Friday, April 12, 2013

Setsuna - auction

 „And here goes the last. Right, this here is the last Sailor Scout for today, if you want more; you need to wait till we caught them. But let’s stay with her now. She’s oldest one, if anyone of you likes mature women, she’s for you. She’s known as the screamer, so we have to cut her vocal cords. I know, this might be hard, but trust me, her Death Scream is really deadly, and she killed three of our people while we were hunting for her. But, save to the vocal cords, she is untouched. Yes, by untouched I mean that she’s still a virgin, so her lucky owner will have a rare privilege of deflowering her. Also, look at her body, her boobs and ass are best! She will also endure more that rest of them. You can spank her, pierce her, torture her and of course, have sex with her. We tamed her with special drugs and they needs to be given to her daily. So, if you want to tame her with the more traditional way, all you have to do is to stop giving her drugs and she will return to her former self… Any takers? I can hear 100 000 $ Come on, she worth much more! 500 000? 1 000 000? 2 000 000!! Go on, she’s waiting for her owner!”

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Michiru - Correction

„Who are you, bitch?”
„I’m… ohhhh…. master’s… sow… ohhh…”
“Once again, who are you?”
“Ungh… master’s sow!! I’m master’s oooohhh… sow!”
“Good! I’m happy you finally learned your place, you damn lesbo whore! Since tonight, no more sex with woman for you! Your cunt and ass are made for pleasing men, right?”
“Yes… ahhh… master!”
“So, tell me, what are you made for?”
“Ahhhh… for… all kinds… of kinky sex… master! I’m master’s sow! Ahhh!!! I’m master’s sow!!!”
“See? It wasn’t hard to tame that cunt. She’s willing sex slave now. Wait a moment boy, I’ll give her to you. Prepare that blonde, I’m gonna teach her next. She was lesbian lover of that bitch, I assume. We’ll see if we can turn that dyke into the nympho as well. Ok, slut, I’m coming! Tell me once again, who are you?”
“I’m master’s…. ohh… soooooooow!!!!!!! Ohhhhhh!!!!”

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Rei - Info trade

„I can do it,” thought Rei Hino, while her head was moving up and down on the long dick. She was never in man, personally, she liked girls better. And oral sex with w men was something really disgusting for her. But there were situations when she had no choice, but do it, no matter how much she hated it. And this was one of these situations.
“I’m very happy that famous Sailor Mars is giving head to me,” old man poked her raven black hairs, looking at her. He was the only one who saw demons that attacked people in the park last week. They disappeared without trace, but he managed to notice their hideout. When he saw Sailor Scouts looking for them, he offered his help. But his information wasn't free. He looked at them and decided for Rei. With her long legs, fuck-me red heels, beautiful, long black hair she was hottest girl of all sailor scouts. He told them that he needs to talk with her alone. Rei was very suspicious, but since he was their only trail, she accepted his offer and followed him. Other girls were looking at them, happy that he decided for Rei, not for them. Only Sailor Venus wasn't sure about it - she always thought of herself being most sexy of all scouts...

Thursday, April 4, 2013


We reached 180 stories with 180 000 pageviews. Round numbers, aren't they? So, I have special bonus for you, guys. Give me an art you want me to write a story for and I'll do it. You can also add the suggestion about story iteself.  I'll accept only four suggestions, so hurry on!
- picture should be at last erotic, it doesn't have to be hentai, but let it be sexy at last
- both color arts and manga pages are accepted
- no scat nor guro
- no loli (I mean no Chibiusa, Chibi-chibi, Hotaru or pictures with girls looking like 'em, I prefer when they look rather mature)
- no Sailor Stars (gender bender is not my stuff)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Usagi and Makoto - Disguise Failure

„Would you take good care of us, master?”, Sailor Jupiter asked with a unusual shyness in her voice. This situation was really new and different for her. To get to the demon’s hideout, she and Sailor Moon had to sneak into the mansion of the old, perverted richman. Security was so strong that they couldn’t simply make their way through. They needed a plan.
She and Usagi decided to disguise themselves as whores. They found that the owner of the mansion always calls for some girls every Friday. In their sailor scouts uniform, they entered the mansion and were lead to the owner’s room. Bodyguards searched them and rip most of their clothes, saying that they won’t need it much after all. Usagi had a really bad feelings about it, but Makoto tried to keep calm.
When owner entered the room, they both fell on their knees, presenting their bodies to him. Sailor Moon begun to feel something strange. She discovered that this man was a demon himself! But before she was able to react, he approached them and revealed his already stiff manhood.
“Mako-chan, look out, he’s a ooooohhh!!!!”, Usagi tried to warn her friend, but was impaled on the huge cock. Sailor Jupiter, not understanding a thing, begun to play with her hot body, trying to make a man happy. She didn’t know he guessed their real selves as well. He knew that it will be lot of fun to fuck the brains out of them and turn two sailor scouts into his sex slaves. Then he’ll wait for their friends…