Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ami - Machine

"Mmmm!!! Mmmmm!!!!" wordless moans were heard, as machine was pumping sweet aphrodisiac gel straight into Ami's wide open mouth, giving her no chance to spit it out or even vomit. Captured senshi had no choice but accept that disgusting thing, chew and swallow it. In the same time small eggs were pumped inside her pussy. Thousands small things were ready to turn Sailor Mercury into mindless, breeding machine. Thanks to the elephant amount of aphrodisiac, villains planed to turn her into total nypmho and then, into mother of the new race of demons, born from the flesh of Sailor Mercury and thanks to that, powerful like never. Most inteligent sailor scout couldn't guess what fate was awaiting her...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Michiru - Ready for training

See, girls? Here she is, nice, ready, bound and wet. I'm gonna take her of her so-called girlfriend, better known as Sailor Uranus. I'm sure that after long night with me she won't be lesbian anymore, I'm gonna make her love my cock; turn her from high and mighty lesbian dyke into dick-starving horny bimbo. But this one is yours. She's a lesbo, just like this blond dyke, so I think you'll have lot of fun with taming the slut like her. Do as you please, I don't mind raping her with these huge strap-ons you have here. Give her lot of bdsm training, she seems to be into such stuff, I found whip and handcuffs inside the locker in her sleeping room. I want her tamed tomorrow. Then we'll be able to sell both bitches at one auction. I'm sure there will be lot of customers ready to pay lot of money for such whores.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Minako - Sacrifice

Her long, blonde hair was all around her head, like a golden aureole. Minako, dressed in the scanty, provocative lingerie, looked like an angel. Her eyes were covered by some kind of mist. She couldn't understand what's going on, why she was carried there and who did this. Sailor Venus could hear monotonous words coming from the mouth of the black dressed men gathered all over her. Since she couldn't see very well, black pentagram in the centre of the room was beyond her sight. Minako didn't know that the members of the evil cult, who caught her, wanted young virgin to become mother of their demonic god. Their voices become louder when the ritual of summoning started. Soon they saw head with two, long horns appearing in the centre of the five winged star. Numerous tentacles were waving around. All cultists moved back, giving the demonic creature a way to the bed, where Minako was. Venus couldn't guess what was approaching her...

Friday, September 9, 2011

Rei, Minako and Michiru - Slaves of Galaxia

Queen Galaxia was sitting on her goldne throne, starring with the evil smile at the three sailor scouts in front of her. Minako, Rei and Michiru were her tonight's maids of honor and pleasure. Rest of the captured scouts was serving her warriors with their bodies. She wanted to kill them all at the beginning, but then she decided to keep them as the sex slaves. It was better to humiliate those bitches who tried to defeat her. Minako was already on her back. Rei sat on her lap, fucking her blonde friend with double sided dildo. Girls were fully aware of everything, but they hadn't any control over her bodies. It was Galaxia who ordered them to do such things. She was playing with them like with puppets on the strings. Girls had white, lace stockings and gloves. Michiru moved close to Rei and started to kiss Sailor Mars. Galaxia knew that raven black haired girl was 100% straight and hated lesbian sex... that's why she placed her in the centre. Moans of the three defeated, horny girls filled the room. Galaxia rose from her throne, holding leather whip in her hand. Pleasure was over for these whores, pain was just about to come...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ami - Bad Student

"Yes, sensei 225x600 is... mmm... let me think..."
Ami knew she was in serious trouble, but she could do nothing to help herself. It was very important exam. For girl with her wisdom and intelligence, this could be piece of cake... Well, maybe, but she couldn't concentrate on the subject, no matter how hard she tried. She was busy with... other things.
As the Sailor Mercury, Ami fought demon yesterday. They defeteaed creature, but before it was killed, it sprayed girls with some kind of dust. Ami was close, so she inhaled biggest dose. When she woke up next morning, she found that her pussy is flooding with loves juices. She did her best to dress herself and go at the exam, but when she sat on the chair, her fingers crawled under her skirt. Ami was masturbating when teacher started to ask her a questions.
"Miss Mizuno, is everything ok?"
"Yes, sensei, just a minute... just a minute, I have it on the tip of my tongue..."

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Usagi - On the table

"Come on, boys, strip the bitch and spread her on the table!"
"Nooo! Please, you caaaan't! Not me! Please, let me go! I'm Sailor Moon, you can't do this to me!"
"Stop whinning, whore. You could be Sailor Moon, but this ends here. After my boys will take their time with you, your heroic times will be finished. They're very skilled with taming wanna-be super heroines, be sure of this. Are you a virgin? Let me check..."
"No! Don't touuuuch me!"
"Oh yeah, untouched virgin, what a rare find these days. Hold her tight, boys, I'm gonba be first, it will be pleasure to pop her cherry. Delfowering Sailor Moon not happends everyday."
"Ghmm... nooooo!! Noooooo!!!"
"Enough of these screams, gag her with her panties!"
"Ok, ready or not, here I come... Say goodbye to your virginity, sailor slut!"  

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Makoto - Magic Sash

Makoto wanted to stop it, but she couldn’t stop rubbing the green, soft sash against her moistening pussy. It was making her feel so good, so nice. Half naked senshi was ashamed, seeing youma standing right in front of her and laughing loudly. She should fight this demon, beat it down into the ground with her thunders, but she was masturbating instead. And no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get her hands of the sash, they were like a glued to the green material. And the more she was rubbing, the louder her moans were.

Youma was smiling, she knew that her plan was perfect. Stupid senshi fell into her sweet trap. Demon girl disguised herself as the sells woman in the cloth shop and offered Makoto this sash, covered with special mix of aphrodisiac and hypno drug. When Mako left the shop, demon girl was following her. When they were at the back street, she quickly approached Sailor Jupiter and ordered her to masturbate with the sash. Mako inhaled enough of the drug, so she obeyed without hesitation.

Demon quickly took Jupiter’s clothes and her transformation wand away, dressing moaning girl in scanty, green outfit. She used her sharp nails to drive metal rings into her nipples. Magic collars was last part of the new outfit of the enslaved senshi. “Come with me”, said demon girl and Mako obediently fell on her fours, following her captor. Her fate was sealed. None ever heard of Sailor Jupiter, but new, green dressed demoness appeared. She was using her green sash to enslave and capture magical girls.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ami - From Viluy with love

Let's do something with this outfit, my cute little slave... stop this stupid struggle and breathe deeply... inhale, breath deeply my special drug... come on, don't try to resist, Mercury... resistance is bad... and useless... you always wanted to be good girl, didn't you? So stop fighting and come to momma... I'll give you good time... nice... isnt't it sweet, how your clothes disappearing under my magical touch? Worry not, you'll recive new ones very soon... sexy ones... but before... oh, I can see your nipples are hard... mmm... let me play with them... how sweet... you're lovely, Ami. You'll be excellent slave... my cute, little blue slave Mercury... 

Rei and Ami - Pleasure Delivery Service

Hello sir, you called for us? Yes, my name is Rei and here's my best friend and partner, Ami. We'll be your pleasure delivers for tonight, just like you wanted. No, you don't have to hesitate, feel free to do with us everything you want, any fetish is ok. You are asking about your friends? No, no problem at all, just call them, we'll enjoy having more cocks stuffed inside our tight cunnies. Not for free, of course, but, since they're your pals, let's say... 1$ for blowjob and titfuck, 5$ for pussy and 7$ for anal. I don't think it's very expansive, don't you agree, Ami? You were always skilled at math, so you can count, how much we will earn tonight, can't you? Oh come on, we're doing this every night, since our master trained us for being his sluts. You'll be first, kneel in front of our customer and give him nice blowjob, when he'll be calling for his dear friends. I hope there's a shower here, because we'll probably be all cum stained tomorrow morning, I afraid.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Rei - Slave of Koan

„Yes, Sailor Mars, look into my eyes… you don’t have to fight anymore… struggle is bad… very bad… and you need to be a good girl for me… very good... and very submissive... for your mistress… obey… just forget about anything else… no pain, no anger, no hard feelings... only love... love and obedience... I can feel your body is trembling under my touch… isn’t it nice? Such soft, gentle touch... I can see you are longin for my touch... Look deeply into my hypno eyes once again, sunk into them, while I’m gonna strip your clothes… slowly… very slowly… you won’t need them anymore…I’ll give you better ones… better for the slave… my slave… my lovely slave, Sailor Mars... so kiss me now... and become my loyal, mindless servant... And your friends will join you very soon... ”

Friday, September 2, 2011

Rei - School slut

„Is that ok?”, asked Rei with shame and despair in her voice. She was sitting on her fours, on the chairs standing in the centre of her class. Her skirt was hiked up, so everyone could see her panties. Three guys who are sitting next to her, giggled, looking at their disgraced classmate. Rei was one of these girls that never looked at them. But when they get a photo of her transforming into Sailor Mars, they knew that she was theirs.
“Shake this ass, Hino!”
“Yeah, and spread them wider!”
“Come here, give me a lap dance!”
“Gimme a kiss, Rei. With lot of tongue!”
Their demands were coming one after another and Rei had no choice but to do what they wanted. Her career as Sailor Mars would be finished if they’d post that photo in the web. So Rei was doing everything they wanted. The only deal was that they couldn’t ask her for sex. But Rei found very soon, that they had very rich imagination…

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Minako - Hot Wax

Minako could only moan to the tape that kept her mouth closed, when the hot was dripping on her pretty, round breasts. Every single drop was making her body trembling, but she tried to do not move. Minako knew that otherwise candle could fell from her pussy. Bondage she was in, was keeping Sailor Venus in such shameful position. Her captors showed her no mercy. Blonde was wondering, how long she will stay like this, but there was another problem. The candle. She knew that sooner or later candle will get shorter and her pussy could be hurt bad. But since her mouth was gagged with the duct tape, she couldn't even beg for mercy. Venus could hear moans of her fellow senshi coming from the next room. She just hoped  that someone will remember about her, before it will be too late...