Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Inner Senshi - Choice

"Here, feel free to choose the one you like the most. There four are ready, they'll do anything you want, no matter what you'll ask them."
"Yes. They were sailor scouts, well known because of their crime fighitng stuff, but they choosed... different job. Pleasuring men is their goal now."
"They choosed it by themselves such job?"
"Well... let's say we helped them... a bit... They weren't sure, but after little training they had no doubts anymore. You will see by your own eyes when you'll choose one of them."
"I'm still not sure..."
"Brown haired busty tomboy is named Mako. She was most stubborn one, but she goes crazy in the bed. Blonde bimbo with red ribbon is Minako, she's really sex machine. Next to her is Usagi, she was Sailor Moon before. Bit dumb, but very sweet. And the last one is Ami, she's still shy, but she has tightest pussy of all of them."
"Weren't five of them?"
"Oh yes... there's one more, but she's still under the training. But don't worry, she'll avilable soon."
"Ok, I think I'll take Mako."
"Wise choice. Mako, come upstair with your customer. Minako, Usagi, go at the scene in the bar and perform some lesbian action for the guys there. Ami, you will go with me, I need some pleasuring and you're my girl now."

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Makoto - Pals chat

"Hey, look at that Kino. These tits... don't you think she's using something to make 'em bigger?"
"Nope, I peeked her at the shower. They're natural. But yes, they're big, I'm jelous."
"And she's showing them shamefully, dangling them in front all of the boys. I hate it. They're looking only at her."
"Not only boys. Teachers can't keep their eyes of these udders as well. Do you think her grades are so good because of her intelligence?"
"Shit. That's not fucking fair."
"Speak about fucking, I bet she's selling her body for higher grades."
"Kino? Impossible. She's goody two shoes."
"I wouldn't say that. I saw her yesterday at the cinema with our math teacher. You should see this mini skirt and low cut dress she had. And that guy was fondling her ass. I followed them a bit and found that they were heading straight into love hotel! You can guess what they were doing there..."
"Whoa! I can't believe!"
"Are you serious? Kino in love hotel? With a teacher?"
"I'm damn serious. I made a photo with my cell. I will mail you it, when I'll be home."
"I have an idea... why not use it to blackmail her a bit? Let's punish the bitch!"
"I like it... Makoto, come on here, there's one thing we need to talk about..."

Rei - Captured

You thought you can fight us, Sailor Mars? How stupid you were, dumb bitch. Such weak girls aren't mean for fighting, they're meant or fucking. And believe me, you'll learn how to fuck soon. I heard that sailor scouts can be turned into real fuck machines. I'll see if you're the same. What? I can see that you want to know, where I heard about this? Well, it's not a big secret, some of your friends were defeated from time to time. Their captors have their time with them. At the beggining they were resisting, but when time passed by, they were sucking their captors like a pros, begging for more rough fucking. I bet you're the same, Mars, aren't you? These fuck-me heels, short skirt and tight outfit are showing that you're just waiting for someone who will fuck you good. And I'll be your man, bitch. I'm gonna fuck fuck you all night long. Who knows, maybe you'll even get pregnant?

Makoto and Minako - Punished servants

And don't you ever try to escape again, you stupid bitches! You signed a contract and you're gonna work here for whole, fucking year. You'll be maids, hostesses, cooks, house cleaners and cock suckers, anything I'll tell you, isn't it clear, dumb bimbos? I thought it's clear for such pea brains of yours, but seems it's not. Ok, I think you need a lesson, my fuck toys. You'll spend whole day and night here, bound, with these dildos inside your worthless cunts and buttplugs inside your fat asses. This will give you enough time to think, how stupid you were, when you're trying to escape. Tomorrow I'm gonna come here again. If you will learn your lesson well, you'll both ask me gently for forgiveness. If not, then you'll meet my friends who are dying to spend some time with you, bitches. Believe me, they won't be as gentle as me. So, see you tomorrow, choice is yours.  Enjoy your punishment, my little cum drinkers.

Ami and Makoto - BJ

Ami and Mako looked at the young boy in front of them. He smiled as the two young chicks were standing right in front of him, waiting for his orders. When he found that they're sailor scouts, he was thinking, how to use that knowledge and now he found the best way. "Strip", he said. Girls blushed a bit, especially Ami, but they knew that they had no choice. They stripped their clothes to the underwear, but then he told them to strip it as well. He couldn't take his eyes of Mako's big boobs. He promised himself that he'll play with them a lot. But it was their move now. He told them to play with his cock. Makoto started, but Ami joined too and soon their lips were moving against his cock. Both girls were sucking and licking him. But it wasn't enough, so he told them to play with themselves while caressing his manhood. Mako smiled and touched breasts of her best friend. She was fondling them, while Ami was sucking cock. Guy came, spraying their faces with his cum. When Ami and Mako were cleaning their faces with their tongues, he was wondering, what will be his next order for them. He had enough ideas for whole night with two hot, horny scouts who had to obey all his commands.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Ami - Servant

Ami grabbed lower part of her apron, trying to cover her naked womanhood from the eyes of the horny boys starring at their new, sexy maid. She could feel that they are stripping her with their eyes. She wanted to cover herself, to escape from that terrible place, but she couldn't. She lost bet with the younger brother of her best friend, Usagi. In return she had to serve as a maid at the party for him and his pals. Of course, these jerks were happy as hell, when she entered the room, wearing only scanty apron. But that's what Shingo wanted from her. She bowed to them and said "Hello, my name is Ami, I will be your servant for tonight" with polite tone and shame. Their smiles told her that it's gonna be very hard night. Ami wondered if she'll be able to save her virginity...