Thursday, January 13, 2011

Setsuna - Faster

"Hurry, bitch, hurry! You're too slow! Venus was two times faster. Do you need some kind of encouragment, whore? Maybe spanking with that iron whip will help you? Or do you wanna another ride on spanish horse? Piss enema? Burning hot dildo and anal plug with spikes? No? So move your sorry ass, we don't have time for lazy whores like you. You're told to be godess of time, so make it nice and fast, rock around the clock. If no, we're gonna mark your ass with the burning iron. Oh, I can see it helped you, you're moving much faster now and your pussy is soaking wet. Do you like these knots that are running through your bitch hole? I bet you like 'em, I can hear your slutty moans. Better get used to them, it's gonna be your daily partice to run through this rope".

Monday, January 10, 2011

Minako - Tease

Hiking her skirt up, Venus smiled to the man standing next to her. "You want me, sir? 1000 $ please. Yes, I'm not cheap whore, but night with godess of love and beauty isn't something you'll forget soon, I promise. You won't be disappointed since I'm gonna fulfill all your dirty fantasises and erotic dreams. By all I mean all, that's right. Nothing is impossible for me, since I'm Sailor Venus. I can be submissive or dominant, innocent or hot. Your wish is my command, sir. So, do not waste our time and gimme that 1000$ What? Sailor Mars took only 500$ last night, you say? Oh boy, that Rei... All right, 700$ and that's my last word, I'm much better than her, after all. Ok? Great, let's go up there, to my room. I'm yours for all night long.  This is gonna be your best night ever.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rei - Dirty Dialogues

"What are we gonna do with her?"
"Kill her?"
"That's a waste of good slut. Look at her body"
"But she just burned two of our pals into the crisps"
"With this gag she can't use these flames of her, I'm sure. Let's fuck her"
"I think it will be better to just slice her throat"
"Idiot. Come on; hold her legs wider, just like this... Whoa, she's a virgin, can you believe?"
"With such sexy body? Impossible"
"I bet she's high and mighty one who always kicked the guys who were close to her. I'm gonna give her a lesson... Wow, she's a tight..."
"Hey, she's moaning, even if she unconscious!"
"Such girls always have their inner slut; you just have to wake her up".
"She tries to say something. I think she don't like what you're doing with her"
"Nonsense, she's just asking me to fuck her harder"
"You think so?"
"Absolutely. Listen, let's give her solid bitch breaking. What do you think about sandwiching her?"
"Cool! I like it"
"You think she likes me screwing her ass?"
"Who cares? Let's just have fun!"

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Minako - Monsters Bride

Minako moaned loudly, as the monster's dick was screwing her, giving her no time to rest. She was there since three days. Galaxia's minions caught her, but they didn't kill her. She was thrown to that pit, where ugly monsters begun to use her body very quickly. Minako was fighting, she even killed two or three of those creatures, but she couldn't kill all of them. Soon her outfit was ripped into pieces and her naked body became their target. When she was penetrated for the first time, her loud scream echoed in the walls of the pit. She could also hear laughter of her enemies, standing above her, at the edges of the pit and laughing at her fate. She closed her eyes, trying to hold her tears of shame and humiliation. But it was before. Now she didn't care about anything like that. Monster after monster - she experienced all kinds of sex with these terrible creatures. She also got used to them. None was coming to look at her anymore; she was alone with these beasts and her fate was to be their breeding machine forever.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mako - Tentacle Terror

*Sob* Please, I'll be good... just no more tentacle rapes, master... I can't take it anymore. It hurts like hell when these slimy, brown vines are screwing me without mercy. They took my virginity that I was keeping for my boyfriend... They took my spirit, raping me for long hours... They took my grace, forcing me to suck them and swallow their ugly liquids. I don't care about anything elese, I'll do what you want, tell you everything that I know, but please, free me from this place. My ass and pussy are on their limits, stretched to the maximum. My belly is full of that bitter slime. So please, no more... I'll betray my queen, my fellow senshi... I'll lick your boots, please you with my body, suck your cock, but take these tentacles away...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Usagi - Shit happends

Usagi was finishing her patrol. She didn’t like doing it all alone, but since rest of the girls left for school trip, she had to spent two weeks alone. She had to hunt evil by herself. It was peaceful night, nothing happened so she was just heading home when she heard the sound of broken glass. She jumped out of the roof and landed in front of the jewelry shop.

“Someone is breaking into the shop of Naru’s mother”, she thought and walked closer. She saw open wide door and heard some male voices coming from the outside.
There were robbers there, probably no more than two. Piece of cake. “Just stop it already and surrender! Or’ll punish you!”, she jumped inside, striking her pose and pointing her scepter into two thugs.

“What? Sailor Moon?”, they asked in surprised, looking at her.

“That’s right, evil villains! Now, surrender or… ough!”, she couldn’t
finish her sentence because she was suddenly hit from behind. She gasped and fell on the floor. Usagi cursed her stupidity. She was sure that there aren’t more than two of them, but it seems that there was at last third one. She tried to stand up, but then one of the thugs kicked her. More blows came, they were pummeling her without mercy. Their kicks were coming from everywhere, she couldn’t hide from them.
“No… no more… please…”, she begged, protecting herself with her hands. She was too weak to even try to escape. Her body was all covered with bruises, her outfit was torn in many places. She was beaten, defeated by the mere bandits.

“I think this will teach her”, said one of the thugs, “Let’s get out of here now”

“Why do not teach her some more?”, said another. He produced a knife and grabbed weak sailor senshi. Usagi was shocked, she was sure he’s gonna stab her. But he just cut the bottom side of her outfit, revealing her most private parts to the rest of the gang.

“Noooo!!!!”, she cried, as the two thugs held her, spreading her legs wide. Third thug unzipped his fly and entered her. She moaned and cried as his huge dick went inside her. It wasn’t her first time, but it was still very painful, since his cock was so big. Screaming, she begged him to stop. But he showed no mercy to caught heroine as he fucked her, pounding her with his pelvis, moving in and out of her as she lay there. 

“Hope ye’r on the pill”, he laughed, shooting his milky stuff deep inside her defenseless pussy.

 “I’m gonna be next”, said another thug. He turned Sailor Moon on her belly and pushed his cock between her ass cheeks, raping her ass. Usagi screamed like slaughtered animal, she couldn’t stand the pain being brutally raped in the ass. But she had no choice. One after another, guys were screwing her, depositing their cum inside her. All her holes begun their targets. She had to suck their dicks as well.  After nine rounds, she lost her senses.

Usagi woke up in the bed, naked, with terrible headache. She was in the big room. Her three tormentors were sitting there, smoking and drinking beer. When they noticed her, they laughed. Usagi could feel her belly being kinda full. Her breasts had marks of teeth. And her ass was killing her. Were they fucking her all night long?

“Please… let me go… I beg you… I’ll keep it in secret…”, she said, but then of the thugs, the one who knocked her senseless before,
approached her with the evil smile. He was holding a glass filled with some strange, pink liquid. Usagi tried to avoid and closed her mouth but then he pinched her nose and forced her to drink the liquid. It tasted funny. Seconds later everything around  her begun to spin. World was getting pink. She felt good, pretty and sexy. Something wasn’t right, but she forgot about it quickly. She begun to giggle.
Man dropped his pants. Usagi looked at his cock and begun to salivate. He approached her, kissing and sucking her big breasts. When his dick parted her inner lips and went inside her pussy, Usagi groaned loudly. She couldn’t fight the pleasure anymore.

“No… it’s wrong…”, she knew that it wasn’t right, but the pleasure was too strong to resist. Man was kissing her face, her neck, her ears, driving her crazy, while his cock was fucking her. Orgasm was building inside her body, destroying her mind. Her free will, her dignity, her voice of reason were shattered into pieces.

“Ohhhhh…. Yessssss!!!!!”, she surrounded man with her arms and legs, pressing him into her. When they came, she arched her back, while his cum was filling her. She couldn’t think anymore, sexual desire was driving her crazy. Sailor Moon was no more. Mindless sex doll was everything that left.