Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ami and Minako - Energy sources

Each of them was captured alone. Beast, rich with memories sucked from their friends, had no problems with locating another two sailor scouts. Sailor Venus was in the shower, when suddenly wall in her bathroom turned into shining, red space. Blue tentacles crawled out of it, catching and immobilizing her naked body without any problems. She had no time for crying or transforming, tentacles grabbed her and carried through the red, shining wall. Sailor Mercury was changing for the sleep, when her mirror began to glow. Its surface becomes bloody red. Blue haired scout managed to transform herself into Sailor Mercury, but it was too late. Tentacles wrapped themselves around her body, catching her just like the others. She tried to scream, but one of the tentacles gagged her instantly. Very soon was on the other side, in the horror she couldn’t even imagine. Her outfit was torn into thousand pieces. She noticed Sailor Venus hanging there, all her orifices were penetrated by the blasphemous tentacles of the unknown beast. Before she could think, she meet same fate. Without any warning, tentacles began to rape her. She could struggle, but she couldn’t free herself.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Sailor Moon - Ass test

„What a cute, round ass we have here” demon laughed while fingering Sailor Moon’s ass. She groaned and begged him to stop, but she could as well beg river to stop running. Demon had lot of fun and her useless begs were only making him eager to play with her defenseless body. Her friends were scattered around, all immobilized by tentacles and watching their leader being molested by the enemy in the most humiliating way. But they hoped she'll endure this. She was Sailor Moon. She had to be stronger than all of them.

“I can feel you’re getting horny just from playing with you asshole, Sailor Moon” he said “Are you that perverted? Fingering you ass is making you wet? Let’s see if I can make you cum…”
“No!!!! Nooo!!! Please!!! You can’t…”
“I can’t? Let’s check it out then” smiled demon and double his efforts, adding one more finger. Sailor Moon’s moans become louder and more lewd. She was crying, her droll was dripping on earth from her open wide mouth. Struggling with all her remained strength, she was doing her best to fight the upcoming pleasure. But it was another battle she couldn’t win…

“Ahhhh!!!! Ohhhhh!!!! Nooo! Noooo!!! Aaaaaaaah!!!!” she cried out loudly, announcing her lose. She came hard, staining her white panties with pussy juices.
“So, you’re nothing more but the anal whore who can get climax just from her ass. Interesting…” demon smiled and rose, leaving humiliated Sailor Moon on earth. “Now, I wonder if the rest of you, Sailor Scouts, are anal freaks as well… Which one should I check first” he looked at the bound, trembling girls around, licking his lips as she could feel their growing fear…

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Rei and Makoto - energy sources

Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mars were twisting and wriggling in the strong grip of slimy tentacles wrapped around their slim, young bodies. They were hanging in the strange abyss, filled with pulsating, red light. Dark blue tentacles were crawling all over their soft skin. Both sailor scouts were naked, pieces of their torn uniforms were scattered around like a trash. Even their boots were removed, leaving their bodies completely nude and defenseless against that strange, alien terror. But none of them was in position to fight or even defend themselves anymore.

Not very far from them was big, glowing ball of blue energy that hung in the space. It emanated with pale, sickly light. It was the source of all tentacles in that place. There was no root of the ball, it floated in the space, with one, single point in its centre that looked like an eye. It’s gaze was pointed at the captured girls during their entire torment. At the beginning they were powerful sailor scouts, but no more. Their energy was already sucked from their bodies, leaving them weak and powerless, almost like normal, human girls. Almost, because still, deep inside them was a source of their powers that made monster hungry for more. For Sailor Mars and Jupiter it was like being kept into terrible prison with nameless horrors from another times and space.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Makoto - Imprisoned

Chained, in the cold, dirty cell, Sailor Jupiter trembled from fear. She could her screams from the other cells. Her fellow Sailor Scouts were there. Sometimes she even managed to recognize the voice. She could only guess what was going on. It’s been month since they were imprisoned there, in the dungeon deep under the castle of the Black Moon. Their leader, Sailor Moon, was now King Demand’s concubine. And they… ended there. Slaves and toys to the Black Moon’s army, nothing more. Jupiter wasn’t sure if death wouldn’t be better that such sad fate. Once again terrible scream echoed in the walls. “My ass!!!! Stop it!!! My asss!!!” Makoto recognized that voice. It was Sailor Mercury. Was she whipped or butt fucked? She couldn’t tell. She was suffering, that was everything she could be sure. But why none ever came to her cell? Why they left her untouched, tormenting her friends instead? Wasn’t she unworthy? Jupiter was always proud of her shapes, especially her tits. So why none ever came to play with her?  Those constant cries were making her horny; she even rubbed the chain against her twat to make herself good. Finally, after a week, she managed to crawl to the barrels and cry as loud as she could “Please! Somebody! Fuck me! I’m busty bimbo whore! I can suck your cocks and take ‘em inside! Play with me! Pleasseeee!!!”.
She went silent, aware what she just said. Was it her real self? But before she was able to think logically, she heard steps of many men. They were coming closer…