Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Haruka - Time after time

„Please, stop it… I can’t take it anymore…”
„He he he!! Weren’t you call Sailor Uranus? We find something really great for your anus, then. This is very strong mixture of aphrodisiacs mixed with some drugs. Soon you will experience it with full power. You’ll be begging us to fuck your ass. You’ll do anything to be buttfucked. You will lick our shoes, kiss our asses, suck our dicks, just to have you ass rammed”.
“Never… never…”
“Never say never, Sailor ‘anus”.

“And so… how it’s now…”
“Please… I need it… gimme… put it… inside my…”
“Where? I can’t hear it…”
“Please fuck my ass, sir! I can’t stand it!”
“Nothing goes for free… I want you to suck my dick and lick my balls clean, slut”.
“Yes… I’ll do it… anything… just fuck my ass…”

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Inner Senshi - Asses high!

„Please take good care of our asses!”, said five girls in unison, pointing their round asses up high. All of them were Sailor Senshi in the past. Their goal was to defend humanity against demons as the sailor soldiers. There wasn’t any sign of their previous selves now. When the Black Moon Clan conquered Earth, Queen Esmeraude decided that captured and fallen senshi won’t be executed. She gave them very long and cruel training instead, turning brave soldiers into sex slaves. She was laughing loud when all of them, one after another, were accepting their new fate.

This was their first night out. Esmeraude invited some of her most trustful soldiers into her chambers. Then five girls entered the room. They were almost completely naked, save to their boots, gloves and not much hiding outfits. Broken senshi smiled to the soldiers and leaned against the table, with their asses high and legs spread wide.

“Mercury Slut wants some fuckee fuckee”, said Sailor Mercury.
“Jupiter Cunt wants her pussy full of cum”, said Sailor Jupiter.
“Moon Whore wants her body covered with sperm”, said Sailor Moon.
“Mars Bitch wants being fucked like an animal”, said Sailor Mars.
“Venus Harlot wants her ass banged all night long”, said Sailor Venus.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Usagi - Last night stand

„Mmm, this slut is still wet and nice”, said slaver, probing Usagi’s ass with his finger. She was moaning wordlessly to the ball gag, her gloved hands were grabbing the sheets. She endured every kind of humiliation. After these people caught her, they took her clothes away and forced her to wear this revealing, leather outfit. She had to serve them with her body, do everything they told her. She had no choice, because every single sign of disobedience resulted with massive, painful spanking. She sucked big number of dicks, swallowed gallons of cum, accepted men fucking her pussy and ass. She just hoped they’ll let her go after this. But she was very, very wrong...

“Boys, how about another round with her? We still have some time to kill before our customers arrive. I bet they’ll pay us lot of money for Sailor Senshi as a personal sex slave. Come on, bitch”, he slapped her ass, "Gimme good titfuck or I'll do something very nasty to you".

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Makoto - After the fail

Makoto was sobbing, as she walked through the park. Not only she was defeated by youma, she was caought and raped by this monster with it's huge tentacles. Her body was violated in every possible way and covered with disgusting, sticky fluids from head to toes. Sailor Jupiter managed to escape, but she could feel gallons of sticky semen inside her. She knew she was probably impregnated by this creature. Those were her "these days" after all. Her costume was torn and barely covered anything. She had to return home, with her body naked. People were looking at her, pointing her with the fingers and calling pervert, bitch, exhibitionist, whore and so.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Setsuna - Broken Guardian

Raped and broken, Sailor Pluto was watching legions of demons walking through the gate of time. That was the place she had to guard. Most of her life she spend here, protecting the gate and defeating all the abominations that tried to move across and change the flow of time. But she failed this time. There was too much of them. They approached her out of nowhere and attacked from all sides. Pluto had no enough to use her Dead Scream or Time Stop. Sharp claws ripped her cloth into pieces, broke her staff in half. Soon they were fucking her, one after another, pushing their huge tentacles into her holes. Setsuna couldn't prevent it. It took hours till they finished with her. Leaving her broken body, they moved across the gate, to conquer the world of the past, totally unprotected and ready for the new masters. Pluto doesn't care about it. She was done. There was no guardian of the gate of time anymore.