Saturday, September 21, 2013

Minako - Photo Session

„Yes, very good… Now, sit down and spread those sexy legs wider… Nice, you’re learning quickly, girl. Come on; spread your pussy lips a bit, our viewers surly would love to see your pinkie cunt. Oh, you’re blushing? That’s cute… But you don’t have to be ashamed, not after those countless nights you served as a fuck toy for my friends… They were rough, weren’t they? Huh, their methods might be brutal, but they’re effective, I have to admit. Look at yourself; you don’t think about fighting anymore, you’re just a good slut. And you gave us addresses of all your fellow Sailor Scouts willingly. Now, while my friends are having fun with them, we can work on you a bit. You now, I have a friend that runs underground porn studio. You and I gonna visit him later; I’m sure he won’t mind having you in one or two of his movies. But first, we’re gonna finish your photo session. So, show me your ass, babe…”

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Haruka - Woman and the machine

„Object immobilized… zzzz… No more resistance detected… Probability of successful taming: low. Analysis of weak points: completed. Proceeding with feet tickling and anal probing. Submission program is ready. Cameras are on. Recordings of her session are transmitted directly to the cells where other objects are kept. Mind analysis complete. Conclusions: object has strong will, is very strong and probably immune against direct submission procedure. Suggestion: to make object more cooperative, stronger arguments are needed. Double the size of the anal probe and increase the rhythm of tickling. Body analysis done. Object is fertile. Proceed with orb of impregnation. Estimated rare of successful impregnation: 99% Probability of successful taming after impregnation: mediocre. Conclusion: use hypnotic suggestions, mode: fuckslut. Later suggestion: after impregnation use vibrator and anal probe on her both lower holes.”

Friday, September 6, 2013

Inner Senshi - Victims of the jelousy

If there was someone Emma hated the most, it was Sailor Scouts. Everything happened after she broke with her boyfriend. He used to compare her with them, saying that she could be smart as Sailor Mercury, good at cooking as Sailor Jupiter and so… Even when she finally kicked him away, her hate to those chicks grew even bigger. She wanted to get rid of them and every time she had to see something about them in the newspaper or TV, she used to clenched her fists in unspoken anger.

As the descendant of the old and rich family, Emma had lot of money. Gathering knowledge about Sailor Scouts, she discovered that there’s only one power that can defeat them – magic. She started to study books about magic and occultism, gathering knowledge about black magic and stuff. Took her a years to separate false knowledge from true magic. But finally, her effort was prized. She found the spell she was looking for. That evening her loud, maniacal laughter echoed in her house. 

After her years of magical studies it was piece of cake to summon lesser demon on the streets of Tokyo. Beast started to spread terror, but very soon five sailor scouts appeared. Emma was watching from the close distance as the five girls were fighting against the creature and finally defeated it. They gathered together, ready to leave, but then she moved it.