Sunday, December 25, 2011

Ami - Double the trouble

"Please... you promised that you will let me go after I give you blowjobs... I alredy sucked your dicks... let me go now.."
"Shut up, blue pussy, it was just a beginning. You stupid, naive cunt, we tricked you, of course!"
"But you... you promised..."
"Fuck the promises, who cares about them... You are ours, bitch and we're gonna use you!"
"Please... I can suck you again... but don't take... my virginity..."
"Virgnity? You're still a virgin? That's a good news. Breaking a virgin is always fun! Hold her guys, I'm gonna be first!"
"No! No! Noooooooo!!"
"Put something in her mouth, her cries are annoying! You shouldn't come here, dressed like that and acting like a some kind of super heroine, bitch! You're gonna learn it now!"
"Mghmmmm!!! Ghmmmm!!!"
"After we finish with her, I think it will be best to put her to the trash can naked, bound and gagged with her own panties, what do you think, guys?"
"Great idea, boss, I bet that all the winos from this area will keep her company."

Friday, December 9, 2011

Rei - Everything's in her hand

"Damnnn... I can't... stop it!!!", Rei was doing her best to stop her hand rubbing this veiny piece of meat between her legs, but this was useless. Koan stood right in front of her and laughed madly, looking the poor senshi who was too weak to resist her urges.
"Yes, touch it! I give this dick to you, so play with it as much as you want, Mars. I want to see you faping like crazy and your sperm shooting all over, covering your body!"
"No... nooo!!!", Rei's hand was already moving up and down the shaft, making it harder and bigger. For the independent, strong willed scout it was humiliating. But she was feeling better. Seconds before she was just a normal girl, but this damn Koan used some magic and turned her clitoris into huge cock. Rei couldn't fight the pleasure anymore. She fell on earth, rubbing her newfound dick through the material of her outfit and finally revealed it. It’s head was already red.
"Let me help you", Koan approached her and started to caress growing cock.
"Noo... it's gonna..."
"Yes, it's gonna explode soon... This will be your first futanari climax, Mars. First, but not last..."

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ami and Michiru - Evening adventure

Ami and Michiru were returning home from the swimming pool, when they noticed two thugs molesting young girl. They quickly transformed into sailor scouts and tried to help the girl. But their powers couldn’t compare with brutal strength of the thugs. Very soon they were beaten down to the ground… Thugs carried them to their flat and that's when real horror begun.

„No! Please, stop this!”
„Shut you slutty mouth, you blue haired whore!”
„Pleassssse! No moorrrreeee! I can’t take it!”
“Shit, this one is really noisy!”
“Huh, not like this green bitch! She’s milking my cock with her pussy!”
“Ghmmm… no… no… let us go!”
“Fuck, I have enough of this. One more complain, you cunt and I’m gonna fuck your ass. Look at your green friend! She’s clearly enjoying this!”
“Michiru… you…”
“Be strong, Ami. Ohhh!!! I’m cumming!!!”
“Here she cums!”
“I think I’m gonna cum too… ohhh… shit… that’s gooood! Take it all inside your pussy. Gonna make you momma tonight, blue haired cunt!”
“Come on, let’s switch, I’d like to screw that bitch too.”
“Of course. Come on, green whore, gimme a good blowjob!”.
“Mghmm!!! Ghmmm!!!”
“Here she blows!”

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rei - Rising Star

Rei was doing her best to look sexy in front of the camera. She was on the bed, with her Sailor Mars costume on. Camera, pointed onto her, was recording everything and sending it to the web. Rei hated this with passion, but she had to do such things, since her neighbor discovered her secret identity. He promised that he’ll keep that information for himself, but in exchange Rei was forced to do whatever he wanted for a month. Live strip tease was humiliating, but it was still better than blowjob she had to give him yesterday. She wasn’t aware that his intention was to sell this movie online and turn her into big star of internet porn sites. First step was already made, next was to make her suck his cock in front of the camera. Having this, he knew it will be easy to force her to play in the full lenght porn movie. First of the many...