Saturday, April 28, 2012

Rei and Minako - Idol debut

- That’s good! Give yourself some tongue action, bitches. Our customers are paying for this! This will tease them perfectly. I’m sure they will make a big line to get your debut DVD, girls.

Rei and Minako were kissing each other with passion mixed with contempt. They hardly had any choice. Jobless after school, both girls were looking desperately for any kind of work. Minako always wanted to be an actress so she finally get an idea to find a work in this industry. She had no talent, but she had hot body, just like her friend.

Finally, they found a guy who promised them that he’ll help them to earn some money. That’s how they made their first idol dvd. Rei and Minako were ashamed of that, because whole movie contained them in scanty outfits, showing their bodies. At the end they had to rub against each other and make some lesbian kisses. Minako really hoped that this movie will sell well, because director told them that he’d give them a roles in the porn movie if their idol career would break down.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Minako - Almost done

- I think we’re almost there. There’s not much fighting spirit in this bitch anymore. I doubt she will ever resist if we’ll made her suck our dicks. It will be funny to see her face when she’ll realize that every single moment of her defeat and humiliation was recorded and will be published in the web.
- But boss, can we fuck her now?
- Not yet. I want her to spread these sexy legs for us willingly. It will be much better to show her slutty side. She’s known as the heroine. Let’s show the world her real face. When people see she’s really a nympho, they’ll lost all respect for her. Every time she’ll show herself in public, she will meet only contempt and disrespect. It’s gonna be my best revenge ever.
- So what now?
- Now? Bring me the enema we prepared for her. This will break her will for good. No one can be much fighter after this.