink too much? She could remember some old guy trying to date with her but she dumped him. But then, she got some drinks... and there was blackness.
"Stop resisting! I paid you, just like you wished!"
"Paid? Please, I'm not a whore! Let me..."
"Shut up! I hate such double faced bitches. Deal is a deal".