Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ami - Overused

„I think we overworked her… Look at her, she looks like a broken toy…”
„I guess she is… but you can see, her body is not broken at all”
“We fucked her all night long, I bet she’s pregnant if she wasn’t on the pill”
“Who cares? Come on, help me”
“What are you doing?”
“I’m gonna carry her to my car”
“What? Don’t you think we should leave her here?”
“It’d be waste. I’m gonna wash her clean and feed with a special mixtures of drugs. Trust me, she’ll forget about everything. It will make her much more obedient and calm. Don’t you remember how she was screaming while we were fucking her?”
“How can I forget…”
“Ok, she’ll be very good and willing to do everything we’ll tell her. Ok, grab her arms, we need to hurry before she’ll return to her senses.”

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Setsuna and Hotaru - New Work

„Do you like our bodies?”, Setsuna asked shyly, as they walked inside. She and Hotaru were both nude, save to their scant panties. These were the rules they had to obey. Sailor Pluto was afraid of her younger protégée. Sailor Saturn wasn’t ready for such things, she knew. But…
“Yes, I like ‘em”, said pimp, looking at them. He was already fucking both girls in his imagination, but he had to stop his thoughts now, “As we agreed, you’re gonna work for me since today, right?”
“Yes, sir”, Setsuna answered, she blushed when he said the word “work”. She knew that it meant whoring, selling their bodies for money. Since he discovered their secret identities, they had to pay him money to keep their secret for himself. But when Setsuna’s account become empty, she had to find another way to get the money. Haruka and Michiru were on tournee on the other side of the world, so…
“You’ll be very profitable whores, I’m sure of that”, pimp smiled, “As for you, Setsuna, you’re gonna be a stripper too, men would like to see you making pole dancing.”
“Yes, sir”, she nodded.
“You, Hotaru, gonna work in your school uniform. There’s lot of horny guys who would love to fuck a schoolgirl.”
“Yes, sir”, Hotaru was deeply embarrassed.
“But first, I need to test your skills…”
“Our skills…”, Setsuna’s face was puzzled.
“That’s right. So, Setsuna, you’re gonna give me a lap dance first. Hotaru, wait there, you’ll be sucking something soon…”

Monday, May 14, 2012

Ami - Lesson

„When do you finally learn to swallow everything, you fucking bitch!”, whip crossed the air, biting into Mercury’s soft skin once again. Ami cried from pain. It’s been sixth time she’s been whipped since she was kidnapped and sold into this brothel. First time it was some kind of “welcome whipping”. Second, when she started to cry and call her captors with foul words. Third, after her first attempt to escape. Fourth, when she resisted the whoring. Fifth whipping came after her second failed escape.
This time she was punished because she couldn’t swallow the cum. Her belly was resisting, she had to puke. Blue haired genius still couldn’t accept such degradation. She wanted to be a doctor, not a whore.
“I think we have no other way but to make you get used to the sperm”, slaver brought the hose and attached the tip of it to the o-ring in Ami’s face. “You’re gonna drink the semen as long as you’ll love the taste.”, he said with evil smile and started the machine. With the eyes grown from fear and disgust, Ami saw big glass bottle filled with bull semen. Machine started to pump it straight into her mouth…

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Setsuna - Student's pet

„Our sensei is such a horny slut”, one her Setsuna’s students spread her legs wide, having excellent view at her sexy lingerie. She was already moaning, feeling their hands on her, crawling all over her body, caressing her vulnerable places. She couldn’t help it. Boys were mature and had their needs. And since she didn’t wanted them to assault any of the girls in the school, Setsuna offered her body to satisfy them three times in the week. At the beginning it was awful, but very soon she found it nice.
“Open your mouth”, commanded another stud and forced his dick between her prefect lips, forcing dark skinned beauty to give him a blowjob. Somebody caressed her pussy through the material of her satin panties. Wet, dark spot appeared on them. Fingers were twisting and turning her nipples.
“Please… fuck me…”, Setsuna’s body was burning from desire and all she needed was a cock inside her moist womanhood.
“Beg for it! Beg for it like a slut!”
“Please… give it to me… I can’t live without your hard dicks… I love them… I’m sperm addicted whore!!!!”
“Seems we trained her well. All right, let’s sandwich her!”

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rei - Fire vs Water

„What are we gonna do with her? No matter how hard we beat her, she remained silent. We still don’t know where the other sailor sluts are hiding and what are their real names.”
“You are morons. Beating her will do no good here. We need to work in different way…”
“But boss told us that he want her remain virgin. You know, slavers are paying much more for a virgins.”
“Yeah, I know, but did I say anything about popping her cherry? She’ll be a virgin, I swear. There are many ways to break the pride of the stubborn bitches like her. Yes, I’m talking ‘bout you, slut. I’ve heard you’re fire user. So, what is the best thing to fight fire? Water, of course.”
“But what water can do here? You want to drown her?”
“You’re really a moron. Of course not. First, I’m gonna make her drink lot of water. Then I’m gonna give her some nice enemas. All we have to do then is waiting. She’ll tell us everything, you’ll see. Look, she's already sweating, just from listening about it. I knew that this will tame the whore. Ok, where I put this o-ring gag..."

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ami and Mako - breeding machines

„Enough fighting for you, bitches”, Eudial was laughing, looking at the two sailor scouts she captured, „You gave us enough troubles, so it’s time for your redemption. Both of you, whore, will be breeding machines. Your cow-like bodies will be perfect to give lives to the new generation of demons. They will all inherit your powers, so none will be able to defeat them. Even your fellow senshi! Sooner all later they’ll all end here, with their bellies filled with the demon seeds, just like you”.
Ami was shocked when she heard that words. She was looking at Makoto. Strong, independent will of the brown haired senshi vanished. Sailor Jupiter was trembling, her swollen belly looked like in the 9the month of pregnancy. It was easy to find that the birth was only matter of days. And Ami wasn’t in better situation. It was first time she wasn’t sure if her genius mind will be enough to find the way out before it will be too late.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Minako - Swallowed

Struggling with all her might, Minako was doing her best to free her body from the iron grip of the slimy monster that tried to suck her into itself. But no matter how hard she tried, her all efforts were fruitless. Slowly but inexorably demon was swallowing her. Lower part of her body was already inside.
Minako, aware that her life is in danger, was kicking furiously, but elastic body of the demon accepted all her kicks without a problem. Tentacles were playing with her perky boobies. Another tentacle pushed itself into her open mouth, cutting her screams and making her to suck it. Sticky fluids were covering body of struggling Sailor Venus.
Losing her strength, Minako was still fighting, but with every second she was getting weak. Tentacles pushed themselves between her legs, penetrating her pussy and ass together, making her body convulsing from pain and pleasure. Unable to resist this feeling, Venus was sucking tentacle inside her mouth, feeling that her end is coming…