Sunday, October 7, 2012

Rei - In the armchair

"Very good, Rei, very good... continue.. let this little toy make your pussy burn...", mr. Okino was sitting right in front of Rei and looking at the sailor scout who was making her bare pussy moist with a buzzing sex toy. When he found that she is a sailor scout, he promised to keep her secret for himself, but she had to visit him every week in return. He promised again, that he won't touch her, but he ordered her to do many lewd things in front of him, always in her sailor mars outfit. There were times when he was making her so aroused that she was about to ask him to fuck her. But it never happened, he always told her to stop before reaching climax. He knew that sooner or later this bitch will crawl on her fours to him, asking for being fucked. He was very patient. That's why he enjoyed her getting horny on the armchair. Of course, he had every second of her action on his computer, recorded with secret camera.