Thursday, September 27, 2012

Makoto - Fucked in the public

 Makoto moaned loudly as the invisible demon was fucking her in the Centre of the park. People gathered around her, looking with disgust mixed with contempt. For them she looked like a horny girl in scant outfit who acted like typical exhibitionist. They could not see huge cock penetrating her defenseless pussy over and over.

She was called “Slut”, “Nympho”, “Bitch”, “Horny chick”, but it wasn’t as painful as her pussy being rammed by this large piece of meat. Makoto was humiliated like never before in her life. She wanted to protect those people, but she ended as the mere toy for the demon. But still, it wasn’t worst. Worst was just about to happened.

“Hey I know her! Isn’t it that Kino girl who lives nearby?”, someone asked. Makoto closed her eyes, hoping to become invisible or something. It was impossible, none should recognize her! But some people started taking photos of her with their cellphones. Demon came and shoot his cum inside her. Loud, animalistic moan left Mako’s mouth when huge orgasm rocked her body. Cellphones were recording everything. Mako wasn’t sure if she’ll be able to show her face in the public anymore… 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rei - No choices

 "Ok, sailor slut, you have your choice. You can struggle, and we will fuck you hard and brutal all night long. We'll beat you and fuck you again into total submission. We'll cover your body with cum, fill all your holes with it. But you can stand up, give us nice strip tease, then suck our dicks and serve us with your slutty body. You won't safe your virginity, but you won't be beaten like a total shit. Choice is yours."

Listening to the demon's words, Rei knew that she had hardly any choice. She slowly stood and started to undress her outfit, trying to make it sexy and hot. Demons were looking at her sexy body with growing lust. They were laying, of course, their order was to beat her up and make sure that she won't be problem anymore. But her useless efforts were making whole thing much more funny. Soon she fell down on her bare knees and started sucking their cocks...

Friday, September 14, 2012

Ami - Mortal Danger

Ami was doing her best to not moan or cry when monster was raping her. She was holding a rope in her clenched teeth. And this rope was attached to the blade of the guillotine. If she’d open her mouth, she’d be decapitated instantly. Earth was conquered and she, just like her friends, was kept here. Dark Kingdom didn’t care much about captured senshi. Ami wasn’t sure if any of her friends was still alive. She had to thought about herself first. Since she was taken to these dungeons, monsters were raping and torturing her. Blue haired girl managed to keep her sanity, but she wasn’t sure how long she’ll be living. Every day her life was in mortal danger. Every day could be her last day. Nobody care about her much. Demons knew that there were many other human girls they could rape and torture as much as they like.