Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Haruka - Horny like hell

"Please, come here, I'm so horny, I can't wait anymore... my whole body is buring from delight, I can feel it. I can't live without sex, so don't tease me like that anymore. One look at your hard, long manhood is making me so wet. Look, it's flood between my legs. It's been three days since I have sex last time. Yes, I'm a lesbian, but I don't care if it's man or woman anymore, I need to be fucked hard. Oh God, look at my naked pussy and butt. They're begging for this. I don't know what kind of drug you gave me, but I will die if you won't puto your huge dick into my slutty fuckhole. No, don't go! Give it to me! I need a cock so much! Please, if you won't fuck me, just ask someone else to come here and screw me! Bring a dog, at last! I can't wait. Oh god, I'm bitch in the heat! It's so wrong, I'm so lewd, but I can't fight it!"

Monday, June 27, 2011

Usagi - Unwilling whore

„And here’s your money, slut” – man thrown some dollars on earth, right beside Usagi. She was laying there, her breath was slow and hard. Cum was everywhere, on her breasts, face and womanhood. Everytime she was opening her mouth, sperm was leaking out. Between her legs was already puddle of white liquid. It was impossible for her to believe that everything happened that fast. She asked that man for a date, hoping nothing bad could happened. But she was wrong. Her head was always weak, so after few drinks she begun to play a whore for him. More, she changed her clothes into her old Sailor Moon outfit. It was rather tight and small, but he didn’t care. When she returned to her senses, he was fucking her like an animal. Weaken by the alcohol, Usagi couldn’t defend herself. When he finished, she gathered all the money and smiled, wondering if it wasn’t good or bad way to earn few bucks.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Setsuna - Imprisoned

Defeated and beaten, Setsuna understood that her fight was over. She saw her friends killed or fallen. People she wanted to protect were now slaughtered or sold into slavery. She failed as a guardian. Enemies took control over gate of time. She was thrown into the small cell into the depths of the dungeons. Powerless and weak, she couldn’t defend herself, when the tentacles started to violate her pretty body. One of the guardians said that her facet now is to be breeding machine, giving birth to the new generations of the sailor soldiers. New soldiers will be absolutely obedient and loyal to the Black Moon. They will inherit powers of the their mothers. Setsuna heard that those senshi who survived the war were imprisoned in same places, giving birth to the kids. She hated it, she was begging for death, but there was no mercy for her. Day after day slimy tentacles were fucking her body, turning her into mindless sex machine. She wasn't resisting much, being aware that there was no chance for help or escape.  

Makoto - Crackwhore

- Man, that’s a pretty hot chick!
- She’s a cutie, isn’t she? You have to touch these boobies, they’re awesome.
- But isn’t it dangerous? I saw her crushing people with thunders…
- No problem. She’s on the crack. I wonder if she remembers that she was sailor senshi once. Now all her world is this small room and her duty is to serve a man with her body.
- You’re kidding, man!
- No, just check her out if you want. She will do anything you want, no matter how pervy or disgusting things you have on your mind. I saw her taking three cocks at once with a smile on her face. Yesterday she was fucking 30 guys in line. There’s nothing impossible for her.
- I can’t believe. I have to try it.
- Go on, first round is for free. Next time you’ll have to pay, like the others, but don’t worry, she’s not very expansive. We’re gonna have here her friends as well soon so we’ll start brothel.
- Thanks. I’m gonna have my time with her now.  

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Haruka - Beach babe

For tomboyish dyke acting like submissive girl wasn’t piece of cake. But Haruka had no choice. When that guy came visited her house and told her that he knows her secret identity, she was shocked. Her shock went even bigger when he said that it was Ami who revealed that truth to him. She could guess that Ami was forced to do this, but from that day she begun to hate that blue haired nerdy girl. Man told Haruka that he wants to take her on the trip on the tropical isles. Haruka sighed and greed. When they came there, she was told to wear her sailor outfit only. He ordered her that every time she’ll see him, she has to fell on earth, start rubbing her pussy and beg him to take care of her. Blonde hated this and every time he was fucking her, she dreamed about being with Michiru. But she finally get used to it, after long month on this island.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Usagi - Sacrifice

„Please, fuck me there, right now”, cried Usagi, spreading her legs wide and offering her pussy and ass to the three villains. She was so ashamed, but there was nothing she could do. Her fellow senshi were captured, sitting on the floor with hands and legs tied with a ropes and gagged with ball gags. One of the villains was standing next to them with gun. Usagi was free but they told her that if she won’t let them fuck her willingly, they’ll just kill her friends. Understanding her current situation, Usagi had no choice. She undressed herself, trying not to look at her friends. She knew that they’d call her to not do this. It was this moment when she was lucky that they were gagged. They could only watch when their princess was offering herself to the bunch of thugs, asking them to fuck her. They didn’t know that thugs planned to fuck all of them when they’ll finish with Usagi and then to sell them to the whorehouse. Being unaware of their future fate, four gagged and bound girls were watching this, hoping it will end soon.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Setsuna - Delivery service

"Yes boss, everything went smoothly, I got her. She is here, waiting for transport. What? No, I had not problems. You know, it's kind of easy when they don’t know that you know their secret identities. Same was here. I was following her since month to make sure that she's the one your precious customer wanted. I was right, Setsuna Meio is Sailor Pluto. It was piece of cake. I was waiting for her late at night and when she was there, I used my holo projector to show her some fake monsters. She quickly transformed and then I used gas. She was sleeping before she hit the earth, trust me. Then I brought her to my hideout, stripped and gagged. No, I didn't touch her; she's fresh and ready, like your customer asked. Yes, I checked, she's a virgin. So, you want her there tomorrow? Ok, she'll be waiting in the wooden box. Yes, right, I'll pack all her stuff as well. Where it's gonna be send? Africa? Wow, it will be long journey for her.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Usagi - Hungry for sex

I'm such a whore... - thought Usagi when another guy spread her legs wide and started to thrust his big cock inside her well fucked pussy. Sailor Moon couldn't stop her lewd moaning, she begged him to fuck her stronger and faster. Another guy was stroking his cock above her face. Since Mamoru left for one year trip overseas, she was hungry for sex. So every night she was changing into Sailor Moon again and run through the city, looking for the men willing to give her good fucking. She could always found some, ready to have sex with pretty heroine.
It's been two months Usagi started her double life. She loved every minute of this. Sometimes was thought if she should invite any of her friends with her. All the senshi had husbands, but she was sure that they would love such one night stand with the strangers, taking them from all directions. She knew her friends better than anyone else, after all.
Last guy shoot his load inside her pussy. Usagi moaned loudly, wiped cum from her face, kissed him for good bye and left in the darkness of the night.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Makoto - Bukake

Cum was shooting all over her pretty face. Sailor Jupiter tried to free herself from the bonds, but she couldn't. Her captors laughed and stroked their dicks, masturbating in front of sexy, bound girl. She could feel the ugly smell of their cocks; some of them were touching her skin. One after another these rods were spraying her with sperm, turning her face into cum bucket. She was gagged with the ball, so she couldn't cry or moan. Through the holes cum was leaking inside her mouth. She had no choice but to swallow it all. The more sperm she drunk, the more was coming. Her beautiful, brown hair was all glued with the sticky cum. It poured on her big breasts. Makoto prayed for the end of this torment, but when one of the guys was leaving, another guy was taking his place. Her sperm shower was going on for hours. And they said that she's gonna experience such things every night...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Minako - Horny at work

- All right, demon, I got you!
- Not so fast, scout, not so fast... Fwooooshhh!!!
- Ohh... what's that pink smoke...
- This will keep you busy, girl!
- Ohh... what's going on... I feel strange...
- Not "strange", but "horny", you blonde brat. My smoke turns girls into horny sluts. Can't you feel your pussy is getting wet?
- I feel... but I need... to fight...
- No more fight for you, sailor scout. I can see your knees are trembling. Don't you want to touch yourself? Rub your wet pussy with your hand? Play with your boobies?
- Oh good... I'm so hot... I can't control myself!!!
- That's right. Strip right here and masturbate as hard as you can.
- Ohhhh!!! Ohhhh!!!!
- What a nice view. Push your finger deeper, show me your slutty body, my little whore!

Minako, Rei and Makoto - Sailor Sluts

Doors opened and three girls appeared. Makoto had one piece, short dress that barely covered half of her great ass and gave everyone perfect view at her panties. She had high heels in matching color. Minako wasn't wearing much; in fact all she had was scanty underwear, leaving only a bit for imagination. Her high heels were black. Rei had low cut, red shirt and very short dress. Luke her blonde friend, she had black fuck-me high heels.
- So, which one of us, sailor sluts, you want for tonight, master? - asked Minako with seductive smile on her face. She didn't care that they were forced to wear such slutty outfits and serve their master with their bodies. In fact, she loved it and hoped that it will be her night again.
- Rei, you will be my girl for tonight – said master. Rei bowed and approached him. Minako and Makoto returned to their small room. When they heard loud moans of Rei, they decided to not waste the night and quickly jumped to the same bed.