Monday, May 16, 2011

Haruka - For the science

"Ok, here's our next subject. Her name is Haruka and she is racing driver. But it's not very important. What is much more interesting for us is that she's a sailor scout and lesbian as well. How did I found it? Well, as you know, I'm gynecologist and she was my patient. I accidentally found that she is Sailor Scout and used hypnosis to invite her at out little party. I don't have to tale you that it's rather unique chance for us to analyze the body of magical girl? Thanks to the hypnosis she will cooperate, so we can do everything. Yes, by everything I mean literally everything. You don't believe? Ok, Haruka spread your legs for us. See? Let's prepare our stuff now; it will be very busy evening. And after we'll finish our work, she will be our obedient pet for whole night. Her hypnosis will end tomorrow at morning, so feel free to use her as you like. After all, you can't have lesbian magical girl everyday...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Michiru - Teacher's pet

"Ungh... you're so big, sensei..."
"Of course I'm, you silly lesbian cunt! Your tight pussy didn't get used to big cocks inside it, but I'll swear, I'll cure you."
"Please... I promised I'll be your sex slave... but don't insult me..."
"What? I caught you screwing with the other girl! Be a good pussy or I'll tell the other teachers and you'll be kicked out of the school. I'm sure that none wants to have raging lesbian in our school. We're proud of our reputation. So, ride me, my slutty, lesbian cowgirl!"
"Yes, sir... ohhh... ohhh..."
"Week or two and you'll love this feeling of big cock filling your tight pussy. I won't let you touch any other girl. Girls haven't dicks! And you'll be addicted to cocks, you'll see!"

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Makoto - Arrested

"Here's the slut we caught yesterday. She claimed she was some kind of superhero or else, but who cares? She was arrested because of devastations she made in the park. Till the trial, she'll be here, so this means that she's ours for next week. Yes, you heard it right. We have that busty bimbo for next seven days. Be careful, she's rather violent, so she needs some punishment before we’ll start our fun. Bring me a paddle; I'm going to spank this sexy ass hard. This will help her to understand her current situation. You know, she kicked the guard who groped her tits. I don't want to risk my balls being kicked too. Hold her this way. All right, slut raise you ass high and count. One... two... three... If you want me to stop, just say "Please, fuck me!” as loud as you can. But you don’t have to hurry, I’ll love to spank your sexy ass.

Ami - beach bitch

"Mghmmm!!! Mphmmm!!"
"Do not complain, slut, suck my dick stronger. Let everyone at the beach see how slutty, shameless girl you are. Isn't it funny, Ami? When I found that you're really a Sailor Mercury, I was puzzled. I wasn't sure how to use such knowledge. Blackmailing your just for money was boring. But there are better ways... So, making you to go out with me for summer vacations was brilliant idea. You're gonna be my willing, cock sucking slut for whole month. Isn't it great? I know that people are looking at you with utter disgust. Relax, we're far from Japan, they think that you're just another horny cockslut. Suck me faster!"
"Ghmmm... gulp... gulp..."
""You know this job well, right? I wonder how many dick you had between these pretty lips of yours. You're natural born cock sucker, Ami. And I love that look, your innocent face with the stains of cum all over. That's why I told you not to wipe your cheeks after the previous blow job. Think of it as your new make-up. Oh yes, I feel I'm gonna cum again soon. Remember to swallow everything, do not leave a single drop, or another load will go on your hair, as your new shampoo!"

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Inner Senshi - Under the spell

"All right, stop right here, Sailor Sluts! Do not make a single move, or your queen lost her head! Good, wise girls. See Sailor Moon, your friends came too late; they can't save you right now. You're in my power and they will join you soon. I said, don't move! Look into this shining ball of light, girl. Right, look, look deeply into my ball. Isn't it pretty? Such a nice color... Glittering and dancing... making you nice and obedient... Look... You can't take your eyes of it, girls... Don't take your eyes of my ball, and reveal your boobs to me... Yes, rip this silly clothes, I want to see these famous tits of Sailor Senshi. Mmm... cool... Take your panties away as well, girls... Yes, you look lovely now. Nice, sexy and very, very fuckable. Listen to me, you'll walk like this through the city and fuck every man you'll meet. When you'll reach your homes, you'll turn back and return to me. Now, go!"

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Minako - V Bussines

"Yes, come on here, you won't be disappointed, that's the promise. After all, I'm a warrior of love and incarnation of goddess Venus. Yes, close the door and sit on the bed, right beside me. You're asking why I'm here? Well, even we, magical girls, need money. I might be super hero, but I have my needs and none pays me for fighting monsters. But guys like you pay for being with me, so... No, don't touch my mask. You can touch me anywhere you want, but there one condition - you can't take my mask from my face. Why? That’s my little, sweet secret. But enough talking, you didn't pay for chat, right? That's correct, sit here and let me give you best lap dance in your life. And after this... he he he... I can't believe, you're blushing. It's so cute... Come on, kiss me... Good... This gonna be best night in your life."

Monday, May 9, 2011

Rei - Cruel Lesson

"Shit, what happened to her? She was pretty one. Why did you give her such treatment? She'll be ruined?"
"Serves that bitch right. When I told her to suck my cock, she tried to bit me. I was lucky enough to save my manhood."
"And it's all because of this..."
"No, that's not all. She kicked me in my balls hard, called me with many bad words. That Mars whore even spit on me! I had to punish her!"
"But to ruin such sexy body..."
"Don't worry; we still have rest of these sailor sluts. One less is not a big problem. Moreover, we can always show her to them as an example. They'll see what's gonna happened if they won't be good whores."
"That's an idea, I agree. But what's with her? You're gonna leave her like that?"
"Not a chance. I'm gonna keep her like this for next two days. Then I'm gonna invite her into the world of enemas."
"Damn, you're cruel."
"Such proud whores need to know their place. Believe me, when we'll meet again next week, she'll be crawling on her fours, calling me her master. Wanna make a bet?"

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Usagi - Prison Break

"Noooo!!! Somebody help me, pleasssseeee!!", Usagi's voice echoed in the empty, long corridors under the castle of Prince Demand. She managed to escape from her cell, where she was kept after she and the other sailor scouts were captured by the Black Moon Clan. Usagi was sure that she will be able to escape from that terrible place and find a way to help her imprisoned fellows. But she was wrong.
She was the one who needed help already. Huge beast, who was the guardian of the prison, was following her. Usagi was powerless, her attacks weren't working. She was tired and the beast was getting closer. Finally, fat hand grabbed her slim, long leg and Usagi fell on earth. Sharp claws ripped her white outfit, revealing her body. Usagi could feel Warm breath of the monster on her neck. She was struggling, but monster was too strong for her. It ripped lower part of her fuku. Usagi was trembling and screaming for help, when the huge, long cock begun to invade her pussy.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Ami - Good student

Crawling on her fours, like an obedient puppy, Ami approached her teacher. They were in his flat. Since he found that his best student is really Sailor Mercury, he started to blackmail her. First he just made her to let him grope her body, look under her skirt or caress her full breasts. But of course, it wasn't everything. After a week, he asked for a handjob and Ami did it. She was deeply embarrassed when her hand was all covered with his sticky semen, but she wasn't able to resist.
Week passed by and he invited her to his flat after the school. When they were inside, he made Ami to walk on her fours, like a dog, put a leash on her neck and sat on the sofa, looking at his slave with lust. Blue eyes of Sailor Mercury were filled with tears as she was looking at his huge cock pointed into her pretty face. She knew very well what he wanted her to do, but she was afraid of it. It was her first blowjob.
"Come here, Ami, be a good student and suck your teacher's dick. I know you can't wait to wrap your lips around my cock", said her sensei, forcing Ami to come closer. His dick was already touching her cheeks...