Friday, June 28, 2013

Minako - Blonde joke

„Why does always have to end like this?” asked herself Sailor Venus as she hung on the chains in the small, dirty cell, something deeply below the ground. She simply wanted to show rest of the Sailor Scouts that she’s better than them. Since she became adult, she could feel that she’s stronger that the rest. That’s why she was searching for the way to prove it. She managed to found the next to the demons. They were lowest rank and Venus was sure that she’ll be able to kick their ass without any problems. She walked to the dirty, musky cave, ready to get rid of the unhuman creatures. They were somewhere there. She held her Love-Me chain to use it in combat.

Attack was as quick as silent. Suddenly, out of nowhere, dozens of small creatures jumped on her from all directions. They looked like a deformed human children, with black bodies. Their eyes were shining red. Heads were bald save to the small horns. Sharp claws on their small fingers dig painfully into her skin. Venus cried from pain and did her best to defend herself, using her chain to smash small demons into pieces. Golden chain cut the air, wrapped around one of the beasts and Sailor Venus used it to attack the others. Demon’s blood rained in the air. She kicked another beast with her heel. They might surprise her, but she was Sailor Venus, and used to fight with a bigger demons than those.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ami - Anal Queen

Uhm…. Welcome, Ami here. You know, it’s really embarrassing that I was chosen for such shameful title. Really, I don’t know why you decided for me, since I’m really good girl who is not much… interested in such things. I think I should be grateful, but you know…  I’m not sure how to say it.
This title… “Anal Queen” means that I’m so much skilled in… ukhm… anal sex. Or maybe it means that you want me to have this kind of sex more often, right? But it’s so wrong, this part of mine is not meant for sex. Well, technically no, but lot of guys actually think it is and they’re using it quite often. When I had… anal sex for the first time, it was so painful. My ass was very, very tight; it’s been like being rammed with the baseball bat.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Usagi - Blowjob queen

Hello, guys, Usagi here! You can't even guess how much I’m grateful that I’ve been chosen for a Blowjob Queen *giggles*. I still don’t know, why I managed to beat my fellow scouts, but it seems that you enjoyed watching me with my mouth full of cock. Secretly, I’ll tell you that it’s really nice feeling. At the beginning I often found it humiliating, especially when I had to swallow everything that those vile tentacles or ugly demons used to shoot inside me, but finally I get used to it. So now my mouth is open for service for everyone, no matter if it’s human, demon or monster.
Since you’re my best fans, I’ll tell you in secret, that Minako also loves having mouthful of semen. Rei hates it deeply, do not try to force her to do it, she might bite you! Ami, who is always a good girl, will do it to you nicely, but without real feeling. And Mako-chan… well, she was always better with titjob than a blowjob. But she told me once that she loved when men came at her face. But remember, this is secret, for your ears only. My friends will go mad when they’ll find I told you about it!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Rei - beginnings of the slavery

Tied with a red rope, Sailor Mars lied unconscious on the bed. One of her heels was beside her, second was still on her foot. Man who carried her there, couldn’t take his eyes of her. It was like a dream. He found her in the park, semi conscious. At first, he wanted to call for help, but then he noticed that she isn’t normal schoolgirl, but one of those sailor scout he heard about. She was much more mature than normal schoolgirl, especially her long legs were something he adored. That’s why he carried her to his car, instead of calling for doctor. She was resisting a bit, so he used a red rope he had in the car to bind her. He drive her to his home and left on the bed. Tired after lost battle with a demon, Sailor Mars had not enough strength to struggle with adult man. Returning to the room, he placed his camera in front of her, preparing carefully for the best evening of his life.

Rei could only moan, when his hands were crawling all over her body, caressing her long, smooth legs, her shaved pussy, her flat belly and her full breasts. He used her heel to play with her womanhood, rubbing the tip of the red boot against her pussy, pushing it slowly back and forward. Then he forced her to lick her own juices from it. Smiling, he cut her outfit with a  scissors, revealing her boobies and begun to molest them. He twisted and turned her dark nipples in his fingers. Sailor Mars, weak and aroused, submitted to his actions, hoping that he will let her go after that. She had no idea that he already prepared a room in his basement in hope to keep her there for a really long time.