Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rei - Stripping out of controll

- Please, don't look at me like this - cried Rei with tears shining in her eyes. It was humiliating to undress in front of the stranger. But she couldn't help it. Something stronger than her made Rei Hino to take some unknown guy by his hand and lead him to the toilet. Man was too surprised to even ask her what's going on. After all, she was sexy, young girl, so he didn't complain. When they were inside, Rei leaned against the wall and begun to undress her clothes. Man was looking at her with visible interesting. Sailor Mars didn't know that outside the toilet was Eudial, disguised as the saleswoman. When she saw a girl very familiar to Sailor Mars in the shopping centre, she decided to humiliate her a bit. Using her magic, she put an "Exhibicionous" spell on Rei. And now, inside the toilet, helpless Sailor Mars was stripping her clothes for the unknown man, doing it slowly and very sexy. Man was highly aroused and his cock was stiff and hard. That girl was acting pretty strange, making nice strip tease for him and telling him to not watch her. But he didn't care about her words. Instead, he put his hard dick out of his trousers and approached trembling Rei...

Sailor Scouts - Made to serve

Dressed in scanty, provocative clothes, five sailor scouts were lying on the soft carpet, with their head of the cute pillows. Stretching their sexy bodies, they were yawning and purring. Girls had very hard night after them. It was their first night working the Witches 5 house of fun. After Eudial made a special spray that turned all the girls into obedient slaves, witches decided to make some money on their new servants. That's why they opened new club in the centre of Tokyo. They also employed some other girls, but main stars were five former sailor scouts. Each had her own specialty. Makoto, dressed in bdsm clothes, was cruel mistress. Usagi was doing strip tease and pole dancing. Ami, dressed in the shorter and much more revealing version of schoolgirl uniform, was serving drinks and occasionally giving blowjobs. Rei's speciality was lap dance. And Minako simply loved to do a titjobs for the horny men. After all evening, each girl was taken to her room, where they had to serve their customers. Mimete was counting money, while Tellu's job was to lead customers to the rooms and show them all the whores. Viluy was working in the bar, while Cyprine and Ptilol where bodyguards, taking care about drunken and brutal guys. Witches didn't want their precious pet to be harmed, after all. And they were about to open two more rooms, since Uranus and Neptune were still free… but not for long.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rei - Cat's Cradle

- Ride me, whore! Ride my naughty, futanari dick, you skanky bitch! - screamed Nekonelle, fucking Rei's pussy without mercy. She was lucky enough to find real identity of the Sailor Mars, following her to the Hikawa shrine. She hide there, waiting for evening. When Rei went to bed, youma attacked Rei. Surprised senshi had no chance to resist, since violet catgirl was way too strong than her. Ripping her clothes into pieces, Nekonelle bound Rei with the leather belts and then positioned helpless shrinemaiden above her. Shocked Rei discovered that youma has male cock. And soon after this cock was plunged inside her pussy. Rei wasn't virgin, she offered her first time to Yuuichirou year ago, but Nekonelle's cock was bigger than her boyfriend’s. It was almost tearing her apart. Nekonelle was laughing and screwing poor Sailor Mars, giving her powerful climax after climax. And with every orgasm, she was taking Mars power away, turning fire senshi into the mindless sex slave. She knew that after few more climaxes Rei will be begging her for more. And she couldn't wait to see that proud, black haired girl on her knees, asking for sex. She will betray other senshi for sure. Nekonelle was sure that they will also love the feeling of her cock inside their tight pussies. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Setsuna - Housebreaking

Setsuna was trembling in the corner of the bed. Haruka and Michiru left for a week, leaving their home alone. They asked green haired senshi to look for their home and for Hotaru as well. She agreed. It was Thursday. Hotaru was at Usagi's home and time guardian was sure she'll be able to relax a bit. But she was wrong. When she was taking a shower, someone opened the door of the home. Two masked men went inside. When they caught her, she was taken to her room and closed there. Both men were looking at her body with lust. They closed the door and begun to undress. She knew what they were going to do and she was afraid of this since she was still a virgin, despite her age. She had secret crush on Endymion and wanted him be her first. Their big cocks were already hard, just from watching her statuesque figure dressed in the scanty, red underwear only. Setsuna wanted to become invisible, to disappear. But her worst fear was that Hotaru might return at any minute. And since senshi of death and rebirth was already in the last class of high school, Setsuna had no doubts that she'll become their victim as well.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Usagi - Hard working woman

Usagi lay on her fours while she sucked the fat cock of one man and took the second customer's dick deep into her pussy. Odango girl moaned as she slurped on the cock plunging between her open lips, her pelvis bucked as she fucked the second cock moving inside her wet womanhood.

It was a month since she begun to work in the whorehouse. She finished school, finished being Sailor Moon as well, but Mamoru left her, moreover, he left her with kid. Usagi was desperately seeking for job. After some failures, she found the one. Even if she was about 20, she still looked like teenager. That's why she was working in her old school uniform.

The man fucking Usagi's mouth reached down to massage Usagi's perky tits. He tuched and twisted her pink nipples, while Usagi sucked the man's cock down to his hairy balls. She never liked taking in the mouth, but whores have no choice but to do what customers wants.

Man moving between Usagi's thighs grunted as he pounded Usagi's wet pussy. He thrust deep into Usagi's bald cunnie, plugging Usagi's vagina with his veiny, long dick.

Taking two guys at once wasn't easy for the beginning slut, but Usagi was popular. Many old men wanted to have their time with teenage-looking slutty schoolgirl. Knowing how much depeneds on her work, Usagi was doing her best, to act sexy. Their favorite "part" was when she was approaching them, saying: "Daddy, I had bad grades at school again". She had an experience, after all. Then "daddy" was ususally undressing her and that's how it goes.

Usagi writhed naked between these two men, taking their fat dicks between her red lips and pussy. She bucked and grinded with both of the strangers fucking her young body with madness in their eyes. They both had their own daughters, much younger than Usagi.

Sometimes she was wondering if these men could ever look at their kids as a sexual objects. Probably not, they were normal salarymen. But even they needed some relax after work. And she was their relax. Since it was best and fast source of the money, she was taking as much customers as possible. 

Sperm was on her face and over her flat stomach as the two panting men withdrew from the odango girl wet holes. They put a money on the table and  left without a word. Usagi started to clean herself, preparing fo the next customers.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ami - Sailor Cocksucker

- Cock! Big cock! Slut wants more big cocks! - Sailor Mercury was stroking vigorously two huge cocks pointed into her face. Her eyes wers shining, these long, fat rods were like a something magical to her. She was addicted to them, wanted to touch them, lick them, taste them, suck them, inhale their smell. It was something new for shy and goody two shoes medicine student. But during one of the experiments she was sprayed with some strange, pink liquid. And since then, everything in her life changed. She wasn't sailor senshi anymore, but every evening she was dressing her old, Sailor Mercury outfit and wandering around the city. She was looking for mature men in the parks and offered them free blowjobs, handjobs and stuff. It was stronger than her. When she was back home, enormous shame was making her hard to sleep. Spending all of her free time, Ami worked in laboratory in hope for finding an antidote. And every evening she couldn't stop herself from another blowjob route around the city. Big, veiny dicks were calling for her, making her mouth salivating. Sailor Cocksucker, as she was calling herself, had another long night before her. Very busy night, bathed in cum.

Usagi - Dancer

Rhythmical, disco music was getting louder when Usagi hit the scene. It was her debut here. When Mamoru returned from the USA, he had some hardships with finding new work. She was working as the office girl, but it was hard to earn enough money. So she decided to look for better work. Telling nothing to Mamoru, she started to work at the nightclub. First she was just a waitress, walking in the scanty outfit and serving drinks to the customers. But owner had an eye on sexy blonde odango girl and offered her better paid job - pole dancing. Usagi had no experience with it, but Minako gave her some lessons. Venus was working in that business since she left her sailor senshi stuff. Blondes were always wanted. And Usagi's debut was coming. She entered the scene dressed in blue microbikini and very high heels. Smiling and waving to the gathered crowd, she touched the metal pole with a trembling fingers and begun the dance. Soon she could hear applause and cheers. Guys found new pole dancer very sexy and after few minutes, she could see some money being thrown on the scene. She smiled and spread her legs wide for the grande finale. She had only one problem now - how to tell Mamoru about her new, big earns?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ami and Mako - Choice

- So, here they are, which one you want? Blue is shy and timid one, her name is Ami and she'll be perfect, if you're looking for rather obedient and nice slave. She's into women and costume play too. I'd say she's not very good when it comes to bondage because of being crybaby. Treat her well and she'll be excellent maid. Oh, just be sure to not underestimate her. She's a genius and her perfect body comes with a perfect brain. So little spanking once a week will remind her her about her place. Moreover, she's skilled in medicine, so you'll have your own nurse for free.
Green one? She's a tomboyish girl. We didn't do anything to break her will or spirit so her master will be lucky to train her. Not very submissive, she often curses and demands to free her. If you want her, better be prepaired for long slave training. Such girls are not submitting easy. She's into bondage, that's what I'm sure. As a bonus, she's a skilled cook, so if you'll manage to make her obedient slave, she might be very good maid and cook too. But her eduction will be long. Well, some customers are enjoying this part the most. 
I know, it's not easy choice.You're still not sure, mister? Well, you can visit us next week. I can't promise that these two will be on sale, but we're waiting for the transport of the new ones. As far as I know there gonna be two sexy lesbians. So? What's your decision?

Rei - Prisoner of the sisters

- Mghmmm!!! - Rei moaned wordlessly, trying to free herself from the bondage. But she couldn't, no matter how hard she tried. One who put that stuff on her, was skilled enough to make sure, that her prisoner won't be able to break free. Ayakashi Bethier, who caught Rei by surprise, wanted to make captured Sailor Mars her personal pet. Currently she was talking with her sisters about best ways of slave training. She decided that the first step will be to keep Rei in this position for the long time. When Sailor Mars will find that is completely on the mercy of her captor, her spirit will become weaker. Rei's outfit was torn in some places and her dress was gone. Berthier gave Rei big amount of water to drink before closing her there. She knew that full bladder will made Rei's resistance even more pathetic. She also place some speakers on the cell and Rei could hear sound of water coming from them. This wasn't very helpful. and Ayakashi sisters were sitting in the room up to her, drinking tea and looking at their prisoner at the screen of the TV, taking bets how long Rei will stay calm before calling and begging to let her go to the toilet.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Rei - Paying for it

- Nice boobies - said an old man, caressing Rei's breasts in his hands, massaging them slowly. Rei was blushing, but since she agreed for that, she couldn't resist him. That homeless guy knew where was the youma hideout. He promised her that he will tell the details, but not for free. In exchange he wanted to grope her body for 15 minutes. Rei agreed without doubts. Groping was nothing bad, since she could stay in her outfit all the time. But as his hands were playing with her full breasts, kneading them and twisting her nipples throught the tight material of her fuku, Rei could feel that she's getting aroused. One of his hands moved between her legs and begun to massage her crotch. It doesn't matter that her pussy was covered - Rei was getting horny. She tried to hide her feelings, but man found it quickly, rubbing her already wet pussy through the material. Soft moans were escaping from her mouth. Time was passing by. Rei looked at the clock. He should stop molesting her 2 minutes before. But she said nothing, moreover, she moved her trembling hand to his trousers and begun to unzip his fly.
- Oh? - he asked, but did nothing as Rei's fingers touched his cock and begun to stroke his shaft. His hand slipped under her outfit, slowly parting her wet pussy lips. Rei looked at the clock again. It seemed that her stay here will be much longer. But she didn't care, since that homeless man already undressed top of her fuku, caressing her naked breasts in his hands. Her moans were louder...

Michiru - Playing her violin

- Ohhhh!!!! Ohhhh!!! - Michiru was moaning loudly, as the huge cock was moving deep inside her pussy. It wasn't her first time with a man. She preferred women, but she had nothing against doing it with guys as well. Of course, Haruka would get mad knowing that, sandy blonde was always sure that her lover is 100% lesbian. But this time was different. Michiru, who was always very independent, was forced to do it. Manager of the bigger American concert hall gave her an offer: she'll be able to have a live show there, but in return, she had to be his fucktoy during her stay in USA. She accepted that, so every evening she was spreading her legs for him. It was last day of her USA tournee. That fat, ugly manager loved screwing Michiru in her elegant clothes. He was calling it "playing her violin", where "violin" was her pussy and his dick was a "bow". She was moaning while CD player was playing on her music in the background.  She tried to hide her feelings, but she couldn't hide how much she loved his huge cock digging a tunnel deep inside her. She knew that it will be impossible for Haruka to do the same. Michiru started to think if she should look for addresses of her old friends and lovers. Or maybe she should just call Mamoru after her return to Japan and ask him to go with her to some nice love hotel where he could play on her "violin" too?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ami - Hard week

I'll tell you, this was something amazing. We were drinking there, like always, the some weird things happened. Bright lights, hot chicks fighting with some kind of demons, you know. Me and my pal hide there, looking at the show. These chicks were sailor senshi, bet you heard about them. Yes, these panty flashing superheroines. They kicked the demons out of there, but then disappeared in some kind of magic gate or something, I don't know. We left our hideout to find one of these chicks still there. She was semi conscious; probably something hit her too hard. We looked at each other very quickly. We grabbed that blue haired chick into the backstreet. Oh man, she was weak, but she was still struggling. But her resistance had gone, when my pal pushed his fat cock into her ass. Oh God, you should hear her screams. I was afraid that someone might hear her and gagged her mouth with my dick. We were fucking her good, changing numerous times. I can't remember how many times we filled her holes with our sperm. Surly enough to make her pregnant. So, that's how it happened. You know now why she is here and sucking your cock like good whore. We told her that if she'll be our whore for a week, we'll give her back her transformation stuff. It was three days ago, so she has four more days of fucking and sucking. That’s why we invited all the guys from neighborhood; we're not greedy, after all. Her name? Amy or Ally, who cares? We're just calling her slut. That's enough for a name. Look, I said "slut" and she just turned her eyes on me. See? She gets used to it. Some call her "cum drinker" or "sperm sucker", I bet I heard "blue haired cunt" some times. Oh, there she swallows. Yes, give her all; she's on high protein diet, since the sperm is the only thing we're giving her to eat. Come on slut, when you'll be done with my friend, I want you to clear the mess on the floor you made. And better be hurry, because there's long line of guys waiting for your service tonight.

Usagi - Talking while you sleep

- And where did you found her?
- In the park. She was senseless. I thought it's just some schoolgirl that drunk one beer too much, but then I looked at her more carefully and damn, I knew I saw her somewhere.
- I'm not sure if brining her here was a good idea. She's some kind of superheroine, you know.
- Oh come on. Look at her. Does she looks like some kind of heroine for you?
- I think... no. I can see only blonde bombshell with very fuckable body.
- That's right. I can't wait till I'll put my hands on these boobies. They look so soft.
- Yeah, they are, trust me.
- Did you...
- But of course. I had to undress her, do you think she was naked when I found her?
- And you...?
- No, just look, she still got her panties on her. I wanted to see her eyes when she'll awake and find that we're fucking her.
- So what are we waiting for?
- Right, let's go. Gonna take pussy or ass first?
- Pussy, of course. If I'll be lucky, I'm gonna pop her cherry.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ami - Bullied

„Show me your pussy, Ami”
“Yes, Manabe-kun”
“Good slut, you weren’t shaving it, just as I told you”
“I like these blue pussy hair of yours, Mizuno. It’s sexy”
“Thank you, Manabe-kun”
“How it is to walk all the day without panties?”
“It’s embarrassing… and humiliating… but you asked me to…”
“Yes, you’re right. It was my order, since you’re my slut, Ami. But I’m bored of it. I think I have new idea”
“Here, take this butt plug and put it between these perky ass cheeks”
“Unghmmm… hmmmgmmm…”
“Yes, this way. I want you spend all the day with that thing in your ass”
“But… I have PE lessons…”
“Don’t worry, your PE teacher would love to his top student with this little, well, maybe not so little toy in her ass. All right, I have to go. Do as I told you, Mizuno, otherwise…”
“Yes, I know, Manabe-kun. I’ll do as you told me”
“That’s a good slut”