Saturday, June 23, 2012

Inner Senshi - Sailor Sluts

„Please let us take good care of you!”, shouted all five girls when their first customer entered the room. Five sailor scouts, dressed in scanty, revealing outfits, smiled to him, ready to serve.
After the Queen Beryl defeated them, her minions spend lot of time training five girls for their new profession – sailor sluts. Their only goal now was to serve queen’s men. It’s been long time before they accepted their fate, but eventually they found that Earth is lost and they can’t do anything to change it. Dark Kingdom was victorious.
Sailor Moon was eager to fuck this man. Her previous lover, Endymion, was now Beryl’s husband. Her heart was broken and she didn’t care about anything. She just wanted a man, no matter who was he.
Sailor Venus was always a nympho. She accepted her new fate easily. Dressed in playboy bunny outfit, she loved anal sex more than everything else. She was already excited and couldn’t wait for a good fuck.
Sailor Jupiter’s outfit was bit less revealing than the others. She had a dominant character and even as a slave she showed lot of stubbornness. That’s why she became leader of the sailor sluts. Her job was to take care that they all were obedient and willing. It didn’t mean that she wasn’t fuck slave like the rest. Her specialty was tit-fuck.
Sailor Mercury was different than the rest of the pack. Thanks to her high intelligence she wasn’t totally broken. She managed to keep her sanity and logical point of view. But the minions of Dark Kingdom infected her with a virus and made her cum obsessed whore. She was in constant dilemma between her shame and her physical needs.
Finally, Sailor Mars was already licking her lips. She became professional cock sucker and her sucking skills were the best. She wanted to take the dick of this man between her crimson lips as fast as possible.  

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Outer Senshi - The Wall

Loud cries and moans of Inner Senshi echoed in the small room. Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna were imprisoned in the wall. Half of their bodies were on the one side of the wall, while the second half were on another. They were naked. 

„Unngggghhhh… It’s… so… bigg…”, moaned Haruka, while her ass was object of brutal attack. Somebody was pushing his cock into her tight asshole, making sandy blonde moan from pain. She couldn’t stand it anymore. Sailor Uranus wanted to keep her brave face, but anal rape broke down her spirit in the quick time.
“Ohhh… ohhhhh…”, her girlfriend, Michiru, wasn’t in better condition. Tears were running down her face while some unknown man was fucking her pussy, pushing his cock all the way inside her. He was so big that she couldn’t believe he was able to get inside her tight womanhood. Michiru heard screams of pain coming from her girlfriend’s mouth.
“Gahhhh… hurrrrrrts… so much…”, dark skinned Setsuna had two huge dildos inside her, one in her pussy and another in her ass. Their double work was effective and merciless. Time guardian was brave but now she was ready to do anything just to stop it.

“Smile to the camera, you bitches!”, someone shouted and strong hands grabbed them by their hair, rising their tears covered faces up. Haruka couldn’t believe they were recording all these things. They closed their eyes, but it couldn’t help much.
“When you’ll done with them, bring the enemas!”, someone shout to the people on the other side of the wall.
“No… everything… but not…”, Michiru tried to say something but then her face was slapped with open palm.
“Shut the fuck up, you big breasted cow! We’re gonna milk these udders of yours soon!”.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Usagi - In the hands of fan

„I’ve been dreaming of fucking Sailor Moon all my life! It was my best fantasy”, moaned fat guy, while his dick was penetrating tight pussy of Usagi. He was returning home late, when he found unconscious senshi in the park. There were signs of the battle all over. He guess she just fought the demon and lost her senses during the fight. Wasting no time, he carried her to his flat and put on his bad. Her body, covered by the tight spandex fuku, was ten thousand more times erotic than her ever thought.
At the beginning he was just rubbing her body through the material, thinking that he’ll let her go when she’ll wake up. But his manhood went hard almost instantly. Horny as hell, he grabbed her and spread her legs, tearing her outfit. Usagi cried and opened her eyes, when her pussy was violated. She lost her virginity after the first hit. Still too weak to resist, she started to cry and beg him to stop. But he was deaf for her words. He had to fuck her.
It’s been worst time for Usagi in her life. She’s been violated numerous times that night. Her fucked her in many positions. Her ass, cunt and mouth accepted lot of his sperm. She was afraid that she might get pregnant. At the morning he was still at her, totally tired but satisfied more than ever in his entire life.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Minako - Clubbing

Having cum smeared all over her pretty face, Minako was kinda happy that she don’t have to look into the camera with her eyes. Mask wasn’t big, but it was hiding a bit of her identity, at last. Always better than nothing, especially if she wanted to be a sailor scout after this. She agreed to go to this club and check it by herself to find the nest of the demons. There weren’t any demons… only a bunch of horny guys. They were sure that Minako is their girl. She was doing her best to convince them that they’re wrong, but she had bad luck. Someone promised them girl in sailor uniform for that night.
Minako couldn’t count the number of the blowjobs she had to give them. She was sure than even Ami wouldn’t be able to count them gallons of cum she had to accept inside her. Night was about to end and she was confused. At the begging she hated this, but now she found sex with many guys at once rather addictive. She even let them records everything, save to her eyes. Minako said good night and promised that she’ll return… but not alone. She was wondering if any of her friends will join her next night. When she was leaving the club, she noticed something next to the doors... a pair of red heels that she recognized quickly. Loud moaning was coming from the room nearby... Minako smiled.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Rei - On the floor

“Suck me, you dirty whore! Suck! This is the only way you can get your food, you bitch!”. Rei get used to such words. Since queen Beryl conquered Earth, she made sure that her sworn enemy, sailor scouts, were regretting that their lives were spared. Rei Hino aka Sailor Mars ware placed in the queen’s castle. Covered with demon gel, she was glued to the floor for good. She couldn’t use any of her powers and the only way to get something to eat was to eat pussies or suck cocks of the queen’s servants. They loved to tease her. When she was starving, she had to beg them for that. Sometimes Rei was thinking if death wouldn’t be better, but she still had a hope that someday she will break free. She didn’t know that other scouts were captured as well and suffered cruel fates of Beryl slaves.