Saturday, March 30, 2013

Makoto - Dildo training

„No! Please, take it out! My ass! You’re destroying my asssss!!!”, loud cries of Makoto were all around her. Huge dildo was running inside her wet pussy, while another one was pushed deep down inside her tight ass. Plastic thing was digging the tunnel, spreading her ass cheeks in the most painful and humiliating way.
“Shut up, you Jupiter Tits”, smiled bitch master, looking at his work. He had to teach her how to be a good whore. And all good whores were able to take inside everything their masters would want them to take. Since Makoto was very tight, he had to make her wider… no matter if she liked it or not.
For Mako it was pure torment. That terrible thing was buzzing, spreading her virgin ass. She lost her virginity few days before, but her ass was still untouched… till that moment.
“Don’t cry, cunt. Your customers will fuck your ass daily. You’ll be grateful to me that I made it wider. Now, enjoy the dildos!”, he said, leaving her in the cell for all night long. Her moans, filled with pain, echoed in the walls.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ami and Mako - cleaning

 „Well done, slut”, said trainer, „now, open wide!”. Ami did as he said, accepting one last shoot of the semen into her mouth. She swallowed gallons already. It was her third day of bitch training. They broke her and turned into willing sex slave, just like her friends. She was trying to be brave, to keep her true self, but finally she accepted her humiliating defeat and become slut with mind and body as well. She was just about to be sent to her brothel.
“Ok, whores, clean each other with your tongues!”, trainer commanded and Mako approached Ami. They started to kiss each other, tasting the spunk on their faces and inside their mouths. They semen stained bodies were rubbing against each other, just like their moist pussies, already filled with cum after the long training. Ami never thought of herself as a lesbian, but she found being with another girl much more enjoyable that with a man.
They were licking each other’s bodies, both covered with stained sweat and semen. Finally, they lied on the floor in the 69 position, licking their pussies and tasting their own juices mixed with a cum of the many men that fucked them that day.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Ami - Breeding slave

Ami moaned like a slut in the heat while monster was shooting his warm, sticky semen into defenseless pussy of the violated Sailor Mercury. His thick saliva was dripping on her semi naked body. She couldn't free herself from its iron grip. Sharp fangs left red bruised on her soft skin. With each thrust, more cum was coming inside her. She was crying, it was last thing left for her.
Monster begun to squeeze her udders in its strong hands, giving her even more pain. Long, warm tongue pushed itself into her wide open mouth, exploring and licking her. Ami tried to force it out, but without any visible effect.
"You're gonna be pregnant, sssslut! You'll be carrying my babies and giving birth to them sssssson!", hissed cruel creature with evil grin. Ami, having her mouth filled with its tongue, couldn't even answer. Tears were running down her cheeks. She knew that he speaks truth. She was doomed to become its mate.