Monday, February 13, 2012

Rei - Victim of revange

"Here, Moonslut, see, what happened to your friend?"
"Rei?? Rei!!!! What... what you did to her, you monsters?!!"
"She burned two of my men into crisps while capturing. You can understand that rest of guys was very, very angry. I let them avenge their comrades. Of course, I didn't intend to hurt her badly, none destroys valuable stuff. But I give her to them for three days. As you can see, they didn't waste their time. She tamed, I'm sure of that. Can you hear her voice?"
"More... more... more cocks..."
"It's terrible! Please, let her go..."
"But why? She finally learned her place as good cumwhore. You will be next, now strip this dress and have this latex suit."
"No, pleaseeeee!"
"Boys, come, help me with Moonslut. Take Mars to her room, you're gonna give some training to her queen now."

Monday, February 6, 2012

Inner Senshi - Sailor Preggos

"We're hiring those bitches since months. Seems that the prohibition of condoms wasn't good idea at all. Look at them, they're all preggos. And those bellies! I think that they all gonna have a twins. At last, Minako and Makoto gonna have them for sure."
"Not  a big surprise after counting the number of men they screwed, boss. I doubt they can tell who are daddies of their kids."
"So, what do you think we should do now? Abortions? Some customers like fuck pregnant girls, but not the most of them."
"I have better idea boss. Let them carry these babies and born them. We can take them away then. None of these bitches will try to escape anymore, knowing that we have her kids. And we can always make these babes take the place of their mothers when they grown old. It's a double profit. And it’s not over. After giving birth, they all gonna have milk for some time. I bet there are people who will pay a lot of money to suck mother’s milk from their tits.