Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Usagi - Dark Queen Serenity

"And what do we have here... four damned whores who thought they were warriors..." - said Dark Serenity, starring at her former guardians, lying on the floor in front of her. Scouts were beaten good; bruises very covering their bodies, their outfits were in pieces. None of them had enough power to even rise and look in the eyes of the woman who was their princess once... She was their doom now. Serenity captured and converted by the Black Moon Clan, become new, evil queen of Galactic.
"Take these worthless bitches out of my sight" she said to her goons and soon eight soldiers appeared. Each grabbed one hand of the scouts.
"What's with them, you majesty?" asked one of the soldiers.
"Well... take Mars to the brothel for soldiers. Give Jupiter to princess Esmeraude, she said she wants a strong girl as the sex slave. Strip Mercury naked and chain her to the wall of my castle. And as for Venus... take her to my rooms. I will train her well; it will be pleasure to break the girl who claimed to be my best friend once. He he he..."

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Makoto - Hypnose

"That's right, Jupiter... show me your boobs... nice, pretty nice set of udders... no, no struggling... struggling is bad... don't make such angry face... you're my slave... sssslllaaaavvveee... repeat... again... again... again... and one more time... I like it... I think you already understand who you are... pretty, sexy, weak slave... obedient, horny, busty slave... Isn't it a most exciting word you heard in your life? A slave... no more silly fighting, no more problems, only pleasure awaits you in your new life. Come on your fours and kiss my shoes... Right, lick them, slide your tongue all over them, polish them with your saliva. Here, it's a collar. Isn't it perfect? Such a nice collar for a salve like you... Let's go now; I want my sisters to see our new, horny slave... slave... slave... slave... Lovely slave of Ayakashi Sisters. Believe me, your fellow scouts will join you soon..."

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rei - Punishment

"Because it was your second attempt to escape, Mars Whore, you must be punished properly. I can't let my whores being such ungrateful bitches. I'm giving you food, bed, make up stuff and you think you can escape? Stupid chick. Since today you won't be allow to eat. But afraid not, you won't be starving. My boys gonna give you high protein shake every morning and evening."
"Bluuehhhhghhh!!! Ghammmmm!! Gulpgulpgulp!!!"
"Make sure she will drink everything, boys, do not waste any drop. She's strongest of all of them, most stubborn one, so when we'll break her, rest of these whores will learn their places very fast. And you, bitch, better learn this lesson well. If you'll try to escape one more time, 5L piss enema will be your fate."
"Buuulllghh!!! Glurrrbb!"
"Don't damage her; we need her working for us, anyway. When you'll finish, let her clean herself. Her customers will be waiting, I'm sure. She's really profitable whore."

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rei - In the work

"Hey, look at this whore there. She's pretty hot! How much, do you think, she takes for night?"
"Too much for us, I guess. She harlots are rather expansive."
"Hey guys, you like me? Wanna have some fun?"
"Sorry girl, but our pockets are almost empty."
"Yeah, I have only 10$"
"It will be enough. My mistress told me to take no more than 5$ for sex."
"What? You're serious? 5$?"
"Yes... I'm a newbie so she decided that it will be the best for me to take as much customers as possible."
"5$... Damn't my luck night!"
"Mine as well."
"Come on girl, my flat is near. Oh, btw, what's your name?"
"Rei, mister."
"Cool, let's go then Rei, we're gonna have lot of fun tonight!"

Friday, October 14, 2011

Ami and Usagi - In the cell

"Here are they, nice and ready."
"Huh, man, cool. But I saw they kicked your butts pretty bad."
"Right you are, man, but calm down. They're sleeping hard, since they inhaled enough sleeping gas to put elephant to sleep for a week. You can even cut their fingers and they'll be sleeping like babies, I guarantee."
"Oh no, it'd would be a waste to damage them that bad."
"Yep, I agree, they are no use when damaged. But it wouldn't hurt to play with them a bit, you know what I mean."
"Oh, straight to the point, just how I like it. If they're really sleeping princesses, I guess its ok. I will take a blue one. She looks like a hot cocktease."
"No, I want her first. You can have a blonde. She's their leader."
"Ok, ok... It will be fun to fuck the shit out of their leader, right. When I'll finish with her, she'll be begging for more, like a good slut should."
"I can’t wait to see faces of the others when they’ll see their leader riding your cock like possessed."

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Haruka - After party

Haruka couldn't even moan with a cock in her mouth. She hated it so much. Males were so stupid, so primitive... so she couldn't believe she fall in such stupid trap. She was guilty as well. It was a party after a race when she won first prize. Of course, everyone was happy and drunk lot of alcohol. Haruka never had a strong head, so after a few drinks with sake, she climbed on the chair and said that she wants to show her gratitude to all. Then she started to undress. Guys were cheering and laughing. Soon after she was on her fours, with cocks stuffed in her mouth, ass and pussy. She was cursing her stupidity now, but it was whole night she let them fuck her. Every man in her team came many times inside her. Most of them had her from all sides. She was too drunk to resist. Dawn was about to come, but they were still fucking her. Haruka tried to say something, to tell them it's enough, but it was rather hard with dick between her lips.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rei - Hot legs

"And this is newest piece of my collection. She was some kind of superheroine once, but I helped her to change her way of life. With such legs she'll be very profitable whore, don't you think?"
"Wow, these legs... I don't know what to say..."
"Just say you want her and she'll be yours for whole night"
"Man, you must be joking, such hot babe..."
"I'm not joking. She may looks bitchy and bossy, but she's an obedient, you can be sure. Wanna see?"
"Ok, Rei, come over here and lick my friend's boots clean"
"Yes, master"
"Shit... I cant believe this..."
"Rei, wiggle your butt"
"Of course, master, he he he"
"See? No mattter what you'll tell her, she will do it. I'm not called best bitchmaster in the city without reason. And since you're my friend, I'm giving you this one for free for tonight. Have fun!"

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rei and Ami - Training in progress...

"Well, nothing better than the solid fucking, don't you agree."
"Yeah, and these sluts are simply awsome. We caught them six days ago and they're still struggling."
"I don't know how about you, but I love when there's some resistance."
"Same here. It's much better when they're struggling. Breaking them is a joy."
""But I agree, they must be really strong willed. Day after they we're filling them with our cum, and they're still yelling and cursing. Especially that black haired bitch."
"Don't forget they're kind of superheroines. I guess they're sure that their freinds will come to save them."
"I can't wait... More hot bitches to rape and tame..."
"Well, we didn'tamed these two..."
"You're right.. Let's give them another round. Gonna take the black haired bimbo now. I wonder how she'll be screaming with my cock up her ass."

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Rei - Hypno Slut

Welcome, said Rei in monotonous voice, as the man entered her room. Her eyes were glassy; there wasn’t sign of her previous self. Strong willed Rei Hino, better known as the Sailor Mars, was no more. Not so long ago here eyes were burning with flames of her independent character. But it was all but past. Dressed in sexy clothes, Rei was sitting on the bed in the small room. Red stockings, sexy lingerie in the same color, high heels and gloves, in the light of the small lamp Rei looks like she was spark of fire herself. And she was burning, yes, with flames of delight.

She wasn’t aware of her actions. During the fight with demon, Rei was hit with some kind of sharp object. It left small wound on her hip. She paid no attention of such scratch. But it was her mistake. Thanks to this small wound, demon was able to control sailor senshi during her sleep. So, when everyone thought that Rei was sleeping in her room in the Hikawa shrine, pretty, black haired shrinemaiden was whoring in the brothel lead by the demons. All night long she was giving her body to the various men and women, doing everything they wanted from her, no matter how disgusting and perverted their wishes were. Every morning she was returning back home, forgetting about her night activity.