Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Inner Senshi - New Enemy 2

Tongues were stroking her helpless body, leaving wet trails of sticky saliva all over her naked flesh. The more Sailor Mars struggled, the more aggressive they were becoming. Some of them managed to slipped under her sailor senshi uniform, touching her intimate places. Rei begun to panic. What was worst, she couldn’t use any of her attacks there. Her shrine was made from wood and her powers were fire-based. They could burn that abomination, of course, but it would cause fire enough to burn that place to the ground, with her as well. So all she could do, was to struggle. She wasn’t strongest sailor senshi, but not the weakest too.

Tongues managed to slide inside her heels, caressing her soles and tickling her. Rei was vulnerable to that kind of attack, so she started to laugh almost instantly. Same happened when tongues started their work on her armpits. Her resistance went weaker. Soon her red heels were lying down on the floor and her feet become target of massive attack.
“He he he!!! Oh god, stop tha he he he he!!!” she was trying to say something, but being forced to laugh all time long was making her unable to even say full sentence without bursting out of laugh. Tears were running down her cheeks. Her shaved armpits were targets of similar attacks that only increased loudness of her laughter. Rei couldn’t believe, she never experiences anything like this in her whole life.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Inner Senshi - New Enemy 1

As Usagi awoke, she began to realize that although she's in her bed, she was still in her Senshi uniform.
That to her, didn't make sense, as she distinctly remembered detransforming before heading to bed. What happened? Did she accidently powered up in the middle of her sleep? Usagi tried to understand what happened, but it was far beyond her mind.It's been some years since she was using her sailor senshi skills. She was now mature and almost forget about being Sailor Moon.
She rose from her bed and looked around. She hoped that there might be Luna somewhere there. Her black cat was always her voice of reason. But Luna wasn't there. Usagi wasn't sure if walking her home in the senshi outfit was the best idea. But since she had no other choice, she opened the door.

But when she looked outside, she was shocked. It wasn't her house anymore. Walls were covered with something red and flashy that was moving slowly up and down, like some kind of weird, living organism. There were pieces of that thing on the floor as well. She noticed that in that mass of red flesh there were eyes and mouths placed randomly. What kind of horror it was, she couldn't tell. But she could tell that there was something dark and evil power behind it.

She closed her door, withdrawing to her room. There was no way she could walk down the corridors filled with that gross thing. She turned to the window. But no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't open it. In the panic, she grabbed her own boot and tried to break the glass, but it was fruitless. Sailor Moon understood that she was trapped. Only way out was down the corridors filled that that terrible thing. She could wait, hoping that maybe someone will come to help her. But she had a feeling that her friends might be in troubles as well. Still, she was Sailor Moon, warrior of love and justice. She couldn't just sit and wait there. She had to do something...