Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Rei and Minako - hardest moment

„No, no, Rei, don’t you think about escaping… I doubt if you could ever make a few steps. Can you feel how everything is moving inside you? It’s amazing how much you take up your big ass… He he he, you make really funny faces, you should see them…”
“Ohgghmmm… Minako… pleasssssse… stop it… I can’t take it… anymore… No! No morrrrrrre!!”
“Oh, but it’s only half… Come on, you can do it, I’m sure of that. You were always so perfect and selfish, kicking and bullying Usagi everytime you could. But you doesn’t look so sure now… How about I touch there…?”
“Nggggghmmm!!!!! Stop!!!! Noooooo!!!!! I’m gonna…”
“How sensitive you are, Rei… Very sensitive… Your moans are so sweet, like a music for my ears. Wonder what kind of sounds you’ll make while caressing here…?”
“Mmmm!!!!!! Ghmmmm…. I beg you… Aaahhhh!!!!”
“Ok, it’s about 2/3… This is the hardest part, but you can do it!”
“Ungh…. Toilet!!! Please! Let me go… to the toilet!!!! Ohhhh!!!!!”

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Michiru - Oral madness

„There she blows! I can’t believe that lesbian can be such a first class cocksucker. She sucks better than all the whores I had. I’d say she really loves having cock in her mouth. Maybe she’s a bi? Or cum addicted? Well, I don’t care, it’s best blowjob I ever had. I’ll fuck her ass later, but it’s her mouth where real magic is. Her tongue is dancing around my cock. Wonder if she learned this while licking her lover’s cunt? Well, she will be busy tonight, you guys must make her suck you as well. If you can’t wait, go play with her lover there, that blond dyke looks angry, how about taming her a bit with your cocks? But don’t start with her mouth, she might bite! Start with her ass, it’s always best way to tame stubborn sluts. I think we could make them 69 later while fucking their cunts. Maybe we’ll even manage to impregnate those bitches? They’ll be mommies!”

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Venus in ropes

It was late evening. Man opened the door to his basement and slowly walked down the stony stairs. He looked around and opened another door. Moving in the darkness, he reached to the button and turned the light on.

In the small, almost empty basement was young girl. She blinked her eyes, as the light surprised her. She had long, blonde hair and big blue eyes. Rope was wrapped around her wrists, keeping them behind her back. Her mouth was gagged with a piece of duct tape. Her one piece white uniform was torn in many places, revealing her round, firm breasts and pink, shaved womanhood. She had red bow in her long, gold hair and golden heels on her feet. White gloves on her hands were torn as well.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ami and Usagi - Different opinions

“Please, choose me…” asked Sailor Marcury “I’m a cute, blue haired genius and my pussy is first rate. It’s mathematically proved that the higher intelligence girl has, the tighter her pussy is. Check and see by yourself…”

“Come on, who’d like to fuck such glasses wearing nerd that speaks about math even in such situation. Choose me…” teased Sailor Moon “I’m a main character, after all. And I’m blonde… All boys loves blondes. Come on, don’t keep me waiting. Take me and fuck my pussy hard. Who knows, maybe you’ll be a father of my daughter?”

“I doubt if anyone would like to be a father of such noisy, pink haired brat like you so-called daughter from the past” Sailor Mercury said “Any moron can count how low such possibility is. You’re blonde, right and you’re simply too stupid even to be impregnated.”

“What? Look who speaks… Dateless geek that can’t keep any boy around her.”

“Well, even if so, I’m not alone here. We’re whoring together. Maybe your “husband” Mamoru is not enough for you? Or maybe you simply too blind to notice that Sailor Mars is his lover?

“Shut up! This is lie! Mamo-chan would never…”

“If you think so, go back go and let me have sex with customer already before he’ll get soft from listening to your bubbling!”

“You blue brat!!!”

“You blonde bimbo!”   

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Rei - Victim of the poll

„Aiiiiieeee!!!! Nooo!!! Stop! Not there!!”
“Shut up, you whore! Your fans decided that the best part of your slutty body is your ass! So let’s fuck it hard!!”
“Nooo!!! It’s wrong!! Fuck! Stop it! I said stop! I can’t believe that my fans would make such a stupid choice!”
“Oh, but they did! Look at the poll! Most of them thinks that you should be fuck in the ass daily. Or maybe you wanna be spanked?”
“Auch!!! Auuuch!!! Auuuch!!! Please! Stop spanking meeeee!!! Auch!”
“So make a choice, Sailor Mars! Anal fucking or hard spanking? I won’t be waiting long…”
“Noo… sob… please… stop it… Auch!!! Auuch!! You idiot, it hurts!!! Auuuuuch!!! Not that strong!!”
“I asked: spanking or fucking? If you won’t make a choice, you’ll get both!”
“No… Oh God… fucking… please…”
“So beg me to fuck your fat ass, you cunt!!”
“Auch!!! Stop, I’ll do it… Please… fuck my… ass… with you big cock… Augghhhh!!!! It’s too big!!!”
“Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it… Come on, since you’re officially anal whore from today, I want you to scream “anal” every time I’ll penetrate you. Otherwise more spanking will come!”
“Ohhh… auuugghhh…. No… no… Auch! Auch!! Anal! Anal!!!”
“Very good… it seems that solid spanking is the best way to teach such proud cunts some  manners…”
“Anal!!! Anal!!!! Anaaaaaal!”

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Minako - Birthday Gift

„Hi, cute boy, like your birthday gift? Well, you should, your pals paid me lot of money to be yours for tonight. Of course, I can see that you can’t take your eyes of my body. Not that I’m surprised, I’m a goddess of love after all… and I can see that tent in your trousers growing… it looks promising, I have to admit… here, let me check it out… Oh, you’re quite a big boy… mmm… just view of your cock makes me hungry… Can I take it inside my mouth? I can? All right, mmm… I love sucking big cocks… trust me, you won’t be disappointed… Anyone gave you a head before? Maybe, but this is gonna be best blowjob in your life, boy… none sucks better than me in this city… Ask your pals, if you’re not sure, they’ll tell you… slurp… slurrrp… nice, let me lick your big balls now… My name? Just call me Venus, please… No, this will be enough, mmmhmmm… what a nice, juicy, big cock… I can’t wait till I get it between my legs… Ass? You want take it up my ass first? What a pervo… but ok, since I’m yours, you can do anything you want… but let me finish first… slurrrp… I want to taste your spunk in my mouth… it always makes me so hot and eager… I think I’m kinda sperm addicted… but don’t tell it anyone, please…”

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Makoto - Forced Confession

„Now! Say it loud, slut and let everyone here know about your real self! Or you wanna get spanked one more time, you big titted whore?”
“No… please… no more spanking!!!”
“Say it than!”
“Oh God… I’m Makoto Kino… I’m Sailor Jupiter and slut extraordinaire… I love to fuck, I’m so depravated that I’d fuck anyone, no matter how filthy and disgusting he’d be… because… I can’t live without having sex all the time… I’m cum addicted whore… My mouth is made for sucking… and sperm is my favorite meal… I love to take it up my fat ass, it makes me so hot when man fills my anal hole with his spunk. My pussy needs to be filled, no matter if it’s human dick, animal’s cock or just a dildo, I can’t stay when it’s empty… Oh… I love to serve you, no matter what will do with me, just fuck me too… God, help me… I can do and endure anything…”
“Very good, slut, our guests love your confession. But you forget about one more thing…”
“No… please, I’ll be good… but don’t make…”
“Boy, get your belts ready…”
No!!! Anything but that!!”
“SWISH!!! Aiiiieee!!!! SWISH!!! Aiiiiieeee!!!! Please!!! I’ll do it… SWISH! Aaiiiiiiieeee!!! Yes, please stop!!!”
“So… We’re waiting…”
“God, forgive me… Just like me, my fellow sailor scouts are sluts. Please find them… and fuck them… as hard as me… here are… their real names… Sailor Mars is Rei Hino, she lives in Hikawa shrine… Sailor Moon is Usagi Tsukino, she lives in Juuban… Sailor Mercury is Ami Mizuno… her mother is a doctor in Minato… and Sailor Venus is Minako Aino… and she lives in Koen… They’ll be… very grateful… for lot of good fucking… and… and…turning them… into… willing… whores… just like you did to me…”