Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Haruka - Taming

Ha ha ha! Dyke or not, who cares, they’re all the same! Put the cock in their pussy, fuck them hard and they’ll be crying like a little bitches, no matter how they try to act strong. Wait a bit boys, when I’ll finish with her, she’ll be much more obedient than she was. I remember she was very bossy. Not anymore! Come on, slut, open your mouth and take another cock inside! See how she blows? It’s just stupid cunt. All of them dream of being taken roughly, but they’re afraid to say it louder. We’re just making her hidden dreams come true!
If anyone of you likes, you take her ass. Oh, you’re too busy with her lover? I see, that green haired bimbo looks hot. But I prefer taming this blonde slut. There’s nothing better than showing bitches their place.When I'll finish with her, she'll be spreading her legs for anyone who'll ask her to do it. And she'll be doing it well, but I'll let her lick my cum from her lover's fuckhole.


  1. Very good.
    I like the scene and also that the guy talk on Michiru.
    I hope to read a sequel with Michiru or perhaps the two in a gang bang.