Sunday, July 28, 2013

Scouts Honor Awards

„I’d like to welcome all of you at the first edition of the Scouts Honor Awards,” said tall man, dressed in black cape, as he entered the long, round scene. Audience welcomed him with applause. Numerous demons, monsters and other enemies of Sailor Scouts were sitting there, awaiting the show.
“Just like promised, month before all of you here get a poll. Today we’re gonna announce the results and you’ll be pleased to see them at your own eyes. We were able to gather all Sailor Scouts. It’s been few years since they finished their career, they’re bit older than they were, but sill hot, you’ll see. You don’t have to be afraid, they’re powerless and none of them is threat for you anymore. They’ll be here only for our fun tonight.

Another long applause filled the hall. When the last clapping silenced, caped man looked at the audience, saying nothing but building the pressure. Noticing that they’re burning from impatience, he smiled.
“All of you were waiting for that moment, I’m sure of that. So, let’s welcome our first guest. According to your votes, Sailor Mercury!”
Blue haired girl walked on the stage in her white and blue uniform. She smiled and waved to the gathered crowd. Everything was totally against her will, but none cared. She was told to behave or she’ll be simply murdered. She had no other choice then but to do what she was told. Just behind her was tall, muscular African man dressed in trousers and white shirt.